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Star Trek Convention
Name: Midcon
Dates: 1978?-1997?
Frequency: yearly?
Location: UK
Focus: Star Trek: TNG & Star Trek: TOS
Founder: Jenny Elson & Terry Elson
Founding Date:
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cover of con program from 1989

Midcon is a Star Trek: TNG and TOS con. It was held at over the years in Leicester, with the dates of 1978 (?) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1997 and 1999 being confirmed.


Midcon, England, September 12-14, 1986, De Forest Kelley and Richard Arnold were GOH.


Holiday Inn, Leicester, England. GOH Nichelle Nichols and Richard Arnold.


Holiday Inn, Leicester, November 3-5, 1989. GOH were Gates McFadden, William Ware Thkiss, Guy Vardman, Richard Arnold, fan guest of honor was Miri Rana. There are detailed summaries of the guest of honor's talks in IDIC #7.


Midcon was held October 4-6, 1991.




MIDCON 16 was held on 3 - 5 Oct 1997 in Leicester.


Midcon 17: GOH = Max Grodenchik


In 1999 Midcon was held in Shrewsbury England?

Midcon 18 con at Leicester?


MidCon 2002 Website: http://www.sfcp.co.uk/ Email: Paul Evans Where: Queensway, Birmingham, UK Dates: November 1, 2002 - November 3, 2002 Attendance: 120-160 Location: Royal Angus Hotel, St. Chad's Description: Gaming, Diplomacy Convention.

Con Reports: 1989

First and most important is always catching up with old friends and talking a lot which we did, and next comes the onslaught on the dealer's room. This seemed quite bare this year, with IDIC/ScoTpress folk not being the only familiar faces missing by any means. Most items for sale ware either professional or photos etc, with very few zines in evidence, something 1 don't ever remember happening before. There was a video room showing original episodes and the movies, and a few TNG episodes were shown between events in the main hall. We missed Guy Vardaman's talk but did go in to listen to Bill Theiss talk about sparkly fabrics for an hour. At the end of his talk there was a surprise appearance by Sophie Aldred, who as everyone except me knew is Dr. Who's companion Ace. She was bright and vivacious and answered questions cheerfully for about 20 minutes, explaining that she'd been signing autographs over in the Elsons' shop and thought it would be run to see a Star Trek con for a change, and she made a very good impression in a short time. I enjoyed Gates' talk very much. She came across as somewhat shy and reserved but trying hard not to be. she was witty, obviously very intelligent and about a hundred times more dynamic than Beverly Crusher, which answered one of my long-wondered questions. She has a lot of ideas about what she would like to do with her character. In her whole talk she didn't criticise anybody about anything, which impressed me. And she has the most wonderful hair - light auburn and very long, and I can't understand for the life of me why they've given her a wig to wear for this season! Next came Richard's talk which was entertaining as always, with some third season slides to add to the second season ones he'd shown at Rec-Con. Gates' autograph session was moved from the Sunday to late Saturday afternoon as, we discovered the next day, she had to leave early on Sunday to get back for the next episode in which she has a large role. This change of program, together with the inevitable over-running of the auction, made finding out what was happening when on the Sunday a matter of mostly guesswork, since the alterations were never written up anywhere! We ventured out into the streets of Leicester on Saturday evening in search of food, and just managed to find some before at least one of our party nearly froze to death. We gave the disco a miss (although I stuck my head round the door for s quick look at the fancy dress which was being judged by Bill Theiss and Gates) and spent a wonderful evening talking, laughing, talking - the very best part of all cons. On Sunday, STV: The Final Fronteir was shown in the main hall which was pretty well, packed. The general consensus of opinion seemed to be that it wasn't as had an expected - personally, I enjoy my favourite scenes more each time I see it. After that there was Richard's auction (which made about £1,700), and then the awards ceremony which I confess I missed, being more concerned about trying to find something to eat. At 1.30 there was a guest panel session which began with Richard showing a few more slides and continued with questions to him, Guy, and Bill Theiss. Mr. Theiss appeared to be either severely jet-lagged or severely bored, it was difficult to which, but if it was jet-lag, I lost sympathy for him when he embarrassed Richard by bluntly contradicting something he'd just explained carefully about TNG. I don't care who was right; there was no need for rudeness like that. After this, came another hour or so of the postponed auction, and then a chance to see the first 3 third season TNG episodes, to which I sat glued -- and the hall was absolutely packed out, so I wasn't the only one. I loved the first episode and enjoyed the next 2 -- the third season is going to be GOOD! Then, sadly, another con was over and it was time to leave but with, as always, good memories. The hotel staff were as usual, friendly and interested, entering into the spirit of it by giving out messages over the intercom like, "Captain Spock, your space shuttle leaves in 15 minutes from the front door!" [1]
This was my second convention, my first Midcon, and I was in a frenzy of anticipation for days beforehand- I'd really enjoyed Sol III and was hoping to repeat the experience, and in many ways it certainly lived up to my expectations.

I personally found the hotel and food were excellent, with none of the lengthy queueing that I'd found so annoying in Liverpool, although it was mentioned at the closing ceremony that some people had had problems in the dining room. It was an extra surprise to see 'A Special Film' listed in the programme. Having made strenuous efforts to see STV the previous week, I didn't know at first whether to be pleased or annoyed at this unexpected bonus; the 'pleased' side won out very quickly: Other plus points; the STNG episodes I managed to see ('A Matter of Honor', The Measure of a Man', 'Contagion', 'Q Who') were all much better than the episodes I'd seen previously. The guest talks were interesting and the disco good. The atmosphere was friendly and informal as before. Minor disappointments; the sales room wasn't nearly as comprehensive as at Sol III. I appreciate that this is hardly the committee's fault, but I'd hoped to buy some more secondhand zines (I did get a few) and my son who came with me was particularly disappointed, as I'd told him stories of trebles, model kits, phasers, etc

The videos were often partially spoiled by the general loud noise coming from the lounge immediately next door, particularly if you were at the back of the room. Also, on Saturday, the main programme was speakers, autograph session, disco, and as an alternative they were showing non ST films in the video room (they WERE George Take! and Walter Koenig films, but when I looked in there were only about a dozen people there). I would have liked STNG episodes to have been shown than, as not everyone wants to queue for autographs, and Saturday is after all the main conference day. The third season episodes weren't shown till quite late on Sunday afternoon, when I imagine most people, including me, would have left. I do appreciate, however, how much voluntary hard work must go into such a convention, and the organisers can't possibly please all of the fans all the time, and overall I thought the weekend a great success and thoroughly enjoyed myself. [2]

Con Reports: 1991

MidCon '91 was my very first convention. What can I say? Wow!!! We arrived in Leicester on the 5th of October not knowing quite what to expect... and spent a few moments reading the programme of scheduled events. It was extremely awe-inspiring to see all these Trekkers milling about the place; everyone of them as barmy as me. You just didn't realise how popular the programme is until you get people massed under one roof! As soon as I'd spent my first tenner and got my bearings, iI headed to where they were screening [TNG]], closely followed by the old man [her husband] who disappeared to watch Blake's 7 and some classic Trek. Sy first impression of 3rd & 4th season TNG were good; I'm rapidly becoming extremely impressed with the progression from okay to absolutely brilliant. Redemption, parts I S II are the best SF I've seen in many years and I cheered, laughed and clapped along with everybody else. I liked Darmok too, but had worked out the plot as soon as the aliens 'kidnapped' Picard. I won't say anymore about these in case there are folk who haven't seen them. There are a few trivial nit-pickings I'd like to make about the convention. The rooms where the TNG episodes were screened were small and packed to the brim. In the end you needed a warm spoon to squeeze any more bodies in, particularly for the more popular episodes such as QPid (very funny). I think these could have been shown in a larger room as they did for Redemption (part II), therefore getting a bigger audience. Surprisingly, the rooms where original Trek was being shown were nearly empty for much of the time. The dealers' room was too small also. What else can I say, except that apart from the bank manager having an apoplectic fit (do you know how much you can spend at a con?) and my bum acquiring a permanent ninety degree crease (you could use me as a book-end); roll on May and Sol III! Richard Arnold answered a query regarding Creation Conventions. He said that although the cast are mostly signed up in the States, they would not be restricted if they wished to come to Britain. Apparently there has been quite a lot of bad PR in the good old US of A concerning this, mostly with regard to folk being out of pocket. So, it's good news for us in Blighty; let's hope we can tempt some guest appearances from the cast. I believe they are always willing to come here because we honour our debts and have never bounced a cheque yet. Assured income? The very good news (after all this drivel) is that Tony has converted to TNG with a vengeance and I 'm growing accustomed to the new uniforms. I still fancy Worf like mad and met a couple of rabid Worfophiles; nice to know I'm not the only one in the universe. Star Trek VI; I can't wait! It looks fantastic! The stuff for the 5th season two-parter Unification (the book, I believe) will be out at the end of November; got to have that too. I really do think I'm going to have to take up a lucrative job (bank robbing springs to mind) or I'm never going to be able to keep up with it all. [3]


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