My Old Man

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Song Title: My Old Man
Composer: Gregory Baker?
Lyrics: Gregory Baker
Melody: ?
Date: late 70s, early 80s
Subject: Star Trek
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My Old Man is a Star Trek filk written by Gregory Baker.


My old man flies starships. "Whaddaya think of that?"
His jacket has no collar, he doesn't wear a hat.
He doesn't wear a raincoat, 'cause it doesn't rain in space.
He leaves a broken hearted lover when he leaves a place.
And someday if I can
I'm gonna fly a starship, the same as my old man.
My old man's a Vulcan. "Whaddaya think of that?"
When he goes on most planets he has to wear a hat.
He's never mad or angry and he plays a lot of chess.
And women like to chase him though they don't have much success.
And someday if I can,
I'm gonna be a Vulcan, the same as my old man.
My old man's a doctor. "Whaddaya think of that?"
He gets to tell the captain when the captain's getting fat.
He tells them he's a doctor when asked what they should
And he speaks with Vulcans, he's a nasty word or two.
And someday if I can,
I'm gonna be a doctor, the same as my old man.
My old man's Gene Roddenberry. "Whaddaya think of that?"
He created Star Trek with the scripting and the matte.
He wears a Great Bird t-shirt and mommy number one
roducing science fiction is his way of having fun.
And someday if I can--
(spoken:) I'm gonna come up with a series concept, dog the networks for three years to get it on, have it cancelled, make a fortune in syndication, and laugh at the critics all the way to the bank....
The same as my old man!
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