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Title: Pipeline
Publisher: Stephanie Wiltse
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1988-1994?
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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spread of later issues

Pipeline is a het bi-monthly letterzine with at least 26 issues. It won the 'Best Newsletter' Award at Tunnelcon #1. In 1989, editor Stephanie Wiltse explained that "half of her 800 or so subscribers "joined after the show was canceled because they were upset."[1]

In 1991, the editor of the Pipeline did gave a cable TV interview in which she and Angela Fernan discussed their plans to do a video version of the Pipeline. The interview can now be seen here. At least one issue of the Pipeline video newsletter may have been filmed.

In 1993 there were plans to publish "The Best of Pipeline, with Stephanie's most memorable interviews and articles, photos, artwork, and all that made Pipeline so special. The Helpers Network Gazette members would get a substantial discount on the price at which this book would be offered to non-members." [2] It is unclear if the compilation was ever published.

At least one fan has referenced Pipeline as a major conduit during the Beauty and the Beast Classic Wars.
"As for "Pipeline", it was my perception that this was a conduit for fuel [of arugments], each time it arrived in my mailbox, I felt like I'd been torched and left to burn."[1]

Pipeline v.1 n.1 was published in May 1988.

Pipeline v.1 n.2 was published in June 1988.

Pipeline v.1 n.3 was published in July 1988.

Pipeline v.1 n.4/5 was published in August 1988 and is 82 pages long. It is digest-sized.

Pipeline v.1 n.6 was published in November 1988.

Pipeline v.2 n.2 was published in February 1989.

Pipeline v.2 n.5 was published in May 1989.

Pipeline v.2 n.9 was published in September 1989.

Pipeline v.2 n.10 was published in October 1989.

Pipeline v.2 n.11/12 was published in September 1989.

Pipeline v.3 n.1 was published in January 1990.

Pipeline v.3 n.2 was published in February 1990.


  1. letter submitted to Volume 3 Of Love and Hope in 1996.
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