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Name: Oblique Publications
Contact: (email addy on website)
Type: fanfic zines
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Professionals, X-Files, Phantom Menace, Due South, Smallville, multi-media
Status: inactive fanzine publisher
Other: slash-only; almost all zines available online in PDF format.
URL: http://www.oblique-publications.net/
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Oblique Publications began publishing zines in 1988, and for the next 15 years or so put out a steady stream of high-quality slash zines that earned a reputation for solid writing, clean editing, attractive design, and a darker edge than was common at the time, including BDSM and endings that weren't guaranteed to be happy.

The most prolific writer for the press was M. Fae Glasgow, with multiple stories in almost every zine (barring one, where she wrote one of the three novellas that made up the zine). In several cases, she was the sole author in a zine.

A fan comments on this fiction: "Many of them are darkfics, and overall the tone is so relentlessly "Can this marriage be saved?" that at the very first hint of Spuffy I was reminded of Oblaque--where "Well, I do beat him up a lot. For Avon, that's like third base" would fit in perfectly." [1]

Print to PDF

In 2000, the publishers began converting every zine they'd published to date to PDF and uploading them to the web for free downloading by anyone who wanted them. They continued to add zines to the site until March 2002.

Only two zines never made it onto the site: "Bene Dictum VI: Due Cut", a third-season Due South zine by M. Fae Glasgow, and "The Big Girls' Book of Smallville Big Boys", a Clark/Lex Smallville zine.

A fan in 2003 wrote:
Oblique Publications published paperzines in many fandoms (including, recently, Smallville) and has generously made its archives available on the Web. Of course there's always a catch--the files are posted as two-column PDFs, which looks pretty nifty if you print them out but is a right bastard to read on screen. (Bittersweet is 46 pages long, so either you use a lot of paper and toner or squint a lot.) There's a whole series of "Oblaque" single-fandom zines, and there are B7 stories in other Oblique publications as well. [2]

Some Flyers


"I recommend with enthusiasm anything from Oblique Publications--their series of "Oblaque" zines are challenging, provocative, and intensely well written! The characters are consistent with *my* viewing, although I have heard conflicting opinions on this issue... What attracted me to the series in the first place was the complexity of the characters and relationships, and these zines definitely work from those complexities! They are also a bargain in terms of content for price--no luscious visual art, but lots and lots of words for a very reasonable $15 each!"[3]
The B7 zines I would recommend most highly to anyone also happen to be slash zines--yet I recommend them not solely for their erotic beauty, but for the exceptional quality of the writing and editing found therein. Would that all B7 fanfic--slash, het adult, and gen--was half as well-written as the zines published by Oblique Press. The sex scenes are blisteringly hot, the explorations of character knife-sharp in their perceptions, and the portrayals of the B7 universe richer and more convincing than any I have encountered elsewhere. The OBLAQUE zines (and the PAEAN TO PRIAPUS zines--multimedia slash zines that include B7 stories--published by the same press) are, IMO, the best slash zines--and the best B7 zines--in existence, bar none. [4]

Zine series


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