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For the archive see The Paris/Kim Slash Fic Archive

Mailing List
Name: Paris/Kim Slash Party
Date(s): 1990s
Type: fanfic and discussion
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Scope: Paris/Kim slash
URL: (mailing list home page, Wayback link)
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The Paris/Kim Slash Party, or PKSP, was a mailing list for both the discussion of the Paris/Kim relationship and the posting of Paris/Kim fanfiction. The PKSP and the PKSP[1] sponsored archive was hosted at[2] The page was a member of the Paris/Kim Slash Ring.

Though the mailing list is no more, the archive hosting the fiction is still online: Go on and Kiss The Boy - An Archive For Paris/Kim Slash Fic.

From the FAQ

How mailing lists work:
This list is available via both email and via web browser. Mail automatically comes to you either instant or digest format (however you chose to subscribe) or accessed via the web at and choose this list, or go into this list directly by going to
Mail will be delivered to you when it's sent to the list either immediately or once a day in a digest, whatever option you have. If you would like to switch between instant and digest, go to the above webpage and login with your email address (by default, you have no password -- you might want to give yourself one!), and set your option for mail delivery properly. Additionally, if you are going on vacation, there's no need to unsubscribe from the list. Simply sign in to the webpage and set yourself as "NO Mail" and you will be subscribed to the list, but not receive any mail.
To send a message to the list via email, send it to
Messages are archived at:[1]
REMEMBER - Spoil everything. Fanfic you've read; pro books you've read. The movies. The upcoming movie. Old shows; new shows. Why? Well, not everyone may have read what you have read or seen what you have seen and some of these same people may not want to know the plots beforehand. As an example, the Partiers from Europe and elsewhere are on a different season schedule from the one seen in the USA and even in the States, there are the different time zones to consider.
All posts containing spoilers *MUST* have SPOILERS (in caps) in the subject line and spoiler space in the post itself. To separate a spoiler from the rest of the message, use misc. characters (no, not Tuvok or Neelix. Sheesh). in the left hand margin.[1]
No images, no flames :
WHAT TYPE OF POST IS *NOT* WELCOME Binaries, GIFS, JPEGs, etc. These type of unsolicited files can cause a person's mail server to crash. If, in your Net travels, you find files of this type that you believe might be of interest to your fellow Partiers, post the URL where they can be found. Do this and undying gratitude will be yours. :-)
Flames. In Net terms, flaming is where one person insults another on-list. This is not allowed. We are all supposed adults on what is supposed to be an adult list and the list owner would appreciate it if everyone acted accordingly.[1]
Anything. Porn without Plots (also known as Plot What Plot), romances, transgender, multiples, bestiality as long as one of those beasts is a were-cat named Tom. Or Harry. If you write it, we will read it. Guaranteed. As stated below, the only requirement is that both Tom and Harry get some. Preferably with each other.
No het stories. Not unless the story is part of a threesome or the het story is leading up to a P/K (or any other P or K slash pairing. For the exception - see below)
Why? Because, say it with me, now, this is a slash list. A male/male slash list.

All stories should be coded according to ASC/EM rules. If you are unfamiliar with these rules, ask.
All stories should indicate what type of feedback, if any, the author desires. Public, private, criticism or only praise. It is up to the author to state their preferences and then it is up to us, their devoted readers to provide it. Remember, the golden rule of feedback: The more an author receives feedback, the more inclined they are to write. And we all want them to write, don't we?
All archiving decisions are left up to the author. Stories are archived in one of two ways. If an author has their own Web Page, then a link to that page can, with the author's permission, be added to our web page. If an author does *not* have a Web Page, then the story itself can be archived, again with the author's permission.
If you wish to either be archived or linked, please say so in your disclaimer.
Only completed stories will be archived.
As a matter of courtesy, please do not archive any post or story to any Web site or any other mailing list or newsgroup without the author's permission. Violations of this rule with result in the offender being unsubscribed.

No. No way. There will be no Chakotay/Paris stories or discussions here on this list. The sole exception being a story where the C/P eventually becomes either P/K, C/K, or C/P/K.
To spare those among us with more delicate sensibilities, Voyager's Commander is often referred to (when he has to be referred to at all) as Ch*k*t*y, the Tattooed One or He Who Shall Remain Nameless. More derogatory terms are *not* to be used in order to spare the feelings of those who have dual citizenship.
Why is this a big deal? Well, why are we all here, on the *PKSP*? This is a *Paris/Kim* list. Therefore, if you're going to have Paris involved with Janeway, Chakotay, Torres, Tuvok, Neelix (did I here an ew? Sorry.), please remember to invite Harry along. Look, the Ensign doesn't get out much. Paramount seems to think he's an idiot and he *is* 70,000 light years away from home. *Everyone* wants to have sex with Tom, but poor Harry always ends up standing around at Ops, waiting for a crisis. So write him into your story. Have threesomes, foursomes, have Harry watch from a closet. Just let him get some, okay? Believe me, he would thank you if he could.
For those of you who think Harry Kim makes a better hood ornament for Voyager than a valued character in his own right, there are places for you. This list isn't one of them.

This list has no problems with orphan fandoms. If you want to write a Tuvok/Neelix, Holodoc/Tom (maybe that's why he's always in Sickbay), Chakotay/Harry, it's fine. The only requirement is that the two characters be male, okay? There aren't, I don't think, enough of these stories out there for us to worry about. If this bothers any of you, let me know.[1]
Vid collection:
Songs include:
"The Water is Wide," Lee Hom Wang
"Last Night," Lee Hom Wang
"(You Drive Me) Crazy," Britney Spears
"You Sang To Me," Marc Anthony
"Orchestral Suite From 'The Inner Light'"
"Closing Time," Semisonic
"You Had Me From Hello," Kenny Chesney
"I Can't Imagine," Tim Russ
"Someday," Sugar Ray
"Mickey," Toni Basil
"Hey Jealousy," Gin Blossoms
"Looking For Love," Johnny Lee
For more information including how to obtain a copy of "70,000 Light Years from Home, please contact: "Leigh M."[1]


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