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printed in Lovers #1, some proposed zines, includes "Joyce Thompson's Vulcan zine"
flyer for "Uncertain Alliances"

A zine's reality from being a twinkle in a fan's eye to an actual printed zine in the hand of someone who ordered it, is a long, long journey fraught with drama, mishap, and often simple, eventual lack of interest from both readers and creators.

a 1990 flyer for an untitled letterzine
a proposed Star Wars recipe zine, untitled -- this flyer was printed in Skywalker #3 in 1979

While many, many proposed zines were launched, there were a number of zines proposed by fans which never made it off the ground. Some were simply a brief mentions in letterzines and adzines as a fans asked for other fans' interest in proposed zines. If these proposals were met with disinterest or other forms of discouragement, the zine's 'cancelation' was mentioned in subsequent publications, or sometimes the subject was simply dropped.

flyer for "Best of Nome," printed in Nome #12

Some zines appeared to be an almost-reality, listing the artists, full table of contents, publication date, and price, before they dissolved. Their content often showed up somewhere else but that material, too, sometimes simply evaporated.

Proposed Zines was also a common section in adzines. It was a place for fans to announce what they had cooking.

The following is a very partial list of proposed zines from various sources (mainly ads in zines) that, for whatever reason, did not make it to final publication.

See: Zine Publishing.



  • 1.21 Gigawatts (Back to the Future)
  • 10,000... All in Advance (Star Wars)


  • Academy Chronicles Red Light Review (Star Trek: TOS, R-rated but no K/S sister zine to The Chronicles, 1984)
  • Adama's Family Album (Battlestar Galactica, "Adama's personal album, includes his partents, Illa, Apollo, Zac, Athena, Serena, and Boxey. Contains their hisory as well as portraits and snapshots. Created by Dan Lewis," Gemini Press, 1984)
  • Addendum (letterzine and review zine relating to Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, put out by the same editor as Empire Review, 1980)
  • Adventures of Gizmo (Gremlins, stories were to have included: "Stripe's Revenge" and "Gizmo Meets E.T.")
  • The Advocacy (1990, a War of the Worlds letterzine, "fiction, art, letters, fillers...")
  • The Advocate Funnies (War of the Worlds, cartoons, "Been doodling and don't know where to submit your "War of the Worlds' cartoon? This fanzine is looking for contributions of fan-produced WOW cartoons. Even if your loon's already been printed in a zine, submit it to AF anyway! This way you don't have to look through a huge stack of zines to find that one amusing cartoon. Artists receive a contributor's copy (and credit will be given to first print source). Submissions should be in ink, not pencil, or a good photocopy, and it would be wise to keep a copy for yourself in case the Post Awful eats an original. AF will even consider jokes if they're good enough. Planned publication date is Summer, 1990.")
  • After the Final Shot (Rat Patrol, anthology of RP stories about the Rats and Dietrich after the war)
  • Age Statement Required (Star Trek: TOS, explicit het, "An ancient and feared Klingon ritual shows the reader a never-before-seen side of Commander Kang. A seemingly simple shuttlecraft repair assignment brings young Ensign James Kirk an unexpected erotic adventure," 1984)
  • Ahead of His Time (QED)
submission flyer for "The Advocate Funnies"
  • The All Purpose Foreign Car Repair, Home Bartender, and Fanclub Review Zine (A publication that was to have info and reviews of media fan clubs of all sorts, as well as for wildlife conservation groups. It is likely that the "car repair" and the "bartending" topics in the title were a spoof.)
  • Alliance Intelligence (a Star Wars information zine about the actor activities, news clippings, ads, interview transcripts, and reviews from the editors of Against the Sith, 1980)
  • Allies (BG, "Truly the first BG fan novel, by John Jones IX (well-known author under his own name as a pro writer of fantasy and sf.) The story of the People, reptilian creators of the robots called Cylons. We are currently seeking additional art for the 84/85 publication of the complete novel which was serialized in Purple and Orange? 3-13.")
  • Alleyways (was to be a quarterly fanzine of the Kirstie Alley Fan Alliance, 1983)
  • Alone -- in the Dark (Star Trek: TOS, "Alone' is a post-V'ger story, in which Domic carries his fight against the current Wolcyn policy a step too far. The force he stirs up could have dire consequences on Wolcyn, Klingon, and Federation spaces alike," 1982, part of the MacShannon Universe)
  • Alpha/Omega (Star Trek: TNG, explicit het)
  • Alternate Paths (gen, BG, ST, SW, and S:99 fiction, 1983)
  • Alternates! (Stars Wars, gen)
  • Always Shall Be Yours (K/S)
  • The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Doctor Who)
  • Among the Ruins (Indiana Jones, "Just why did the Sultan of Madagascar threaten Indy with bodily harm?" 1984)
  • And Straight On 'Til Morning (the last zine in the Sahaj universe, 1984)
  • Andromeda (Star Trek: TOS, 1983, Odyssey Press, "an attempt to to put sf back into ST through fresh approaches to science fiction and fantasy themes and a return to the original ideas and concepts of Star Trek.")
  • Amo, Amas, Amat ("submissions on all aspects of adult relationships in RS, SH, ST, UNCLE, WWW... Plot content is essential. Cross and alternate universes will be considered," 1984, Incognito Press)
  • The Anecdote (Brent Spiner zine)
  • Angel of the Night (2000, Angel, slash, Unicorn Press)
  • Anti-Heroes (multimedia)
  • Another Day in Paradise (Paradise)
  • Anyone, Any Way (explicit het and slash, multifandom)
  • Anyzine Goes (multifandom, rated G-R, 1990)
  • Apocrypha Dom Quod (1992, Doctor Who, "A zine dedicated to stories based on those tantalizing "throw-away" lines from DW. We already have one story by M.S. Moroney which places the Doctor at the Battle of Rejkyvik. Now seeking submissions of stories and artwork and we will consider poetry (no filk, please). SASE for further guidelines. Deadline May 1, 1992. Publishing July 1992 (definitely). B. Lynch Black")
  • Armistice (1991, gen, War of the Worlds, "Armisitce is a new WOW fanzine exclusively devoted to the cessation of human/alien hostilities... It doesn't matter who wins -- maybe it's time for the bad guys to have their day?")
submission request for "As I Do Thee: In the Beginning" from The LOC Connection #23
a 1990 flyer for Artemis Press, click to read
  • As I Do Thee: In the Beginning (Star Trek, "same general guidelines as AIDT, but these stories must deal exclusively with the first three years of Star Trek and must focus on the beginnings of the K/S relationship. Deadline: January 10, 1991." -- see image to the left.)
  • Assembly (Star Trek: TOS, 1978, "A Tholian zine... will include a discussion of the Tholian culture and language, the story of what happened to the Loskene after the loss of the Enterprise.")
  • Assignment: Dave Starsky (SH)
  • Associated Crimes (multimedia, "law vs crime zine featuring all cops and PI programming as well as original police stories. Eg Profs, S&H, HSB... No adult of '/' material please as this will be a 'For All the Family type zine," 1985, out of England)
  • Asteroid Blues (2005, Cowboy Bebop, a gen "collection of stories by Agent Orange," Agent With Style)
  • The Aurora Signal (Battlestar Galactica, 1981, "A trilogy by I Joan, complete in one volume. A treacherous Ceylon trap, a brain-damaged warrior, and the power of extrasensory perception.")


  • B7 Complex, a special adult issue called "The Nightwatch Supplement" to issue #6/7
  • Bad Dates (1983, a multimedia with an accent on humor zine for "everything to do with SW, RLA, SH, MPI, SS, HSB... G-to-R rated please, and NO same-sex stories.")
  • Baron of Bespin" (Star Wars, "the zine for discriminating adults... isn't it about time Lando Calrissian came in for a little appreciation? I'm looking for material that takes a positive approach to the life and hard times of the Administrator of Cloud City.")
  • Bayberry Rose (1993, Beauty and the Beast and multimedia, was to have been published by Off-Note Publications)
  • Battleground (multimedia, "fiction, true accounts, poetry and art dealing with soldiers on and off the battlefield, during and after wars...Stories featuring TV heroes also accepted," 1986)
  • Beads & Rattles (ST: TOS) (was to have a Connie Faddis cover, art by Lovett and other BNFs and much fiction and art by other well-known fans)
  • Beatle Magic (The Beatles -- "a fantasy zine, keep in it good taste")
  • Beneath the City (Beauty and the Beast, 1988, Sunshine Press)
  • Bespin Times (Star Wars, 1981, art, cartoons, fiction, articles, was to have been published by Pat Nolan through Asteris Navis Press)
  • Best of Nome (1991, see Nome)
  • Best of Bonnie Reitz (1991, Orion Press, "A collection of one of fandom's most popular authors and artists of the early 1980's. Being reprinted with permission are her best works collected from several out-of-print zines, with their original artwork, including the FanQ nominated "Kefrendar." The stories have been re-edited and re typed for your enjoyment. Projected publication date is late December 1991. Send a SASE for notification of final page count and price to Randall Landers")
  • Best of the Blackwood Project (see image on this page) (1991, War of the Worlds one-shot, was to contain all of the non-fiction from The Blackwood Project)
  • Betwixt and Between (1986, multi-universe, "All stories and artwork must include elements from at least two universe, from books, movies or TV. Planned for late 1987 or early 1988.. No X-rated material.")
  • Bird of Prey (1981, Star Trek, was to have been published by Allies for Star Trek, "How did a Romulan Princess happen to be 1/8 human? Follow the story of Quinta, and of how her human ancestor came to be Romulan royalty. Also follow as Qunita forces a confrontation with the Federation and the Romulan Empire that with either end in peace or in WAR.")
  • Black Hole (1979, gen, first issue was to all Trek, second issue mixed)
  • Black Magic (multimedia, 1984, "features characters created by Mr. T. Billy Dee Williams, Carl Weathers, James Earl Jones... Includes 'Knowin' What to Keep by Stuart, another in the Second Empire SW series,"' Blue Jay Press)
  • Black Roses (1981, Star Wars, to have been published by Allies for Star Trek, "the story of Luke Skywalker's parents, how they met, fell in love, and how the Jedi Knight Skywalker became the evil darth Vader. A beautifully written love story, coupled with the best of science fiction and fantasy, in all the SW Universe!")
  • Blake Who? (1980s)
  • Blonds in Black (multimedia, "Take your favorite blond, dress him/her in black, and take it from there," 1984, Tacky Khaki Press)
  • Bobzine (see image on this page) (dedicated to exploring the many characters played by Bob Dowdell, was to have been published by Criterion Press)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (roles of Scott Bakula, planned for 5/96)
  • The Bookhouse Tales (1992, Twin Peaks, "Seeking fiction, fact, speculation, filk, art, cartoons, spot illoes, story art, cover art, D/L-M Productions"]],
  • The Boonies (a zine dedicated to characters played by Brendon Boone)
  • Born to be Wild (see image on this page) (The Sentinel, slash, 1998, "When a deep-cover FBI agent goes missing during a drug trafficking investigation, Jim is called in to recreate an old Vice persona in order to infiltrate a motorcycle gang. But there have been some changes since the last time he dealt with that scene, forcing him to make a few discoveries about himself and the man he's called his partner for two years. From the streets of San Francisco to the Canadian border, can Ellison and Sandburg locate the missing agent, stop the drug ring from completing its run, and fInd out who's leaving a trail of bloody "boy-toys" along the West Coast...before they reach the end of the line?")
  • Breaking Out (Tomorrow People, 1983)
  • A Brief History of SW Fantime (1992, non-fiction, history of Star Wars fandom, by Maggie Nowakowska
  • Brightstar in Glory (Star Wars, by Christine Jeffords, "the only mainline 'Brightstar' universe novel will take place in the Lucas/Brightstar through their analog of ROTJ. Due May 1985.")
  • Build-a-Story (one for Star Trek: TOS and one for Star Trek: TNG, "Have you ever wanted to write a story or novel, but hadn't the time? Wouldn't it be nice to get together with a few other writers and create a work as a team? It will only take a couple of hours every other month and is quite enjoyable.")
  • Burn, Witch... (Battlestar Galactica, "While the story is set in the Galactica Universe, and although Captain Apollo is part of it, the main focus is on Lieutenant Morgan of the battlestar Osiris. He is a man of unusual talents and abilities, and with a most unusual destiny.")
  • By Blood Forever Bound (1995, K/S vampire novel by Alexis Fegan Black)
  • By the Book (1997, Swift Justice, stories, poems, art, missing scenes, art, no slash, by Neon Rainbow Press)


  • Cactus Not Included (Rat Patrol, anthology of "RP stories with more adult content but nothing above R, no slash")
  • Call Me Snake (Escape from New York, gen, 1982, from Lori Chapek-Carleton)
  • The Capricorn Military Academy Handbook -- later renamed: Encheiridion (Battlestar Galactica, 1983, Gemini Press, "Gives the history of the Academy, academic and athletic programs, Colonial business advertisement, et cetera. About 50 pages.")
  • Captain Christopher Pike (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Caveat Emptor (Star Wars, contributions to have been by Eubanks, Rivers, Stone, Webster, Oldfield, Nevins, White, Barber, and Netherland. 1984)
  • Cease Fire ("a novella dealing with the main characters of M*A*S*H plus Major Frank Burns, Dr. Sydney Freedman, Col. Flagg, Igor the Cook...", 1981)
  • The Celery Stalk (Doctor Who, 1986)
  • Chains (2005, X-Files, "an enthralling Master/slave Skinner/Mulder with a bit of Scully thrown in novel by Diana Williams," Agent With Style)
  • The Champion's Guide to Earth (2000, gen, Earth: Final Conflict, Unicorn Press, "we want stories about any of the characters/conflicts on the show")
  • Changeling (multimedia (first issue Starsky & Hutch), second issue (Hill Street Blues), 1985, het or gen, 1984, edited by Roberta L. Brown and Marie Antoine, "heart-stopping action, gut-wrenching drama & pulse-throbbing romance, with each issue emphasizing a different fandom")
  • Chello Serenade (Airwolf, a zine of Stringfellow Hawk stories, 1985)
  • Choices (1992, "A multi-release interactive fanzine. Ever wished YOU could make the decisions the author so blithely makes for characters? Ever felt like if the character went left instead of right, everything would have been fine? In CHOICES ycu get to do that. CHOICES is also seeking submissions for interactive fanzines in ANY fandom. SASE for information. Also seeking artists. KnightWriter Press.")
  • Christmas Letters (1995, The Professionals, slash, "Celebrate the Holidays with the lads of CI5. Straight and slash versions of what the boys do under the tree and the gifts they get! Digest size, page count rising, lots of artwork and even a small present from Clueless Press to you.")
  • Christmas Spirits ("A theme zine open to any fandom. Cross the winter holidays with the paranormal. Explore what that funny sound in the chimney is. Have some friendly (or not so friendly) ghosts visit on Christmas Eve. Give your favorite character a cursed present! Have fun, get scary, try not to do the zillionth retelling of "A Christmas Carol" unless you have something that really rocks.")
  • Chronicles of the Lost Companions (Doctor Who, "Better-than-average Mary Sue adventures that is thoroughly enjoyable." Was to have art by Cheryl Duvall.)
  • City of Angels (Starsky and Hutch, anthology by Deb Walsh, 1981)
  • Clippings (Edward Scissorhands, "no slash except for the the damage that Edward's hands can inflict.")
  • Close Encoutners (K/S)
  • Closed Door Affair (Man from UNCLE, slash}
  • Compu-Trek Disk Zine (a Star Trek:TOS and Star Trek: TNG "computer zine for IBM PC, XT, AT, and compatibles... stories, games graphics and interactive fiction. Will also be a bulletin board for those without modems... Prefer submission on 5 1/40 disk.")
  • The Coming Thing (Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., edited by Deb Walsh)
  • The Company of Night (Forever Knight)
  • Concrete Jungle (21 Jump Street and Booker)
  • Connections (1997, Kiefer/Lou, editor: Karen B, "Stories may be of any length, and in any "universe," including already established fannish universes; 2) Stories must be slash; 3) Original characters are welcome, as long as at least one character is based on a KS or LDP role; 4) Authors must be willing to work with an editor.")
  • Connery's Way (1992, fiction and art about the roles of Sean Connery, it was to have a front cover by Mary Jean Holmes of "a certain Russian submarine commander." "A zine based on the many characters brought to the screen by Sean Connery. So far the interest is there but not the authors. Accepting submissions for fiction, art and poetry. We have a gorgeous front cover by Mary Jean Holmes of a certain Russian Submarine Commander and three poems based on the same. It sure would be a shame to waste it. Wizard Works.")
  • Conquering Star ("A new Trekzine, will consider adult stories, but no porn or overt K/S," 1979)
  • The Consortium (Star Trek: TOS, a gen sister zine to Consort, 1984)
  • Continuing Voyages (Star Trek: TOS, 1984, Julia Ecklar was to be editor, the zine was canceled not due to lack of interest by readers, but to lack of quality submissions and "a dumb ex-mailman who didn't always deliver the mail.")
  • Cor, Chief! (1992, "seeking stories, art, cartoons, poetry, filks, anything based on any of the characters from Danger Mouse. No slash please.")
  • The Corey Chronicles (1992, " A compilation of stories by Jeff & Mary Morris that appeared in GATEWAY TO TIME and THE LIEUTENANT'S LOG. Follow the misadventures of a young man who develops a knack for appearing in the wrong place at the right time, ending up in escapades with the Doctor, Buckaroo Banzai, The Real Ghostbusters and others! There's joy, laughter, pain, sorrow...everything that makes up the story of a life. SASE for info; due cut at MediaWest '92. Jeff Morris.")
  • A Couple of Aces (slash, Starsky & Hutch, fiction anthology, was planned to be out for ZebraCon #6)
  • Crimebusters (gen, Simon and Simon and multimedia, 1986)
  • Cross Purposes (1993, multimedia, gen, Mary F. Wardell (pub), "Have you ever sat around wondering what would happen if Avon met Spock? Or Fox Mulder met Duncan MacLeod? Or the Real Ghostbusters met the Shadow Chasers? Or if any of your particular favorites met each other? If so, this is the zine for you. I am looking for submissions of crossover stories from just about any universe. (I've watched a LOT of TV over the years!) No slash please.")
  • Crossbow Chronicles (1992, multimedia, "A joint venture from MaryAnn Johanson ("Portals" & "The Cricketer") and B. Lynch Black("FaithfulFriends/AgreeableCompanions"). A zine for those adventurous heros of the bow and arrow: Robin of Sherwood; RobinHood: Prince of Thieves and The Legend of WilliamT ell. Now accepting submissions for stories' and artwork —SASE for guidelines. KASTERBORUS PRESS.")
  • Crossovers Anonymous (1995, multi media, gen, "This new zine is about crossovers: funny, serious, dramatic, unlikely... Anything is possible. What if Lovejoy and Duncan McLeod were after the same sword? What if MacGyver were trapped in the Village--would it survive in one piece? What kind of visions would Toronto reporter Louis Ciccone get from Nick Knight? If you can think of good answers to these and other questions, write them down and send them in. I'm looking for any and all fandoms. Just keep 'em true to their worlds. No slash, X, R, or gratuitous violence." Ifitcanbecrossed,itcanbewritten!"
  • Crossroads Collected ("A Christine/Spock series begun in Stardate: Unknown," 1980)
  • Crystal Encounters (1992, "A zine devoted to Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil is seeking submissions of stories, poetry, art, etc. for the premiere issue. Adult and slash material will be accepted. Crystal Encounters will also contain the unfinished/unpublished WaRP Graphics A Distant Soil #10 and selections of Ms. Doran's art never published before anywhere. For more information, send business-size SASE. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • The Cytherean Cycle (Star Trek: TOS, collected stories in this series, Anne Elizabeth Zeek, 1980)


  • D'Alliance (multimedia, gen, with a focus "on poetry... treated in a format which I believe will be new to zines," 1983. Content was to be be Hicks, Hamilton, Huff, Thomas, Paulson, Sasscer, Martynn and others. See D'Alliance Open Letter. This zine caused quite a bit of controversy, some of which can be read about in Universal Translator #23)
  • Dances with Dief (1995, Due South monthly newsletter, there was to be no cost for this zine, but the publisher (Kimberly P) requested donations to off-set postage)
  • Dark Side of the Tooniverse (explicit het and slash, multimedia animated)
1977 flyer for "Deneba"
  • Darkover Coloring Book (1977, proposed by Friends of Darkover)
  • Datalore (Star Trek: TNG, devoted to Data, gen to slash, was to have a story by Jean Kluge, art by Marty Siegrist and Melody Rondeau, 1989, Xenon Press)
  • Day of Disappearance (Without a Trace)
  • Daycode (Wiseguy, a one shot, no slash)
  • Days of the Young and Restless on Another World (soap opera, 1995, Mary F. Wardell (pub), "Okay, soap opera fans, I know you're out there! Haven't you ever wanted to fix what's gone wrong in your favorites soap? Or gotten the perfect idea for a plotline the producers weren't intuitive enough to realize they should follow? Send me your stories, your poetry, your artwork, and help me put together the first (so far as I know) zine dedicated to the dramatic shows of the daytime! No slash please.")
  • Dead Letter File (1986, Simon and Simon concordance by Kathy Retz and Christine Jeffords)
  • Dead Reckoning (1995, Quantum Leap, gen, CJR Press, "In this post Mirror Image novel, Sam and Al find themselves together on a foundering vessel at sea. Battling the weather, faulty equipment, and a mysterious passenger, our heroes eventually must confront the ultimate challenge.")
  • Defenders of the Night (Gargoyles anthology, was to contain one RGB crossover)
  • Deneba (Star Trek TOS)
  • Desert Enough and Time (set in WWII European Theatre of Operations; crossover with Garrison's Gorillas and Rat Patrol)
  • Deus Ex Machina (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Dirty Ditties & Sexy Sayings, or Stairwell Stutters in Disguise (1988, Australian)
  • Dirty Harry: The Last of the Dinosaurs
  • Divvie (1995, "Seeking submissions forth is all LOVEJOY zine. Stories, poetry and art must be based on A&E series, not the book series. NO slash but will consider almost anything else," Queen's Press, Ann Walton (pub))
  • Do You Call This Archeology? (Harrison Ford)
flyer for "Datalore"
  • Done to Death (1997, Sentinel, slash)
  • Don't Look Now... aka The Attack of the Vampire Media Melons (1990, multimedia, "This proposed horror story zine is open to any fandom's favorite characters caught up with creepy, crawly, slimy, gooey, ghostly, psychic, archetypal, etc., creatures, aliens, forces, entities — you get the idea? The important thing is that the story be a good horror story first, so that it can be enjoyed and shivered at even by readers not familiar with the particular characters involved. Anyone brave enough to try the elusive horror/humor symbiosis is also welcome to submit -- hey, if it works, why not? Again, art and oddments are also being solicited!")
  • Don't Touch that Dial (1995, MacGyver, "any genre, esp, new series")
  • Don't Touch that Dial (2000, Unicorn Press, multimedia, "Any program that was or is on television is fair game. So far, an X-Files by Trish Wilson and Equalizer by Borden/Hayden. Please note, we will not accept any Babylon 5 stories," the B5 comments have to do with that fandom's restrictions on fanfiction, see that page)
  • Double O Sam (Quantum Leap/Indiana Jones, a zine that was to be in a trilogy)
  • Dracula #2
  • Dragons Speak (Pern, a zine written from dragon's viewpoints)
  • Dream Worlds (Star Trek: TOS, 1979, stories that focus on the the episode, 'Shore Leave')
  • Dreamplane (Earth 2)
  • Drool (multimedia (some Simon and Simon), to have been published in England, 1985)
  • Duo (Star Trek:TNG, "K'Lar, the Klingon emissary, joins forces with Deanna Troi when they both lose control of what they depend on most.")
  • Dusky Knights (1990, multimedia, by Alys and Sandy Herrold, "All slash zine, in the tradition of Mobile Ghettos and Mixed Doubles. "Now accepting submissions of fiction and art. No firm restrictions, just convince us it could have happened. Prefer longer stories, 8 pages +. No K/S, but any other "/" fandoms are than welcome. PROS, HERE COMES THE BRIDES (Joshua/Aaron), and MFUs stories already promised. ")
  • Dusty Studs (Young Rider, "NO SLASH! Yes, we know there are half a dozen tasty young men in that bunkhouse, but really!")
  • Duty and Honor (Rat Patrol, gen)


  • E! (Emergency! letterzine)
  • Eccentric Orbit (1985, K/S, see Thief for a mention of this zine)
  • Eclectic (gen, multimedia, art zine with art by Lybarger, Sansom, River, Zan, Fister-Liltz, 1985)
  • Eclectic Erotica (1992, multimedia, slash, "Got a story that won't fit anywhere else? This is the place for it!")
  • Eloquence (a zine devoted to Frank Langella and his roles, 1980)
  • Echoes of the Mirror (a 1988 sequel to Echoes of the Empire, see that page)
  • Empathy (multimedia, 1987, male/male relationships, Nancy Kippax, see flyer image)
  • The Encounter (Star Wars fiction, 1981)
  • Enemy (Star Trek: TNG, a Romulan/Klingon/Borg zine)
  • Enter-Toon-Ment Tonight ("an animated media zine, the successor to 'Tiny Toon Encounters,' which will be published when I finally get the art, I promise.")
  • Epitath (Star Trek: TOS), in the Twilight Trek series
  • Er: The Frisky Room (an all-ER edition)
  • An Eridani Dawn ("Stories, art and poetry. We'd like to see ideas for alphabets, dictionaries, ceremonies, ancient weapon designs, clan banners, epic battles, music, social customs... This one-shot is devoted exclusively to Pre-Reform Vulcan. Expect no K/S, time warps, computers, or anything resembling logic," 1983)
  • Eternal Stranger (K/S, 1990, novel by Beverly Sutherland, from a 1991 Nome flyer: "ETERNAL STRANGER is still . . in the works, but Beverly is almost finished with her other project, so we're trying to keep our hopes up!")


  • The Faces of Darkness volume #2: Eye of the Storm (Beauty and the Beast, het, "The second volume of what is apparently destined to be a trilogy, at least.")
  • Facets (Simon & Simon episode guide, 1987)
flyer printed in Skywalker #4
  • Falconer (Star Wars)
  • Falcon's Force (Star Wars, "learn of Han Solo and the C.B. Bootleggers who defy the Empire -- and Darth Vader, to boot!" 1983)
  • Fantasm (Star Wars, Star Trek by Chimera Publications, 1980)
  • fffJF (a Jonathan Frakes newsletter "If Number One is number #1 with you, we'd like to hear from you!")
  • Firebase Ladybird (gen, 1990 and also in 1992, Tour of Duty fiction)
1990 flyer
  • First Case (gen, Simon and Simon, 1986)
  • Flesh Wound (Starksy & Hutch, gen or slash, 1990, C. Hunter)
  • Flights of the Liberator (gen, Blake's 7, Rose City Press, 1993)
  • Flippin' (media and science fiction other than Star Trek, 1978, Hungry Tribble Press)
  • Flitter Litter (Pern, one about "flitter antics from the flitter's point of view")
  • Frankly Piked (Wiseguy)
  • For a Father's Love (Battlestar Galactica novel, 1983, by Ann Buchman, "An action-adventure novel focusing on fathers and sons: Iblis and Tithony, Adama and Apollo, Apollo and Boxey.")
  • For Barter Only (Stingray newsletter/letterzine)
  • For Some Time to Come (K/S)
  • For the Love of Spock (early 1978, out of the UK, a zine in response to the rumor that Spock wasn't going to be a character in the new movie or the proposed television series: "Zine submissions solicited. I'd like to do a zine dedicated to the strong protection that fans feel for the character of Spock, eg. copies of letters to Paramount justifying/begging for him to be in ST 2, or articles in general summing up why the character has created such an effort and will always remain a unique and immortal part of STAR TREK. Any comments on the relationship subject with Kirk and McCoy, drawings, poems etc.")
  • Forceimages (1986, Galactic Winds Press, "a Star Wars art zine, a totally new difference in fanzines. A gallery style zine of work by artists only.")
  • Fore 'n' Aft (Star Trek, adult non-K/S zine, 1985)
  • Fraternizing Among the Stars (2000, Unicorn Press, stories involving the relationship between Commander Chakotay, and Lt. Tom Paris, erotic, romantic, or otherwise.")
  • Freedom! (Braveheart, slash, one was to be a Sentinel crossover)
  • Frisky Island ("People visiting a Fantasy Island-type of resort where anything goes")
  • From Me to You Fantasy ("a one-shot fiction Beatlezine... to reassure potential readers, no Mary Sues will be printed,"1981)
  • From the Log of the Red Dwarf (1992, Red Dwarf, "Sorry, we cannot accept submissions from holograms, but we can accept from almost anybody else, including genetically altered cats."')
  • Fully Functional (Star Trek TNG, X-rated, het)
  • Fusion: 1957-Fission: Impossible ('a Martin Landau and Barbara Bain zine of art, fiction, photos, and articles "on both of the Landaus from all the things they have done.")
  • Future Wings Front Row Center (a third issue of Future Wings, 1980)


  • Galactic Castaways (see image on this page) (1991, Lost in Space, was to be published by Criterion Press, "Galactic Castaways is a serious LIS all- fiction fanzine looking for stories with the feel of the early first season episodes -in short, the way Allen should have done the show! I'm looking for serious fiction, humorous stories (no slapstick, please), stories that blend action with characterization. Submissions should use the entire cast, not just Will, Dr Saith and the Robot! Explorations of relationships between the members of the extended family are also welcome." In 1992, "Now accepting submissions of fiction; artists needed; tentative publication late Spring,1992, A serious LIS all-fiction fanzine looking for stories with the feel of the early first season episodes—in short, the way Allen should have done the show! Submissions should use the entire cast, not just Will, Dr.Smith and the Robot! Please submit on IBM compatible disk (in ASCII format) and save my poor fingers! Artists, I need you, too!")
  • Galactic Chronicles (see image on this page) (multi-media, "rated PG-13, no explicit K/S", 1987, one story became a separate zine called A Storm in Every Port)
  • The Game’s Afoot (Sherlock Holmes, possibly with crossovers with Starsky and Hutch)
  • Gaslight (mystery, media)
  • Generic K/S (1985)
  • The Generic Zine (1982, slash, fandom unknown but it was proposed in Hanky Panky so possibly Starsky & Hutch, publisher was Pacific Fruit Express, there is a slight chance this zine is Generic Zine)
  • Genesis: The Boys Who Became the Men of the Rat Patrol (Rat Patrol, gen, anthology of stories exploring the lives of the Patrol and Captain Dietrich before the war)
  • Ghyste Mortua (Tanith Lee, 1988) -- see more about this zine at TPTB's Involvement and Interference
  • A Gift for Martin ("a genzine dedicated to Martin Shaw and his many characterizations in movies, television and theatre. Fiction, poetry and artwork needed based on various roles," 1985, Bev Lorenstein)
  • Gimme Blake (gen, Blake's 7, 1988, 4M Press)
  • Goblin Market (1992, Labyrinth, "In that LABYRINTHine mind of Jareth, King of the Goblins, there must be more mischief. This zine is seeking stories, poetry, art, etc. on the light and dark aspects of His Royal Gobliness's personality. Adult material will be accepted. Send SASE for more information. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • Gold Buckle (see image on this page) (gen, 1993, Stoney Burke, "prose, art, poetry for those continuing adventures of Stoney Burnke and his cohorts as they ride on the Professional Rodeo Cowboy circuit")
  • Gonomony (Star Trek zine from 1970, "It never saw the light of day as all contributions were destroyed in a basement flood.")
  • Good Night, Love (2003, The Sentinel, "the previously-net posted Jim/Blair series by Saraid, updated and edited," Agent With Style)
  • The Gothen (Doctor Who)
  • Gotham Nights (animated Batman series)
  • The Gothan (Doctor Who)
  • Granny's Cookie Jar (multimedia, "non-sexual... This zine should be the kind of zine grandmothers will love and youngsters under the age of ten will understand and enjoy. So far, we have three old gen Star Trek, a Power Rangers, and two non-media science fiction.")
  • Green Light! (unknown)
  • Guy's Gang (see image on this page) (1987, letterzine for Robin of Sherwood with a focus on Guy of Gisbourne)


  • Happy Holidays (Star Trek, 1985, "needs holiday-oriented ST stories, art, cartoons. Already have lots of Christmas and Halloween material. How about African, Japanese, Jewish (Spock eats matzoh?), Soviet, Vulcan, future holidays?")
  • Hard-Favored Rage (War of the Worlds novel, by Esther Reese. This is a unique resurrection story that negates everything Mancuso Jr. tried to do...and more. Don't miss it! Due out for MediaWest 95.")
  • Haunted Dreams (Poltergeist: The Legacy, gen)
  • Hawaiian Styles (Jake and the Fatman, 1990, Our Little Secret Press, "stories, vignettes, poems, art, puzzles, trivia, fun stuff, Los Angeles or Hawaii settings, crossovers, humor, drama, h/c... just about anything! (no "/" please)" )
  • A Hawk in Passing (Star Trek/Star Wars, a MacShannon story. "There's trouble on the home front, and McCoy becomes the target of wanton advances," 1984)
  • Heart's Blood (Vampires)
  • Heart's Blush (1997, multifandom, het adult, "suggestive to graphic material accepted, but submissions must be 'adult' in nature and orientation m/f", Wild Side Press)
  • Heartstrings (1986, a memorial collection of Toni Cardinal-Price's work: "We are planning a collection of her best stories & poetry, hand-picked from the body of work she produced during her almost 10 years in fandom; we also have 2 never-before-published stories, one of which Toni had been working on at the time of her death for publication in the next issue of NOME. We hope to intersperse the stories with excerpts from Toni-s personal correspondence to other fans. The cover will be done by Parnes.")
  • Heavenly Connections ("art, fiction, poetry for media and original characters with deals with positive encounters with 'the other side,' near-death experiences, friendly ghosts, reincarnation, good witches...")
  • A Hell of a Good Universe Next Door, (ST, a collection of the works of Lynda Carraher)
  • Here There Be Dragons (ST, James Kirk goes on a journey to prove the existence of dragons)
  • Hero Sandwich (media superhero)
  • Hidden Agenda (1991, War of the Worlds, to have been edited by Anne Elizabeth Zeek and Deborah June Laymon, "HA accepts fiction from both seasons, but especially the first season. No "/" or X-rated material will be accepted, but that still leaves room for scenes that are R-rated in nature. Look at "He Feedeth Among the Lilies" for an example of the outside parameters for sex scenes. As fro Gore, let's not go the way of this summer's movie crop, okay? Use good sense and good taste, guys...If interest in WOW continues (and why should it not? Now we can do it right!!!), we are considering making HA yearly or bi-annual.")
flyer for "The Homecoming"
  • Hidden Journals (Poltergeist: The Legacy, slash)
  • High Frontier (Star Cops, 1993, Rose City Press)
  • High Tide (1990, Riptide, gen, fiction, poems and art, Tristar Press)
  • The Hike (Battlestar Galactica, "The Hike' is an action-adventure [story] centering on Apollo, Sheba, and Boxey; a prequel to 'Change of Command.' Enjoy the story of a father and son coming to understand and respect each other.")
  • Hint of Mint ("an adult companion to EBTKS, material from R-X, all universes accepted," this zine became Adult Situations)
  • Home for the Holidays (1992, Starsky & Hutch, gen, het, slash (no explicit), anthology of Christmas and Chanukah material, to be published as a sister zine to Frienz)
  • The Homecoming (see image on this page) (a sequel, happening ten years after the war between Ormenel and the Federation, 1979, "The war between the Ormenel and the Federation has ended. Prisoners are exchanged; lives are rebuilt. Roan Morgan and Tavia Nelson are two who must face personal conflicts arising at the war's end. THE HOMECOMING is an anthology of stories with a common them -- the recognition of one's past and the willingness to make a bold step into the future.")
  • The Honorable German (Rat Patrol, "while Dietrich does not have to be the hero, he must be shown acting with honor.")
  • Hooyah! (1997, Space: Above and Beyond, fiction, art, poems, missing scenes, vignettes, no slash by Neon Rainbow Press)
  • Hop on Pop (1998, Whatever You Do, Don't Press, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fiction, "for all those sick folk out there who want to see Peter/Kermit, Pop/the Ancient, heck, even Stenlich/Blakd! Anything goes! Pick a pairing and get to work!")
  • HORTA (Horrendous Organisation of Relevant Trivia and Anecdotes) (1977, two fans "are attempting to compile a "British-styled Concordance")
  • How Often Do Miracles Happen? (Battlestar Galactica novel, 1982)
  • Hyper/Warp (Star Wars & Star Trek fiction, 1981)


  • I Don't Know How We're Going to Get Out of This One (Star Wars, "edited by Kate Birkel, will follow Lucasfilm guidelines, artists, we are seeking original, creative ideas for a Solofolio," 1985)
  • I May Be Seeing Things, But I'm Not Crazy (from an ad: "I keep having these visions of a one shot fanzine devoted to the Canadian program 'Seeing Things...")
  • Illusions (1991, K/S, alternative universe)
  • The Immortality Trap ("a Trek fantasy novel by Nadya Emmanuel," to have been published by Walking Carpet Press, 1982)
  • In Harm's Way (JAG, gen)
  • In the Balance (Battlestar Galactica, a novel by Don Lewis, "the Council of the Twelve overrules Adama and sends a small fleet to contact the inhabitants of a newly discovered world," 1984)
  • I Too Am a Ghost (1984, a collection of Virginia Waldron's work (Dark Shadows only?), Pandora Publications)
  • Infinite Universe ("soliciting the opinions of all ST fans on the current 'wave' of K/S stories in fandom," 1978)
  • Infirmary (Orion Press, 1996, "a new Bashir fanzine... The zine will focus on the exploits (romantic and otherwise... okay, mostly romantic!) of our favorite doctor. Flashbacks, unseen scenes, episode follow-ups, and mirror universe stories are welcome; Crossover stories are not encouraged... No 'adult' material, but tastefully seamy is fine.")
  • Innuendo (multimedia, slash, was scheduled for Virgule 1994, was to have a Suzan Lovett cover and fiction from Professionals, Wiseguy, Blake's 7, Star Trek, Buckaroo Banzai...)
  • Inside I.F.F. (Scarecrow and Mrs. King)
  • The Intragalactic Horseman (1979, Anji Valenza advertises in Warped Space #40: "it will cover all breeds of riding animal from any planet that anyone cares to dig up." The plan was a three time yearly publication.)
  • If Looks Could Kill ("The character is female, age mid 30s, drives a 1974 four-door sedan, and carries two small pistols." This zine's proposer says to let him know if "you'd like to find out more about what happens to this character" -- fandom not specified.)
  • Immortal Sentinel (The Sentinel, Shar, 2000s, AngelWing Press)
  • Immortalized in Print (1995, Highlander, from Whatever You Do, Don't Press, "A zine of stories based in the Highlander universe, but with other media characters as Immortals. Take your favorite media character and put him or her in the HI universe. Then send that story to me!")
  • Insight (Sentinel, Rogue, AMC Press, 2000s)
  • Internal Reflections (Star Trek: TNG, "zine in the tradition of Distorted Reflections")
  • Into the Sunmist (Star Trek: TNG, gen)
  • Invincible (2005, still listed in the words in 2007, slash, "a Starsky/Hutch series of stories", Agent With Style)
  • Invisible Mysteries (Star Trek: TOS anthology to be published by Orion Press, edited by Pony Peake, April 1997, "withdrawn by mutual decision")
  • Istari Axanar (Star Trek and Science Fiction, was to be a 150-page anthology, printed offset, stories and articles by Jane Aumerle, Lynn Mims, Ginna LaCroix and others. Art by Pat Munson, D.L. Collins, Carol Shuttleworth, and others. Poetry by Mary Ann Emerson, Paula Smith, Susan Burr, and others. A story by Jane Aumerle called "Five O'Clock in the Shade" which ended up in Menagerie #17 in 1981)
  • It Was a Dark and Frisky Night ("Mysteries, brooding country manors, things that go bump in the night")
  • It Won't Be Easy (Star Cops, gen)
  • It's Us, the Good Guys (Starsky & Hutch, 1991, slash, Extortion Press)
  • I've Got Trek in My Heart (filk, 2000, Unicorn Press, "the third in our series of unforgettable tunes by Borden, Dain, Shaffer-Shiring, and Hayden, joined by Louise Bracken and Jim McClure")


flyer for "Jersey Flats", click to read
flyer for "Jersey Flats"
  • J.D. Banner (Star Trek: TOS, "a revolutionary discovery, a diplomatic hotbed, a rogue, and an eccentric provide Kirk and crew with an Excedrin headache as they attempt to carry out their assignment," 1984, by Crissandra Scott and Empyrean Publications)
  • The Jagupori Series (see image on this page) (1997/8, slash, "from the Tailored Classic Collection, based on the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Films of the 1930's & 40's," "Jagupori Lord of the Amazon by PJ Alexander illustrated by KOZ")
  • Jersey Flats (1983, "urban science fiction," including Blade Runner, Sara Campbell was to be the editor, "Straight-out all fiction... we're eagerly awaiting stories, poetry, and art. Anything dealing with the world and characters depicted in Blade Runner is open for consideration, as long as it is fairly consistent with the film and its premises. On the other hand, if you want to try for something outrageous... make it really outrageous! R-rated material is certainly open for consideration.")
  • Jinn-Seng (see image on this page) (1999, TPM, "And now the first fan fic zine celebrating the newest Force Sensitive in the SW Universe: JINN-SENG. The five stories herein; Mary Jo Fox shows us Qui-Gon as peacekeeper in An Early Adventure, Amanda Palumbo tells us Qui-Gon from Yoda's point-of-view in Miasma, Kel D. waxes on Jinn's birth in Born into the Light, and Jinn as sagely Master in Strengths & Weaknesses, and Kymm August puts her 2 pence in revealing Qui-Gon as a hunk ofyoung Jedi beefcake in Our Best and Our Bravest. Plus poetry from Amanda & Kymm, awesome artwork from Rhydderch Wilson and Manga master Josh Howard too.")
  • Journal of the Priapismic Monster (Pros, slash, 1987)
  • June 1th (2005, The West Wing, slash, "an intriguing Leo/Jed novel by Xanthe," Agent With Style)
  • Just for Laughs (1991, multimedia, "It's coming right along, but we could use more! C'mon, creative people! Get funny! So far we have amusing and hilarious stories based on QL/MASH, ST, SW, ST:TNG, DW, WOW and more! If you've sent an SASE, we're folding it until we have definite price info, so hang in there! Linda Kay")


  • Karenina Continuity Chronicles Apocrypha Issue ("You say you like what we did with The Karenina Continuity Chronicles but you wish a story had ended a little differently? This issue gives you the chance to write for KCC.")
  • Kasteroborous (Doctor Who, gen fiction and art about all five Doctors with an emphasis on Tom Baker. 1983)
  • The Kathryn Zine (see image on this page) Dark Shadows, 1996)
  • Keifer Madness ("Do you have a story based on Lost Boys, or Flashback and don't know what to do with it? We are curious to know if there is enough interest in the characters portrayed in any of Kiefer Sutherland's movies to start a zine. If you are interested in reading, writing or drawing Kiefer, then we have the place for you. No deadline set yet, we are just playing this one by ear. Personally, I'd like to see a few of the characters developed more, but hey, I don't write, so I'll leave that part up to you that are more talented and qualified. SASE only for writer's guidelines, or for a listing of Kiefer's movies available on video. Wizard Works")
  • Khael (Harrison Ford, 1987)
  • The Killing Grounds (1988, Blake's 7, Suzan Lovett, see image)
  • Kindred Spirits (multimedia, gen and slash, 1990, see image)
  • Kingdom of Outlaws (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "For the first issue, I'm attempting something a bit strange...I also want reviews and drawings regarding the other Robin Hoods...Kevin Costner, Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, and Patrick Bergin and what you liked/didn't like about their incarnations. Not only that...I am seeking submissions of fiction, poetry and art regarding the British series—both Robin of Loxley and Robert of Huntington, and all other characters. No slash for this zine, please, but mild sexual situations and violence are okay. Please send SASE for guidelines or if you'd be interested in reading the zine," Lloann'mhrahel Press, As per here, though a 1995 remark at Google group says that this zine was never published: "Kingdom of Outlaws never happened.")
  • Kingdoms of the Heart (Beauty and the Beast, was originally titled "The Faces of Darkness: Eye of the Storm, a zine that also never made it off the ground. "Retitled, since FOD is expanding beyond all expectations.")
  • Kinky Frisky ("other than 'vanilla' sex seems for this one, including S/M, B/D, voyeurism and the like")
  • Klingons! (a novel by Randall Landers, 1981, "Set after ST:TMP, the Klingon Empire has been betrayed to the Federation by Kreeg, a captured yellow-haired Kh'lef (Koloth's sub-race), and it's up to Kor to prevent the traitor from testifying to the Organians. Problem: Kreeg happens to be aboard on starship commandeered by a certain James T. Kirk.")
  • Knight Life (Forever Knight)
  • Knight's Lady, or The Steed's Tale (Knight Rider, "Do computers need love, too? The first fan novel, as far as we know, written from the point of view of a car... Who else could discuss the relationship of dreams to reality while negotiating the Santa Monica Freeway at rush hour?" 1985)
  • Knob Hill (see image on this page) (gen, "Doug and Bob McKenzie," "We will happily review poetry, short stories, filks, and comix (strip style). We will also view scripts for comix style art. We are desperate for artists and any other lunatics or Elsinore escapees to work on this piece of... literary genius," Otter Limits Press, 1985)
  • Korsheen Revolution ("A Vulcan language project," 1978)
  • KOZ: A Homosexotic Collection (multimedia)
  • K/S Constellations (2003, print newsletter for a fan club of the same name, out of the UK, "Unlike the KSP this is not the place for LOC's, however it is the place to talk about Kirk and Spock and their love. The main focus will be on Trek – the source of our obsession after all – the moments that inspire K/S, and shape our opinions about Kirk and Spock. But there will also be room for anything that touches on K/S and our love for that pairing including zine recs, and internet links. The tone would be fairly light-hearted but with room for serious discussion too and the whole image would be very `cottage industry'. Each issue would be between 2-4 full colour double sided A4 pages. You would subscribe for a number of issues rather than a number of months. I would not promise to put out an issue on any given date – as my life style means I could never live up to this.")
  • K/S Reflections (2004, non-fiction, some material became part of Legacy)


flyer for "Live and Direct"
  • L.A. Blues (Starsky & Hutch, 1990, J. Silverstein, fiction)
  • The Labyrinth of Night (Star Trek: TOS, 1983, novel by Robert Hicks, "Kirk is gravely injured during a landing party excursion, and Spock has remained on the Enterprise, in command. The hitch is that the Enterprise is plunged into a vortex, only to emerge in unknown space. Meanwhile, Kirk and co. have a few mysteries of their own to solve," 1984)
  • Last of the Mohicans (1995, Solstice Press, Peggy Spalding (pub), "Stories, art, poetry, filks based on the recent film starring Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe. I'd love to do a one-shot zine if I can get enough contributions, but I can't do it alone. I've gotten some great stuff already but not quite enough yet. I'll also consider widening the scope to include films such as DANCES WITH WOLVES and others with a romantic Native American theme.")
  • Late Bloomer (Starsky and Hutch, 1980s, slash)
  • Laying Down the Law (1992, "'cops' in any media, plus original work. Fiction & art. PG-13, no slash, 'If You Feel Lucky Press'")
  • The Leaper's Journal (a Quantum Leap letterzine, 1995)
  • Legends: A Medieval Love Story (1995, Beauty and the Beast, Unicorn Press out of the UK)
  • Let the Children Come (War of the Worlds)
  • Liberated Libido (multimedia, "The Joy of Sex in many universes. Elegant erotica by the editors of Organia. Stories by Bush, Crites, Fetter, Gates, Gordon, Gran, Helm, Lay, Lewis, Lorenstein, Osman, Sharaf, and Tucker. Poetry and bawdy limericks by Darnell, Delapenia, Cacciatore, and Sherman. Illos by fandom's finest. Offset, half-tone illos," 1983)
  • Liberating Scorpio (1995, Blake's 7, Brenda Cunningham (pub), "Open for submissions on all four series, post-Gauda Prime and alternates. No slash or "x" rated material but would love to see stories that push the envelope one way or the other. Be daring!"
  • Life's Too Short to Slow Dance (Stingray) (It became a story in Thoroughbreds and the accompanying story, a Stingray/Andy Griffith teddy bear story was abandoned.)
  • Limberlost (1982, gen, Starsky & Hutch, CHIPS, The Professionals, and others were considered, but the Australian editors (of The Galactican) also thought about turning it into an all Star Wars zine)
  • Live and Direct (see image on this page) ("hosted by Max Headroom", multimedia, 1989, Xenon Press, "A multi-media anything goes' zine. Accepting adult, slash, and gen material. Not only looking for Max Headroom stories but also stories from many different shows: Pros. S&H B&B, SM, DW, ST, MFU, AVE; MG, whatever your particular favorite is. Desperately need poetry, artwork, fiction, filks, cartoons, puzzles, whatever.")
  • Living and Dying in 4/4 Time (Wiseguy, slash, Marion McChesney, 1996)
  • Lonely Soldier Boy (1992, Robotech, "A zine devoted to Lancer/Yellow Dancer/Yellow Belmont from Robotech: The New Generation/Genesis Climber Moseeada. We are currently seeking submissions of any kindony onlovely, lavender-locked lady/laddie—stories, art, poetry, song lyrics/filks—adult and slash material (in character) will also most definitely be accepted, "...let your fantasies unwind..."")
  • The Loner Collected (unknown)
  • The Long Leap (1992, "Still seeking two or three short to long stories, poetry and artwork. Issue already contains two stories—Sam becomes a hippie in 1967, Sam leaps into Scott Bakula in 1987 to prevent world disaster—plus several articles discussing the show and its themes stories I'd like to see—Sam during the Cold War, Sam as a teacher of inner-city youth, Sam jumping into another series' character—and I'd love to have you write them! Send an SASE for guidelines or if you'd like to see the final product. Lloann'mhrahel Press.")
  • Long Live the Three Muskateers (gen, pub: Jan Keeler, "Come join us as we protect France, the King, the Queen and each other. Alexandre Dumas' novel has been made into movies countless times, so whether you like your D'Artagnan as portrayed by Chris O'Connell, Gene Kelley, Michael York, or Don Ameche, we would like to hear from you. We welcome submissions of fiction, poetry and art from any of the movie versions of The Three Musketeers. Everyone loves a good adventure and with adventure comes a good sword fight. So let's go swashbuckling across France with Aramis and wenching with Porthos and never forget Cardinal Richelieu's plotting and scheming around every corner. Hoping to publish May 1995.")
  • Looking for Love (2000, Equalizer, Unicorn Press, "need stories about any pairings in the Equalizer universe, preferably Scott and Harley")
  • Loose Connections (Rat Patrol crossover anthology)
  • Lords of Time (Doctor Who, fiction, artwork and poetry, 1983)
  • Lower Caverns Tales (Pern, "Just what does happen in the Lower Caverns?")


  • MCMXC (1990) (1990, Melody C., A Journal of Reason and Intuition, "a chance for the writers of fandom to go beyond fan fiction, APA, and letterzines in to the world of opinion and philosophy.")
  • Mac of All Trades (1995, MacGyver, from Whatever You Do, Don't Press, "An all-MacGyver zine for those of you who can't get enough of the blond hunk on the Mac Channel, er, I mean, USA. (All MacGyver, all the time!) Don't feel you have to include clever MacGyverisms in your story. We want character-driven plots just as much. Let me hear from you Mac fans!")
  • The Mackinac Island Affair, (Man from UNCLE, 1993, Loose Cannon Press, "Written by Alesia Tom, Greg Crowe and Aloma Pedersen. Artist tba. Mid-March 1968: The Vietnam War is escalating, Bobby Kennedy's running for president, and at the resort island of Mackinac Island, Michigan, a recuperating UNCLE agent has gone into a mysterious frenzy, vandalizing the rooming house where he was staying and seriously injuring the owners before throwing himself out the window to his death. Napoleon and Illya are sent to Mackinac Island to find out why. Latest guess is a summer '94 release depending on when artwork is ready.")
  • Make 'Em Frisky (Stories based on sitcom characters)
  • Man in Uniform (Sentinel, 2000, "winner of the 1999 Cascade Award for Best Online Collection," five samples of Jim in the different uniforms he's worn in his life, five different time frames, five tasty ways Jim and Jim and Blair could have met..., illustrated by KOZ, The Presses)
  • Manual Overdrive (Star Trek, X-rated het
  • The Marv Box Memorial Zine (Hill Street Blues, fiction, poetry, art, 1982)
  • Matthews Collected (collected material by Susan Matthews, 1981)
  • McCoy Catalogue ("We're working on a catalogue listing places where McCoy fans can fulfill their additive cravings for material about him. If you have merchandise to sell, please contact us. No charge for listing; the catalogue will probably cost about 50 cents plus postage," 1982)
  • Media Slash (Professionals and S/H, 1984 by Enterprising Press/Linda D. Biggs)
  • Memoirs (1988, Blake's 7, memories of B7 celebrities at cons)
  • Merlin's Naughty Bits (1995, multimedia, "Looking for stories, filks, art., poems, etc. that are R to X rated - NO SLASH!! Romantic or baudy but with class for a bit of good clean fun.")
  • Meteor (2000, Forever Knight, Nick/Natalie, Unicorn Press)
  • Miami Nights (Miami Vice)
  • Miami Rites (a letterzine, 1985)
  • Miami Vices (Miami Vice, slash, 1990, Xenon Press, "Crockett/Tubbs, Crockett/Castillo, Gina/Trudy, Switek/Zito, even Izzy/Noogie accepted.")
  • Miami Voice (Miami Vice, gen, letterzine, 1985)
  • Midnight Hour (Midnight Caller, 1990, was to be published by Criterion Press)
  • The Midnight Hour (see image on this page) (media, vampire)
  • The Midnight Hour (1992, Midnight Caller, "Soliciting submissions of fiction, poetry, filks and art for its first issue. Anticipated publication date is May, 1992. Submissions should be typed, double spaced; you can also send your submission in on IBM-compatible disk in ASCII format. Art should be done in black ink en white paper, no larger than 7.5 x 10. SASE for further info. Kathryn Agel.")
  • Midnight Musings (1992, War of the Worlds, "An all poetry zine for WAR OF THE WORLDS. New poetry and previous published poetry okay, if I can get okay from editor. First or second season. Long or short. Also welcome poems on related topics: Vietnam, Native Americans, motherhood, being disabled, star-gazing, etc. Deadline open," Cinda Gillilan)
  • The Millennium Falcon Casebook (Star Wars, 1984, Christine Jeffords)
  • Mind Music (The Tomorrow People, gen)
  • Miranda (1980, Dark Shadows, het novel)
  • Mirror Image (1996, Quantum Leap/Real Ghostbusters novel by Sheila Paulson)
  • Mirror Image (1992, Beauty and the Beast, "Vincent's quiet birthday is interrupted by the arrival of an almost twin brother, bringing Father's worst nightmares to a hellish reality. This books is rated a firm R for language, child abuse and adult situations. May not be suitable for readers below the age of 18," Sharon Reynolds)
  • Mirror Worlds ("a one-shot 'zine devoted to stories, art and poetry pertaining to any viable alternate universe, but with an emphasis on the MIRROR, MIRROR universe. If you've got a STAR TREK/STAR WARS/original mirror-universe story written, we'd like to see it!" and "Still being planned, projected date 1980. In hand area MIRROR Nu Ormenel story… works by Crystal Taylor and Sarah Leibold, etc. Among the projected stories are a MIRROR Cytherean story — and anything else we can con out of people," Isis Press)
  • Mixed Messages (gen, multimedia, h/c)
  • Modern Revisionist (Star Wars, from Texas Karma Publications: "the yahoos who do Kessel Rundown announce More Madness from the Mixmaster, due for MediaWest '84. The first issue of this SW alternate universe zine will be a novel by Susanne Moyers, illoed by Lynn Heil. While SW alternates are of primary interest, we 'do' other alternates, not-so-alternates, and original sf.fantasy too. With one complete trilogy under your belts, here's a chance to rewrite the Gospel of George! SASE 'The Gang of Four.'"
  • Morning Headlines (2000, Early Edition, Unicorn Press)
  • Mudd, the Magnificent ("a zine devoted to one of the best-loved characters of Star Trek; a hero to be idolized by the masses: Harcourt Fenton Mudd," 1978)
  • Murdock (A-Team fiction "an exercise in insanity, but we need AT material to go completely nuts," 1985)
  • Mutual Benefit (K/S, 1984, by Cassandra Smythe and The Undiscovered Country, there was an 11-page excerpt in Naked Singularity, "A Mirror Spock finds himself in jeopardy when his Captain decides to change the Empire -- starting with him," canceled due to the author's death, see Universal Translator #23)


  • Nanzine (Star Trek, "Are there any of your still out there who have something to say? Where is the old guard?)" proposed in 1998
  • Naughty Bits (proposed in 1991, not the same as Naughty Bits, "This K/S zine will be based on gentle humor... having fun, poking fun but not making fun. There is a difference. Would like artists and authors who have a good sense of humor.")
  • Naughty Bubbles ("R/NC-17 stories which involve, in one way or another, a character (or characters) winding up in a bubble bath…doing pretty much whatever you want.")
  • The Needs of the One (Star Trek: TOS, "a one-shot devoted to material related to ST:SFS. High-quality fiction, poetry, and art sought, especially that focusing on the triad. Yes to K/S, but please, no sex for the sake of sex," Satori Press, 1984)
  • A Nesting Of Gudarks (Star Wars, pre-slash, 2005)
flyer for "Nightwings"
  • Nether World (1992, "Accepting short stories, art and poetry. R accepted no X. Multi-story zine. in the horror and fantasy genre. Sharon Reynolds.")
  • Network 23 (Max Headroom)
  • Never and Always, Touching and Touched (Star Trek, 1984, Infinite Diversity Press, "An adult ST zine seeking submissions of fiction & poetry. No forbidden themes or degree of sexual explicitness. However, plotless sexual fantasies not wanted. No "form" humor (e.g.: pun-end stories, parodies, etc) but situation humor is welcome.")
  • Never Mock the Cookie ("G through PG-13 stories in which a character pokes fun at fortune cookie fortunes…with disastrous results! Crossovers welcome; small and orphan fandoms welcome.")
  • Never to Hear the Wind (Star Wars, by Lorraine Bartlett and Darla Doxstater, 1984, "There's an Imperial infiltrator on the Alliance base on S'Koya. He's worked his way through the ranks and his next promotion will bring him closer to his ultimate goal, Mon Mothma. This is an alternate universe story which takes place after TESB.")
  • Nevertrodden Worlds (Spockanalia was to be split into two fanzines. One was Masiform D and the other was "Nevertrodden Worlds," to be published by Sherna Comerford Burley.)
  • New World Tales (multimedia, " Attention comic book fans! New World Press present the comic in fanzine form. All new, all original stories in anthology format. Solo heroes, team action, even sci-fi! What more could you ask for? For more details send SASE to New World Press... Publication date: June 1992.")
  • Night and Day (1992, Ladyhawke, "A zine dedicated to the movie Ladyhawke is accepting stories, poems, filks, art, etc. for publication. Emphasis on adventures and romance before and after the movie took place. Adult material will be accepted. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • The Night Watch (Blake's 7 adult zine, 1983)
  • Night of the Living Friskys (a Halloween issue)
  • Night Waves/Dark Universe (1979, "Two great zines in one! Night Waves centers on Dark Shadows and the Occult's most fascinating aspects. Dark Universe focuses on Star Trek and the best of Science Fiction. Two zines, Two Worlds, One Price. $6.00 per year (4 issues).")
  • Nightwings (see image on this page) (1995, multimedia characters as vampires, slash, by Jane of Australia)
  • Noblesse Oblige (a Mark Lenard newsletter proposed by Mary Stacy-MacDonald, 1984)
  • Northern Lights (Due South, was to contain the story "Blood Red" which ended up in The Last of a Breed)
  • Not Even Related ("Rollaway Ben Press, publisher of the Alternate Lifestyles of the Rich/Famous is pleased to announce the takeover of 'Travesty Press,' publishers of the 'Not Even Related' series of Simon and Simon unzines.")
  • Not Just Luke (Mark Hamill, "Artwork, poetry, open letters, and stories... The subject is Mark and all his portrayals... In fact, though Luke may be strong with the Force, very little of him will be allowed in. So put your thinking caps on. There's so much more to Mark. Remember, he's NOT JUST LUKE!," 1985)


  • Obsession X (Star Trek: TOS, 1983, a zine "of X-rated stories, art and poetry focusing on the life of James T. Kirk." It was to be a sister zine to Obsession)
  • Obsc'zine #5 (proposed in 1995)
  • Of the Golden Light ("Judson Scott zine with an emphasis on his Phoenix character," 1983, Jeanine Hennig/Galactic Winds Press)
  • Off the Cuff (1982, light bondage, slash, Starsky & Hutch, "I need stories, poetry, artwork, and so forth. The theme? Heh heh heh. Bondage, ladies. And let me make it perfectly clear right from the outset that I’m not interested in S&M or anything approaching it. I’ll take serious stories, playful stories, humorous stories, whatever… but don’t give me S&H hurting each other. Ok? No whips, chains, tit clamps… you get the idea. I think bondage is a game Starsky and Hutch would enjoy occasionally, and I’d like to get stories with that attitude. This will be a very limited print run, and quite cheap, as well. I don’t want to offend anyone, and there are plenty of fans who just can’t handle the concept at all.")
  • Off the Scale ("Excitement…emotion…and ghosts off the scale! Who could ask for more? Join the Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston as they kick ethereal ass in this all new Real Ghostbusters zine.")
  • Old Zine With New Tricks (gen, 1987, multimedia, "And I'm now accepting submissions of stories of any length -- from 2 pages and up. No poetry, please. I will consider artwork, please send copies only and if possible, make them 8X5 (letterzine size or smaller)... Primarily I am interested in the following M&Mc, S&S, Professionals, S&H, Riptide, MV, and A Team.)
  • On the Hill (1982, Hill Street Blues fiction, the editors say "MTM says they're not endorsing us, but not going to sue or try to control us either.")
  • On the Q.T. (Star Trek: TNG)
  • The Once and Future Who (1992, "CK. Let's face the hard facts boys and girls—the BBC is not going to give us anymore of what we need! So, where we gonna get it from? You, of course! Let's have sate stories about the Doctor in his regenerations #8 through #13! looking for a September 1992 publication—so there's still plenty of time to get in that story and artwork! SASE rre for guidelines. B. Lynch Black.")
  • Once in a Blue Moon (Star Wars)
  • Once More, With Feeling (1992, Starsky & Hutch, from 10-13 Enterprises, "The theme is to be what they do best — policework. The fiction can be straight or slash, of any length, crossover universe or mainstream, but it must be primarily concerned with the job they do and how they do it. I'm not asking for police-procedurals. We don't need to know the ins and outs of departmental practice. The provisional deadline — October '92, but that can be flexible. I will even rewrite the cat-and-dog story...for it. Unless I get a better idea, anyway. New writers will be given encouragement. Artists -- if you are willing to illustrate specifically or generically, let me know.")
  • One from the Heart (Star Wars)
  • One Night Frisky ("Passionate one-night stands of couples who don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of staying together.")
  • Open Channel D (1983, Man from UNCLE, Del Floria's Press, "a fanzine devoted totally to those two intrepid undercover agents of derring do: Illya and Napoleon... Adult fiction will be considered if well-written and not gratuitous (and if Illya gets the girl for a change). So far, we have 'The Magnificent Thief Affair'... Other possible stories by Schlien, Pateron, Galasson [Galasso?], Dickerson, Virgil, Beatty, Cargill, and Berger. Aprox. 150 pages.")
  • Open Doors (multimedia)
  • Orbital Resonance (The Professionals)
  • Organia #2
  • Other (1982, "Original sf material as well as written stories from other sf series.")
  • Out There Thataway (Star Trek: TOS humor, 1983. It was to be a two-volume zine, one for "straight Trek, the other for K/S fans.")


  • PO 343-PO 434 (ST/SW, "You'll need 3-D glasses for this one!", 1985)
printed in Falcon's Flight #4, a flyer for "Quest for Otherwhere" by Ellen Blair
  • The Pacific Connection (V letterzine
  • Parlor Games (Dark Shadows)
  • Pathways to Eternity (1992, Doctor Who, "A PG-13 fanzine open to all genres, with main emphasis on DOCTOR WHO. Tentative publication date, February 1992. Send all typed submissions/inquiries, along with a SASE to: Infinity Press, c/o Julie Jay.")
  • Patterns of Time (Blake's 7, "What the B7 characters would have been like if they had been born into other historical time periods.")
  • Pendragon's Trek (Star Trek, gen, adult, "Will consider any theme except those involving the death of main character," 1984, out of Australia)
  • Perfect Fusion (75% Star Wars and 25% other, and all-adult Trek, see Organia)
  • The Perfect Switch Affair (1995, author: Vivian Arney, "A MFU novel. Waiting for art. Join Napoleon Solo, Mr. Waverly, April Dancer, and Mark Slate as they race against time to stop Thrush from destroying Illya Kuryakin-along with the rest of the world! Worse yet, Illya refuses to help!")
  • Pern Parody Zine (1992, "stories, art, just about anything!," StarRise Press)
  • Phantoms of Time (Phantom of the Opera, 1995, Off-Note Productions)
  • Phoenix Rising (MacGyver letterzine)
  • A Place Before Mine Enemies (1997, War of the Worlds novel by Gillian Holt, Neon Rainbow Press, "A second season resurrection/correction tale. Ironhorse and Norton survive, Kincaid and his cronies are enlisted into the fight, and the Blackwood Project regroups for an even more deadly battle.")
  • Playing Doctor (Star Trek: DS9, an all-Bashir zine, around 1995)
  • The Poll Book ("questions concerning fanzines, fandom, and Star Trek in general," 1978, Hungry Tribble Press)
  • Possibilities (K/S, "Explore all aspects of the K/S relationship, ranging from friendship to explicit sexuality. Let your mind wander free to those ideas you have never before set down on paper. The possibilities are endless," 1984)
  • Private Madness (Professionals, slash)
  • Procedural Complications (Numb3rs, slash)
  • Promethea One (1985, "a fanzine devoted to the original works of fan artists and writers... art and stories of a Fantasy/SF/Horror nature," advertised in Jelly Baby Chronicles #4)
  • Protostar (Star Trek: TOS focus on Chekov, 1987, editor: Berkeley Hunt)
flyer for "The Quentin Zine"
  • Pure Speculation ("We're seeking your thoughts on Vulcan language, arts, music, society, government, morals, etc. ... Presentation up to the author or artist..." 1985)
  • Puzzle Universe (Star Trek: TOS puzzle zine, 1977)
  • The PWP Zine (1997, slash, Sentinel)
  • Pyramid Dust (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Q&A (1991, "A QUANTUM LEAP and ALIEN NATION zine looking for stories, poetry, artwork, filks, cartoons, anything! Crossovers welcome, non-crossovers preferred. Looking for serious, silly, whatever! We need material! No slash please. Potential illustrators please send photocopied samples and a SASE. Submissions open 'til 9/30/91. Proposed publication: 12/91. Send a SASE to Michael Maccmber.")
  • Quadrotriticale (Star Trek: TOS and SF essays, fiction, poetry and art, "The editors would like to encourage particularly the fans in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area to contribute.")
  • Quantum Quandary (Quantum Leap, gen)
  • Quantum Tales (gen, 1996)
  • The Quentin Zine (see image on this page) (1984, gen/het, Dark Shadows, content based on the character of Quentin, Lone Gull Press)
  • Quest in Otherwhere (see image on this page) (1979, original science fiction zine by Ellen Blair, "This will be a limited edition issue, and unless sold to a professional publisher, will not be reprinted!")
  • Qubed: The Quintessence of Quipps and Quirks (Star Trek: TNG, stories, poetry and art with a focus on John Delancie)
  • Quicksilver (Star Trek and Star Wars fiction, art, poetry, "please, no K/S or seX-plicit... Best drawing of a Gundark receives a prize in addition to a free zine.")


  • Rayelle Roe Collected (Dotty Barry proposed this zine in 1984)
  • Rebel, Rebel (Robert Grieco, 1993, Bill Hupe)
  • Reni (1981, Star Wars, to have been published by Allies for Star Trek, "When Lando Calrissian fled Bespin, he left behind a sister. Bent on revenge, Reni swears to get even with Lando for leaving her to handle the Empire, and she's not above dealing with Darth Vader to accomplish it!")
  • Return the Day (ST death stories) ("A new K/S with an old idea. Remember the classic days of K/S? Remember all that hurt and comfort and death? Well, here's your chance to return to the good old days.")
flyer for "Road to Damascus"
  • Return to Collinwood (1994, Dark Shadows, "A new DS fanzine focusing on the 1991 show. We are now accepting anything on the 1991 show: fiction, poetry, B&W art, articles, news, reviews, etc. (Of particular interest is a review of Innovation's DS comic book series).")
  • The Returning (Star Trek: TOS, "a post ST:WK story in which MacShannon returns to the Enterprise only to make ready her Woleyn craft, the Bivefi, for a trip back to Genesis, or what was once the Mutara Nebula. She will not be making the trip alone. Tentative publication date is late '83," part of the MacShannon Universe)
  • Rev. Trask (1989, Dark Shadows, het and gen anthology with a Reverand Trask focus, "Baker Street Productions," see flyer image)
1989 flyer for "Rev. Trask
  • Ring of Onyx (1981, Dark Shadows, gen/het novel)
  • Rivers in Time (Star Trek time travel fiction, edited by Tim Farley and Randall Landers, 1985)
  • Road to Damascus (see image on this page) (1990, fiction by Anne Elizabeth Zeek & Deborah June Laymon, "featuring the "Apocalypse" universe, a self-contained universe based on the first season of War of the Worlds" and in 1991: "As currently projected, ROAD TO DAMASCUS will be produced in three volumes: "The Fourth Horseman", "Apocalypse", and "The New Jerusalum". Each volume is comprised of a number of interlocking poems, short stories, and novellas that are independent and self-contained, but form a cohesive whole known as "the Apocalypse Universe". This universe picks up at the end of "Prodigal Son", intertwines through the remaining episodes of first season, then (while taking into account Mancuso's season) offers an alternative second season (in which both Ironhorse and Norton survive) and, perhaps, a possible third or even fourth season, considering how many stories have already been plotted out. For further information regarding availability (projected availability: Mostly Eastly Con IV in January.")
  • Robin and Marian (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "Looking for stories, poetry, filks, art. Should deal with some aspect of Robin and Marian's relationship, but should be kept on a PG-13 level or tamer," by Amy Hull and Paula Sanders, and again in 1993 by Bill Hupe)
  • Robin in the Hood (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "Looking for stories, poetry, filks, and art. This zine is to involve any character, event, what if story, explanation of existing material or whatever from any time before, during or after ROBIN OF SHERWOOD and should be kept at a PG-13 level or tamer—no "/" please," by Amy Hull and Paula Sanders)
  • Rolling Thunder (Road Warrior - focuses on vehicular conflict)
  • Romulan Ale (Star Trek: TOS, "This zine is devoted to the Romulan Commander in 'Balance of Terror' and set in an alternate universe where he does not destroy his ship and die, features the novel "The Dishonored One," art and graphics by Summers and Bookman," 1983)
  • The Rugby Druids' Songbook (1982, "A collection of some of the fastest, funniest filksongs to come down the pike since the dawn of plagiarism. Topics: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Superman, Galactica, Logan's Run, Lord of the Rings, The Prisoner, Space: 1999, Dracula, and much more. Short and funny definitely preferable to long and dull.")
  • Russian Roulette (a zine about Russians in the media -- Chekov, Colossus of the X-Men, Illya..., gen)
  • Russian Roulette (A gen Chekov-centered fiction zine, Stargazer Press, 1981)


  • Sacrifices (1991, "...a proposed K/S zine to be based on a sacrifice done by one for the other, an act of love. No harsh stories please for I'd like everyone to enjoy reading this one. I use Word Perfect 5.1. Please send throw away copies that can be edited.," this zine is not the same as Sacrifices)
  • Sahaj Collected #2, #3
  • Sagittarius (2003, Enterprise, "lovely Archer/Reed stories from MJ," Agent With Style)
  • The San Diego Chronicles (gen, Simon and Simon, 1986, fiction by Brenda Anders)
  • The San Francisco Treat (Alien Nation, gen)
  • Santa Got Run Over by the Klingons (filk, 2000, Unicorn Press, "name says it all... more of your favorite Christmas songs as you've NEVER heard them before (and probably won't ever hear again).")
  • Sappho #3 (?)
  • Satellite Link (1992, a Counterstrike APA, Cinda Gillian)
  • Savage Star (Star Trek: TOS, 1978, "a fanzine for Trekkers who like sword and sorcery, fantasy and horror")
  • Scarecrow's Dream (1995, "genzine dedicated to exploring the many characters played by Dowdell. Now accepting submissions—do you have a story from STONEY BURKE that needs a home? How about 240-ROBERT, THE INITIATION, SKIN DEEP, or TERROR IN THE SKY? The only requirement is that the story center on the character Bob played in the movie or TV episode. No gratuitous sex and no "/" situations will be accepted.")
  • Scented Candles (1993, Phantom of the Opera, Off-Note Productions)
  • Scoundrel (Star Wars, gen, casualty of the dustup regarding Open Letter to Star Wars Zine Publishers by Maureen Garrett)
flyer for "A Study in Shadows" from Inside the Old House #12
  • The Screaming 'Zini (Riptide, "anything but slash")
  • Screams, Not Sighs ("the ultimate get zine... the first definitive hurt/hurt zine, designed to fill the growing need in fandom for out-and-out sadism. Will Kirk survive the torture/killing of his lover, Spock? Will Han survive the torture/killing of his friend, Luke? Will Michael survive the torture/killing of his car, KITT?")
  • Seasons (1991, "Any character associated with STAR TREK (including K/S), new and old, will be welcome. No harshness in this one either, but can be humorous, drama, or somewhere in the middle. Let's have fun with what we're doing. Let's show our readers love and caring, naughty bits and romance.")
  • Season in Hell (unknown)
  • Secrets (1992, "espionage in all its forms (especially British). MUNCLE, Bond, Sandbaggers, especially Avengers")
  • Secret Service Chronicles (Wild Wild West, reprints of Catherine Schlein)
  • Secret Service Courier (Wild Wild West, 1983, "fiction by Beatty, VIrgil, and Dickerson. Adult fiction will be welcome, but no W/G or graphic violence, please. All stories will be judged on their own merits: no story will be turned down just because of a sex scene or two (or three or four)... This will be a no-frills zine...")
  • See You at the Rendezvous (1994, Star Wars, Wedge Antilles-centric, out of Scotland)
  • Seeming Parted (1992, Beauty and the Beast, Lloann'mhrahel Press, "Seeking submissions of all kinds — poetry, vignettes, short or long stories, and especially art—for "classic" Beauty and the Beast or situations that rewrite the third season, particularly material that is interesting, romantic and poignant. Also looking for parody or humor, stories that focus on Catherine's workmates to some extent, a history of the Tunnels, speculation Vincent's birth, etc. Do any of those ideas strike your fancy?")
  • The Seven Doctors (1993, Rose City Press, Doctor Who)
  • Shades of Blue (NYPD Blue, stories could be rated up to R, but "must be kept within the boundaries of good taste.")
  • The Shadow Children (1991, Starman, novel)
  • Shadow of the Jedi (Star Wars)
  • Shadow Play (gen, an all Shadow Chasers sequel to Seeing Double)
  • Shadows in the 90's (1992, "Will be complete look at the 1991 NBC revival of Dark Shadows," Kathy Resch)
  • Shadows in the Night (1993 and years earlier, Dan Silvio, Dark Shadows fiction)
  • Shaolin Eyes (Kung Fu, gen, hurt/comfort)
  • Shootout (S&H, quarterly A5 British letterzine, no slash, 1985)
  • The Shuttlecraft Incident (Star Trek, an R & R special edition by C. Wedgett, 1984)
  • Side by Side: A Jake and the Fatman One-Shot (gen, 1990, Wizard Works)
  • Sigh Squared (1992, Quantum Leap, "a 'sub-zine' (3 times/yr) seeking all QL fanlit -- fiction, poems, commentary, etc. 2 pg min, 10 pg max. Non-crossover preferred.")
  • Silhouettes (Equalizer)
  • Simbelmyne (Lord of the Rings, "Most pairings of the 'good guys' will be considered, no pairings with orcs, trolls, uruk-hai, Sauron, Saruman, etc.")
  • A Single Soul (Doctor Who, "For a serious, no-holds-barred look at the fifth Doctor in love, this is a collection of Ayren Tabeth stories that have appeared in Portals, The Cricketer and other zines." From 1992: " By MaryAnn Johanson. The collected adventures of the fifth Doctor and Ayren tabeth: a serious, no-holds-barred exploration of the Doctor in love. Includes all the Ayren stories from Portals, The Cricketer and other zines—with the early, currently out-of-print stories heavily revised—plus several all-new stories. Although no age statement is required, A Single Soul will deal with adult subject matter and is recommended for mature readers. Tb be published in mid to late 1992 with a limited print run of

100 copies. Reserve yours now with a check for $5 and a long SASE.")

  • The Sinta Fables (K/S) ("A collection of fables, told in fairy tale format, based on the character of Sinta, created in The Year of the Ram")
  • Slags Are People Too (Alien Nation, 1990, "... gen and adult fiction, poetry and filler art... Will consider all genres of material, straight and slash, as long as it features one member of the AN universe")
  • Situational Ethics (gen, mulitmedia, around 1991, was originally to contain Walking Through the Broken Glass, and a Sandbaggers story by Pat Nussman)
  • Slash-a-Cabana (multimedia, slash, "All material must be in some way based off of or use the lyrics from Barry Manilow songs.")
  • Slumber Party (multimedia, "G through PG-13 stories in which a character ends up in his pajamas. A slumber party does not have to be involved, and the jammies don't have to be the focus…but, someone has to spend at least a scene or two in their pj's.")
  • The Spindrift Log (1995, Land of the Giants, "Features all LAND OF THE GIANTS material. #1 coming soon- "Out of the Darkness" (LAND OF THE GIANTS/SW) by Monica Ruggles; "The Search" by Michelle Ruggles. #2: Wanted- Stories, filks, art, poetry, (action-adventure, mysteries, drama, hurt/comfort, crossovers). No "/", explicit sex or death stories on the main characters.")
  • Soapy Scenes (SH)
1983 flyer for "A Solo's Price/True Heart" -- Janus Cycle -- printed in Crossed Sabers#3
  • A Solo's Price/True Heart (see image on this page) (1983, Star Wars, "a Janus novella, a series with the characters of Raiah Areiana, an Alderaani; and [unclear] Solo, a Corellian. There are two stories within each novella, each covers the same events, but from a different point of view. It's a new approach to fan fiction. Note there will be a limited print run of these, so it all depends on you." 1984)
  • Some Like it Raw (1992, Alien Nation, all material was welcome but not Matt/George)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (around 1992, Beauty and the Beast anthology)
  • Sometimes a Fantasy (1992, stories, poetry, and art in all fandoms and genres. No slash.")
  • The Soong Chronicles (ST:TNG)
  • Souls Collected (multimedia, art from Star Trek, Robotech, Doctor Who, others)
  • The Southern X-Posure (a special edition of Southern Star, "We are looking for stories of good quality writing and plotting, which explore all the fascinating areas of Trek not usually printed in a general audience zine. However, we are avoiding K/S gay stories like a horde of plauges! Slated for publication after SS #5 goes to press. So, as the Klingons would put it, submit!.")
  • Spellbound (1990, gen, Starcastle Press, "What if... Elric with Stormbringer teamed up with Morgan La Fey to bring chaos to King Arthur's round table? What if... Kathrine finds forgotten love with the BeastMaster yet Vincent must save them both? What it... Promethus never gave man the gift of fire? What if... You were given a magical wand that allows you to cast wonderful tales of imagination and all your family, friends, and enemies were left spellbound by your power? SPELLBOUND is a new fanzine seeking short fiction and/or filk songs exploring the entire fantasy genre, from Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser novels to "Princess Bride . We are also very interested in original fantasy (especially well rounded characters interacting with magic), crossover fantasy, and mythological tales (ancient and archetypical originals;. One of our visions is to attract serious amateurs who want to further their talents and gain recognition in the field. Fantastic artwork will also be accepted.")
  • Spock Remembered ("Assume or create the character and personality of a 23rd individual in the ST universe and describe in 1000 words or less, what Spock meant to you, highlighting his 'humanity' and how his sacrifice and death -- and life-- meant to you. This is going toe be serious compendium of how Spock's death affected HIS universe of friend and acquaintances. No frivolity, though humor, where appropriate, is encouraged," 1983)
  • Star Journal ("a new multimedia zine by Catherine Strand and Kay Johnson, formally of Sahsheer and Baselines. Each issue will feature an art portfolio on the theme of the issue. First issue theme is "The Great Adventurers," and artists include Mike Brown, Sat Nam Kaur, and John Tibbets. Color cover by Randal Spangler. Due Feb. 1985.")
  • Star Trekkers (Star Trek: TOS, gen fiction and art, 1981)
submission request for "Station Planet Earth," printed in The Blackwood Project #7
  • Star Wars Yuletide Primer (1983, "filks mostly based on Xmas carols, humorous short stories, and a beautiful pull-out pinup by AZ. SW/ST/BG and other media considered. We hope to include material from our Alderaani, Corellian, Vulcan, Caprican, and Imperial Branches.")
  • Stargazer (a zine "dedicated to all characters played by Judson Scott,"1984)
  • Station Break (Star Trek: DS9)
  • Station Planet Earth (see image on this page) (1990, "This quarterly zine will concentrate on science fiction and fantasy television shows of the past, present and, hopefully, future. In addition to WOW, "Blake's 7," "Robin of Sherwood," "Beauty & the Beast," "Quantum Leap," "Alien Nation" and others will be covered... It will be a LOC/newszine in the same format as that of The Blackwood Project.")
  • Starship Erotica (ST:TOS)
  • Still Frisky After All These Years ("No special theme, just good ol' slash. Open to all fandoms except Due South, Sentinel and Wiseguy.")
  • Still Waters (Rat Patrol, anthology of Tully stories)
  • Stillwaters (K/S anthology "Relationship, hurt/comfort, parody okay," 1984)
  • A Stitch in Time (Doctor Who, fiction and other material, 1983, Polaris Press)
  • Stormfront (2004, Agent With Style, a Starsky/Hutch novel by Marianne)
  • Strange Business (multifandom, specifically Nowhere Man, Strange Luck and X-Files)
  • Stuck in Limbo (Shades of L.A., 1993, Neon Rainbow Press, "A SHADES OF LA letterzine (APA) for a great syndicate series. I know there are fans out there! And how about John DiAquino? You know, SHADES OF LA, DIRTY DOZEN: THE SERIES, WILDSIDE...? Drop me a line if you're interested!")
  • A Study in Shadows ((see image on this page) 1981, Dark Shadows/Sherlock Holmes, "A manuscript by John H. Watson, MD, rescued in Paris, presently being prepared by William J. Hunt, revealing the mystery and magic of Egypt as Holmes and Watson follow Quentin Collins and the ellusive [sic] laura Collins - join us, the game's afoot!")
  • Subversive Songs of the Seven (1990, Blake's 7, filks, "canceled -- lack of interest" by Xenon Press)
  • Summer of 1987 (Simon and Simon)
  • Summer Solstice (Battlestar Galactica, 1984, a sequel to Change of Command)
  • The Sun Never Sets ("an American zine of SF/f out of the British Empire, including Avengers, B&, DW, SS, plus other media, cross-universe, original fiction, poetry, filks and art," 1984)
  • Surprise Attack (Star Trek: TOS, "action-adventure theme, including K/S," 1985)


intent of series, "Tales from the Sea"
  • The Tailored Classic Collection (1998, slash, Bodacious Press, "A series of novels based on classic films and cast with the crew of our favorite slashteam shows. Each story roughly based on the classic, not word for word verbatim. The plotlines will loosely follow those of the films but dialogue, characters and names will be changed.")
  • Tales from the Sea, volume #2, the first of which was Power Trip (see image on this page) (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 1994)
  • A Tale of Two Ships (Star Trek: TOS, by Curran and Pennell, "Kirk and Spock suddenly find themselves aboard a nuclear-powered submarine, facing the most deadly Russian attack sub ever built. In their place on the Enterprise is the captain and the executive officer of the USS Rockfish, and war has broken out between the Klingons and the Federation. Available summer/fall 1983")
  • Tales from the Cottage (see image on this page) (1990, War of the Worlds, "Now there's an illustrated version of fans' stories ... in the form of a comic-sized, B&W zine which will also include extra artwork and, in the second and following issues, a letter column. The cover will be laminated for protection and an attractive, shiny look.")
  • Tales from the Leather Rocket (1993, multimedia, explicit het, editor: Tim B., Star Wars, MUNCLE, Quantum's Leap, Gilligan's Island, "...may not be ready for the next Media West. Most of my potential contributors consider the zine's theme too wild, or not wild enough. I'm sorry, but I won't permit Veg-O-Matics to be used as sexual implements!")
  • Tales of the Great Ones (1992, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Looks like our first outstanding issue will be sort of small and very affordable with a wide variety of stories to introduce these excellent dudes, Bill and Ted, to fandom. So far we have a romantic, medieval adventure, a young Bill and Ted go to wilderness survival camp and a crazy little story about a total dweeb from Hell! Always room for more!" Linda Kay)
  • Tales of the Leather Rocket (multimedia, the editor was male, "Both slash and straight material... So, whip out... er, pull out. Never to mind.")
flyer for "Tales from the Cottage"
  • Tales of the Two Great Ones (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Humor, hurt/comfort, crossovers...just about anything goes as far as these two party animals are concerned! No slash (no way!), or dweebish poetry, or wimpy filk stuff.")
  • Taster's Choice (2001, still asking for submissions in 2005, Agent With Style, "multimedia... Any tv show or movie is welcome.")
  • Technical Journal (Star Trek: TOS, "a zine dedicated to Scotty and the engineers of the Enterprise.")
  • Teleport Now! (Blake's 7 fiction, 1985)
  • Tencton Times (see image on this page) (Alien Nation, 1990, from the same publisher of Details at 11)
  • Things That Go Bump in the Desert (Rat Patrol anthology with supernatural themes)
  • Third Age (Babylon 5, 1994, fiction, articles, news, killed by a cease and desist letter)
  • This Simple Feeling (Star Trek, 1981, "A new Star Trek zine devoted to exploring the emotional -- running the gamut of human & alien experiences. All themes will be considered, but this zine will focus on relationship and hurt/comfort as they have come to be defined in Trek. This is not a K/S zine, however, ALL adult material will be considered. Tentative contributors include Ginna LaCroix, Alice L. Jones, Pamela Rose, Ellen Kobrin, Michael Verina, Vicki Clark, and Nan Lewis." Some of this material was to be published by Laura Leach.)
submission request for "Through Darkest Mundania" -- "Your parents will never understand why you can't outgrow STAR TREK. A teacher labels you "emotionally immature" because you're still reading science fiction and fantasy novels in high school or college. Friends who've decided to "grow up" (gafiate) write you off as hopeless because you're "just too weird" for them anymore. Your boss and/or co-workers look askance at your lunch-hour reading material, and your clergyman is aghast to learn you skipped services last week to attend a fan convention. ("You went to a what???") Sound familiar? THROUGH DARKEST MUNDANIA is a proposed zine recounting fan experiences/clashes/altercations (dare we say wars?) with the mundane world. We want to know how you've dealt with such classic criticisms as "When ARE you going to grow up?!" and "SCIence FlCtion' You still read that dumb stuff?" Tell us about your most hilarious encounters with Mundania. Maybe you once paraded through Macy's in your chain mail bikini, or something even more outrageously fannish. Tell us what you think organized fandam should do (if anything) to improve its image among the mundane population, or talk to us about how you've dealt with the type of parent/teacher/employer ostracism mentioned above, Send us your adventures in the Mundane Zone."
  • Through Darkest Mundania: Adventure in the Mundane Zone (see image on this page) (1985, multifandom, gen, Peacock Press, non-fiction fan accounts of being a fan in a less-than-friendly world, see submission request to the left)
  • Through Super-Colored Glasses (1997, Lois and Clark, "TSCG wants YOUR FANFIC/FANPOEMS/FANSONGS (known as filks)! The lustier, the better, although this fanzine does NOT print vulgar language, such as c***, p****, f***....You get the idea.")
  • Thy Beloved Wildnerss (1977, Star Trek: TOS, Leslye Lilker/Trinette Kern, novel, possibly a sequel to He Who is Close to Nature, and a part of the Sahaj series, from Sahaj Collected: "SASES for "Thy Beloved Wilderness" are being held pending completion of the novel, which is one of my projects for my period of hibernation. "Wilderness" is temporarily shelved due to technical difficulties, and and will not be published until things are ironed out.")
  • T'hy'la (1980, Star Trek, from Australia)
  • Ticket to Read (Susan Garrett, multimedia, "Will Louisa and Michael ever go back to the state of matrimony, or will Friday ever find a guy, will Miles have a chin transplant, and what about the ratings?")
  • Time Long Ago ("A pre-Federation saga which delves into the first meeting between humans and Vulcans. The two groups are shipwrecked on a desolate world, and must find a way to reach safety. The dreaded K'zin are on the warpath, and neither of the ships is capable of space travel," 1983)
  • Time of Returning (Star Wars/Star Trek, a MacShannon story, "What once was the Mutara Nebula has a few surprises in store. Just who is Joachim? And what should they make of the strange tale he tells them?" 1984)
  • Time Remembered (1995, Quantum Leap, gen)
  • Time Tremors (Star Trek, "A Kirk hallucination? Part fact, part imagination, part memory. Follow Kirk through Merry Old England, Neverland, the American Southwest, and Space from a Cosmonaut's point of view.")
  • Time's Winged Flight (Star Trek: TNG, 1992, novel by S. Lee Story, approximately 75-100 pages, published by Linda Knights)
  • Tinman (slash, Sentinel, AU, 1999, see image]]
  • Tiny Bubbles (multimedia, "G through PG-13 stories which involve, in one way or another, a character (or characters…just keep it clean) winding up in a bubble bath.") Publisher: Green Dragon Press. Year: 2001.
flyer for "Tinman"
  • To Cage a Songbird (Doctor Who, sequel to Sing Sweetly, Sing Strong)
  • To Follow the Stars (1981, to have been published by Allies for Star Trek, "Read this collection of poetry from Captain Kirk's personal journal, written in a beautiful and romantic style in keeping with Kirk's personality.")
  • To Love a Queen (?, 1981)
  • To Protect and Serve (1995, First Power slash novel by Mariah Burke, Thunderbird Press)
  • To the Regiment (Magnum PI, Leslie Schell, around 1984, "If anyone has a story tucked away behind their T.S.-in-a-towel poster, send it along with your SASE.")
  • Tooniverse (gen, multimedia animated)
  • The Totally Amateur, Completely Unauthorized, Unabashedly Hormonally-Driven, Ultimate Fan Guide to Quantum Leap (an episode guide, 1997)
  • Transformation ("A Star Trek mystery featuring the character of Samantha King,"1978)
  • Tranya (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Trecch (Star Trek: TOS, "a fanzine designed to be the MAD magazine of Star Trek")
  • Trekkers of the Night ("Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, K/S, S/H, sf and Gothic material, fiction and art," 1981)
  • Trekwit (Star Trek: TOS, 1982, "anything humorous within the Trek universe including adult material," Carolyn Verino)
  • Trials and Tribulations (A-Team, gen), around 1997)
  • Tribute, (roles of William Shatner)
  • Trilogy... Plus One, And Then Some... And Beyond ("A DW-based fanzine set in the Marvel universe which focuses on the Doctor's companion, Adric," 1984)
  • Troubleshooter (1992, MacGyver and others, "Finally, a zine for that all-around hero, MacGyver, and his many friends. Also: Wild Wild West stories, DXS stories, and naughty stories are definitely welcome." Also, "Finally, a zine for that all-around hero, MacGyver. I'm accepting fiction only—everything from Wild West stories to DXS adventures, and naughty stories are definitely welcome. (If somebody sends me a good recipe for tofu casserole, though, I may use that.)" It was to have a cover by Ann Larimer.)
  • Trying' to Go Straight (Alias Smith and Jones, slash, "Hey, someone had to do it!")
  • Turbo Shaft Eight (Star Trek, "in which satire is used to achieve the same goals ST sought to achieve -- the exposure and discussion of controversial issues and the gullibility of today's 'civilized' population." 1980)
  • The Turbolaser (SW)
  • Turnabout ("focusing on female characters, it should rebut the notion that fen can't write about strong women... The theme: women's place in the future. Male characters can obstain insight into female POV by telepathy, empathy, transference, transformation, and just plain living/working with women. Adult themes welcome. No 'true romance' please... Writers are hereby warned that one of the editors plans to light her smoking materials with any Mary Sues received,"1979)
  • Tune of a Different Strummer, (Pern, "a two-volume set of Pernese tunings from all over.")
  • Tusken Raider (1993, a round-robin, Star Wars zine, " We're going to pose a question until we can get as many people as we can. Everyone tries to answer. We spit it out with a new question and everybody sends it back in. Basically, it's going to be a round robin, what's your idea about, and it can be used for writers, or it can be used for just people who Want to read it." < ref> from Southern Enclave #37, comments by Eric </ref>)
  • Twin Suns of Different Mothers (and Fathers, Too) (Star Wars, reprints of fiction from Twin Suns #1-#3, 1982)


flyer for "Uncertain Alliances"
  • Uncertain Alliances (see image on this page) (1989, a four-volume Blake's 7 series by Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane)
  • Unseen Season (Quantum Leap, 1993, "What if Al was the leaper, and Sam the hologram?", Bill Hupe)
  • untitled Man from U.N.C.L.E. zine (slash, 1995, "No death or petty vindictiveness. First time stories a bonus. Submit stories on a 3%" floppy in ASCII format (hard copy attached," Fruit Press/Kari Masoner)
  • Universal (Star Trek and science fiction art, stories, puzzle, bi-annual, 1980)
  • Universal Transgressor, (a spoof of Universal Translator by Mindy Glazer, its "primary function is to irritate its advertisers and demean its subscribers... no one is left untouched. Reviews, harassment, con listings, abuse, personal statements, and other items of interest and annoyance to fandom are also included. An age statement will probably be required." 1980)
  • Unnecessary Roughness Sequel (1995, by Regenia Marracino and Carlotta Vaughen, "No, it's not ready. Yes, we're STILL working on it! Flat-top is out for revenge against the man he blames for all his troubles, but Paul Blake's past, dredged up by the media circus surrounding the Armadillo's defeat of the #1 ranked Colts, carries a pain of a different type. When the team, gathered at Paul's ranch for a Christmas celebration, is trapped by a flash flood, they find themselves in a struggle to save Paul not only from the injuries of a beating, but from the memories that haunt him as well.")
  • Unseen Heroes (1997, multi-media, slash, NoShame Press, "…devoted to those couples you've been longing to see, couples you never thought you'd see, couples you won't believe you're seeing! Simply, those TV characters rarely given their due in fandom.")
  • Vertigo (1985, formally "Thing," all media, "we prefer stories with an off-the-wall slant. Real psychotic stuff. Cross-universe stories, What-If stories, parodies, humor, Twilight Zone-type twist endings, unusual angles, that sort of thing." On contributor wrote in 1987 that the zine turned out to be a quick rich scheme, and the two editors had run away from home... [1])
  • Vice and Things (1987, Miami Vice, poetry, art, fiction, articles, to have been published in England)
  • Voice of the Emperor (1982, Star Wars newsletter from Sweden to have been published by the same fans who created The Dark Lord)
  • Walkabout (Mel Gibson)
  • Walk in the Shadows (1993, gen, multimedia?, Michael Macomber (pub)
  • Walking on Air (1993, gen, Michael Macomber (pub), "Seeking stories, poetry, and art based on your pet fandom. We're looking for material based on fandoms which have not been widely covered in fan fiction-- shows like GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, MATRIX, NIGHT STALKER... and your favorite! Up to"R" rating but no slash or adult please. Artists send samples and a list of your favorite fandoms.")
  • Warriors/Lovers ("Are you tired of zines K/S, S/H, or H/J? Is your imagination whispering, 'What about other slash pairs in history, films, fantasy, horror, or TV?' Well, rejoice... This will not be your ordinary '/' zine," The Theban Band/Saffo Press, 1984)
  • We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On (Star Trek: TOS, fiction, art, poetry, no K/S, by Amy Falkowitz and Catherine P. Smullen, 1983)
  • (Whatever Strikes Your) ... Fancy (unknown)
  • Where in the World (Does this Fit In?) (multimedia odds and ends)
  • Where's Mary Sue When You Need Her? (A-Team, 1996, "a romance/Mary Sue/straight adult A-Team 'zine, which will also accept material revolving around other characters played by the A-Team stars.")
  • Whipperwhit and Other Stories (Doctor Who, 1993, Off-Note Productions)
  • Whips and Chains (see image on this page) (1984, "A new K/S zine devoted to bondage, slavery &/or a little S&M. This is a fantasy zine & is intended in the spirit of fun. No heavy rape stories & nothing too terribly brutal, please. We are looking for stories of any length which show Spock &/or Kirk (even McCoy) in slavery situations, or one in bondage to the other, or K/S stories involving light S&M. We don't like brutal rape stories, especially when one of our heroes rapes the other. If you are interested and available to do illos, let us know. We'd like to have specific illos which depict scenes in each story, so we would prefer to send a story for illustration.")
click to read submission request for "Whips and Chains"
  • Whisper of the Wind (1993, Star Trek, proposed by Bill Hupe)
  • Whistling in the Dark (Star Trek, sequel to Reunion)
  • White Pawn, Black Knight (Doctor Who, "Thinking he has discovered his enemy's greatest weakness, the Master schemes to finally destroy the Doctor. A serialized, novel-length saga, reintroducing some of the Doctor's oldest and truest friends. Also short stories, book reviews, filks, poetry, and art," 1984)
  • The Wildest Trek Novel Ever (a Star Trek, all incarnations, crossover zine)
  • Willem Foxe ("complete with Victorian illustrations, an X-File slash AU spun to the tune of Jane Eyre in the darkest Brontean fashion.")
  • The Witch and the Werewolf (2000, Buffy, Willow/Oz, "An adult fenzine featuring stories about Bufly's favorite witch and the werewolf she loves. So far: Full Moon by Jim McClure. - It's the day after graduation, the full moon is coming and the cage got destroyed with the school. What's a young werewolf and his girl to do?," Unicorn Press)
  • With Every Quantum Leap and Bound (1997, "...partial zine, editor had computer failure, sent out a few of the stories that survived to those who had written for information. Not generally available. The two writers were going to group all their stories as a season, connecting the leaps. So far as I know they never re-did/completed the project."
  • The Women of Star Wars (proposed and postponed in 1982)
  • The Wolfhawke Tapestries (Ladyhawke, 1985, "Based on the legendary events portrayed in the medieval fantasy of Ladyhawke. Art, fiction, poetry, songs, historical perspectives, anything the fertile mind can conceive and put to paper..." )
  • Working Class Hero (John Lennon, "Great stuff already promised by A. Crouch, C. Drake, and K. Resch. Welcoming Carolyn Mindrum. More submissions, especially art, needed to make this dream a reality. Don't let me down!" and a little later, "Contents so far include wit, whimsy, and poignancy. Artists, where are you? Writers, how about some 'Meat City?' Contributors so far are K. Collard, C. Mindrum, P. Owens, and K. Resch," 1984. Another description in 1985: "Dedicated to John Lennon and his ideas and philosophies. Featuring stories, poems, articles, news clippings and artwork. Will have a color silk-screened cover. Contributors include Carolyn Mindrum, Katie Collard and Kathy Resch.")
  • Working Stiffs (mulitmedia, slash, stories depicting liaisons on the worksite, "No undying love need be proclaimed. Encounters can between enemies, friends, strangers, but must be spontaneous and happen on the job.")
  • Wormhole (Star Trek: DS9)
  • Wunderkind (unknown)


  • Xanadu (multimedia)
  • Xeno-File (Alien)
  • Xenology 101 (paranormal stories, 1994, by an editor of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea zines)
  • Xpect the Unexpected (X-Files, gen)
  • Yakkity-Yak (multifandom, slash, letterzine, "This zine is for fan letters (pro & con) for all slash fandoms including circuit stories, K/S, B/D. We are now requesting letters from slash readers. When enough letters are obtained to produce 2 zines, we will advertise it for sale. All letters must be typed. Please give title, author, zine name and publisher. Criticisms welcome but please don't get nasty. What would you rather receive? A pat on the back or a hatchet in the spine?")
  • Yngland's Boc (Robin of Sherwood, part of Saxon Chronicles)
  • Years of Fieldwork (1995, Indiana Jones, Criterion Press, "collection of Indiana Jones fiction from the O.S.S. Series by Jeannie Webster and Sally Smith.")
  • Zine Acres: It's the Zine to Be (1991, Green Acres, "From Ted Koppel's "Nightline": Big happenings in Hooterville: Farmer Ziffel adopts 5 new pigs — we'll have Arnold's reaction to no longer being an only child. And this just in: Green Acres gets its own fanzine, edited by Dave Marshall! Submissions to Dave's Sty", then again in 1993 by Bill Hupe)
  • Zero Point Module (unknown)


  1. from Southern Enclave #16
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