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Name: Pon Farr Press
Contact: Della Van Hise
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
Status: inactive
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Pon Farr Press published numerous popular and widely-read K/S zines from 1979-1995. Some of their zines have been collected as part of ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

List of Zines Published

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Pon Farr Folds Up Its Tent

From a notice in Media Monitor #10:
Quitting fandom. After 16 years of editing, writing, and producing fanzines, Pon Farr Press has decided it's time to quit. Due to other commitments on my life, as well as the fact that zines are no longer breaking even for me, I find it necessary to fold all production of Pon Farr Press zines. In the future, my zines will be available from Bill Hupe.... For the record, this is not an open invitation for zine pirates to have a field day with my titles.. Also, this notice does NOT apply to Mkashef Enterprises nor to Wendy Rathbone.
From an Open Letter by Dovya Blacque in Come Together #27:
MKASHEF Enterprises has not and cannot assume responsibility for any order considered "outstanding" or pending with PON FARR PRESS. However, MKASHEF is offering the following information: "PON FARR PRESS has filled all orders received. From the many letters Alexis Fegan Black has received regarding lost orders, she is estimating that approximately 140 zines have been lost. She has also narrowed the time period of these losses to two particular, large mailings she did in July 1994 and December 1994. "As of August 1995, PON FARR PRESS is out of business. It is bankrupt. There is no money. However, Alexis has every intention of re-filling all orders which have been lost. At the moment, she is unable to take much action as, stated above, there simply are no funds with which to print any replacement zines. She will replace all zines for which she has received copies of canceled checks within the next 12 months [the letter was undated]. This will be a slow process simply due to the lack of money available.... "These orders will be filled through MKASHEF but not by MKASHEF. Again, I do not and cannot accept any responsibility for whatever remaining business anyone has with PON FARR PRESS.... "Anyone who has worked with MKASHEF in the past knows I honor all orders I hope my track record will be enough for everyone to extend to me the respect of acknowledging my word as confirmation regarding Alexis and her actions concerning her zine business. There is nothing underhanded or dishonest gang on here. Alexis feels bad that the situation has become so complicated and has every intention of making all commitments good as soon as one of the many writing projects with which she is involved comes through. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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