Pat Jacquerie

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Name: Pat Jacquerie
Alias(es): Patricia Weeks
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine Editor, Moderator
Fandoms: Blake's 7
URL: Pat Jacquerie's Fanfic Archive, Pat's Place, a Memorial
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Pat Jacquerie became active in media fandom in 1980 in Star Wars fandom, and later became a prolific writer and zine editor in Blake's 7 fandom. She published Straight Blake's, an adult het Blake's 7 zine, and also wrote slash in the fandom. She was a multiple Fan Quality Award winner, wrote many non-fiction articles on both Star Wars and Blake's 7, and was creator and moderator of a large multimedia mailing list. She published her zines under the name Jacquerie Press.

She was a key member of the Tarrant Nostra, a Tarrant faction. Her Avon/Tarrant classics Duty and A Marketable Commodity were influential in popularising the pairing.

Pat Jacquerie passed away in 2003. A memorial zine, Angelfood[1], was published after her death.


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