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Name: Original Bishounen
Date(s): 2002-2008
Type: Original Slash
Fandom: Original Fiction
URL: OriginalBishounen.de (archive)
OriginalBishounen (Yahoo! Group)
Willkommen auf Originalbishounen.de.jpg
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Original Bishounen (or OriginalBishounen.de) was a German archive for original fiction and art with a strong emphasis on yaoi/shounen-ai/slash.

From the FAQ:

OriginalBishounen ist aufgebaut auf eine Mailingliste von Yahoo. Wir sind ein Grüppchen Autoren und Zeichner, die sich auf Original-Storys und -Zeichnungen spezialisiert haben.
Original-Storys sind selbsterfundene Geschichten, also ohne ein Vorbild von Filmen, TV-Serien, Animes, Mangas oder Büchern.
Darin darf aber ansonsten eigentlich alles drankommen: ob nun ein kleines Märchen, ein Poem, eine Songfic oder eine großangelegte Geschichte mit mehreren Parts, jeder kann posten, was er will.
Auch erlaubt sind Yaoi/Shounen-Ai/Slash, Yuri oder natürlich auch "ganz normale" Beziehungen ^^.
Falls es jemand natürlich pertou in den Fingern juckt, eben eine FanFiction zu schreiben (d.h. eine Story eben zu einem Film, TV-Serie, Anime, Manga oder Buch), kann er oder sie diese hier natürlich auch posten ^^.[1]

Browsing the archive readers could choose between several different designs in different colors and with different art skins and backgrounds.[2]


Updates auf Originalbishounen.de.jpg

The German original yaoi fandom evolved out of the German yaoi fandom which had a main archive (Yaoi Germany) and a main mailing list (yaoiger). The archive used to accept original slash and at one time the site index showed 40 separate pages for yaoi fandoms and 19 pages for original m/m fic,[3] which made original yaoi one of the largest fandoms in the archive. The admins of the mailing list appealed several times to the list members to post more fanfic because by the end of 2001 most of the fiction posted there was original yaoi.[4]

After several discussions about what was and wasn't appropriate for the list -- people wanted to post their Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter slash because for them the main function of a central yaoi list was to allow everything m/m, not just fiction based on anime/manga and original fic -- it was decided to restrict the submission guidelines instead of expanding them. The main yaoi archive would be exclusively for fanfic yaoi, and original yaoi would be moved to a separate archive (BoyxBoy); slash (defined as m/m fanfic that wasn't based on anime/manga sources) would not be allowed.

When this was announced in January 2002, the decision got mixed reactions. Some fans approved because they were primarily interested in the anime/manga fandoms and wanted to read fanfic about these characters, some fans joined the new boyxboy mailing list; others were unhappy because they preferred original slash, wanted to be part of the yaoi community, and didn't want to belong to a list that didn't allow both.

The controversy resulted in the creation of the Original Bishounen mailing list and archive for original slash. Original Bishounen allowed all kinds of m/m fic. However, most of what was posted there was original fiction, which is why the German fandom ended up with two main original slash lists and archives, both heavily influenced by the traditions of the German yaoi fandom.

After a hacking incident in 2006 and the loss of the domain in 2008, the archive is now defunct.


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