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Mentor fic is a diverse fanfic genre that focusses on the relationship of a (usually older) character who is a mentor or father figure to another (usually younger) character. Mentoring relationships are very common in canon. It is rare that the older character is a woman, though sometimes the younger is, such as with Buffy and Giles. Mentor fic can be gen or involve a romantic pairing overlaid on the mentor relationship.

Some mentor fic may cater to a daddy kink or other power kinks with unequal relationship dynamics, such as teacher/student pairings. Some mentor fic may be underage or chan with the mentor aspect being an adult initiating a teenager to sex. For these reasons shipping or slashing a mentor relationship squicks other fans with the inequality, who for example may see teacher/student as a form of dub-con, or dislike such age differences.

Examples of Mentor Fic Collections

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