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Synonyms: viewpoint
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Point of View, often used as acronym "POV" or "PoV", is a term commonly used in fandom for the stories written from a particular character’s point of view.

In short fiction who tells the story and how it is told are critical issues for an author to decide. The tone and feel of the story, and even its meaning, can change radically depending on who is telling the story.

Many fans express preferences for certain points of view in reading fanfiction. For visual media, where the source is generally third person, some fans prefer third person to first- or second-person narratives. For literary media, some fans prefer fanfiction which maintains the viewpoint of the source. Others enjoy the use of points of view which differ from the source, and can offer different perspectives on the source material.

POV issues are often covered in fanfic writing guides such as The Craft of Writing.

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