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Name: MediaWest 1999
Dates: MAY 28-31, 1999
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 1999 History page[1]
1999 Convention theme
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Some facts about the 1999 convention:

  • The theme that year celebrated the 30th anniversary of a man on the moon: "One small step for a fan, one giant leap for Fankind...We came in peace for all Fankind. 30 years after man first set foot on the moon, MediaWest*Con 19 salutes the lunacy of those who dared to imagine the possibilities of spaceflight in fiction and reality -- from the earth to the moon, and beyond."
  • The winner of the 1999 Fan Fund was Carolyn Golledge. She attended MW*C 19.
  • MediaWest showed both "Earshot" and "Graduation, pt. 2" (two Buffy episodes that the networks refused to air), as well as the banned Xena episode ("The Way"), the Doctor Who parody "Dr. Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death" and the Deep Space 9 finale. It made the con, according to one fan, "one of the most memorable MediaWests I've ever been to!"[2]
  • A Karen River drawing of Mulder (X-Files) sold for $200. A drawing of "Jim and Blair (from the Sentinel) doing the Naked Pretzel";; sold for over $400.[3]
  • Another fan reports: "I don't know what regular SF conventions charge for tables, but for the half a table I get at media cons, I've paid $25 (MediaWest), $20 (Visions, in the fan dealer room), $17.50 (ZebraCon and Escapade). Regular SF cons don't normally sell half-tables, but it's double the cost for a full-size table... I will say that the horror that is the MediaWest art auction runs for 5-plus hours, and there aren't very many items under $20, nor many over $1000. But items in the $300 to $500 range are considerably more common than at SF cons. And people pay (IMO) crazy prices for limited prints (like 1 of 5) by certain artists."[4]
  • Additional information about the 1999 convention is archived here.
  • One attendee collected quotes overheard at the 1999 convention. They are archived here.[5]
  • Another fan created "party posters" with captions to advertise the Methos MediaWest Party. They are archived here. The captions end with Duncan MacLeod announcing, with a sword to his throat: ""All right, ye daft old bugger! I'll go to yer damned party!""[6]
  • Approximately 35 dealers were listed in the post-con report.

FanQ Awards

See FanQ Awards.

Masquerade Winners

A complete list of winners, with photos, can be seen here.

  • Best Of Show: The Queen's Wardrobe -- Bernadette M. Crumb, Christine Krebs-Bonder
  • Way Cute Award: A Boy and His Dog -- T.M.Cason, Kwlly Jeanette Aurora Lowrey Kelly
  • Best Standup: Sorceror A. Prentiss -- Peter Cooper
  • Best Purrr On Stage: Curiousity The Traveller -- Curiousity
  • Hat From Hell Award: Elizabeth's Alpha-World Persona, A.K.A. Psychowoman -- Elizabeth Wickes
  • Best Sibling Rivalry: Mary Suethor, the Pesky Younger Sister of Hathor -- Erika Frensley
  • Best Imitation of a Tequila Sunrise: Padme, Handmaiden to Queen Amidala -- Christine Getrost

Art Show Winners

Winners are selected by popular vote.

Source: 1999 Art Show Winners[7]

Door Decoration Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen 1999 here.[8]A few sample doors are included below.


  • Best In Show: Jedi Legacy by June M. Edwards
  • Funniest Door: Zine Wars by Christina Getrost

Science Fiction

  • First Prize: Five Star Theatre Presents Star Wars Episode I The Fandom Menace by Janet Schmidt
  • Second Prize: Jedi Legacy by June M. Edwards
  • Third Prize: Quickenings R Us by Sophia Mulvey, Karen Travers, Sue Glasgow

Non-Science Fiction

  • First Prize: Baker Street Bottlecap Wordsearch by B. Bills, J. DeBeneditto
  • Second Prize: In Case of Emergency by Linda Jeffrey
  • Third Prize: Caed Mile Failte (A Thousand Welcomes) by Becky Mock, Kathy Condon

Media Personality/Other

  • First Prize: Cyphre Voudou Bayou of New Orleans by La Krewe de la Cinema
  • Second Prize: The W-Files: Where Are They Now? by Kris Manning, Sue Vandalen
  • Third Prize: The Slash Game by Gena Fisher


Vid Show

1999 Winners - Missing

1999 Vids Submitted - Partial

A partial playlist of the gen vid show was compiled by cannellfan. Slash vids were not recorded and MediaWest failed to announce the winning vidders in either category.

Mediawest contest categories:

  • SI=Song Interpretation
  • H=Humor
  • CR=Constructed Reality
  • O=Original (using mostly home video)
  • Cred=Credits.


  • Opening [Cred]
  • Badlands -- Buffy [SI]
  • You Take My Breath Away -- multi (period dramas) [SI]
  • End Credits [Cred]


  • Lucky's Lament -- General Hospital [SI]
  • The Riddle -- Earth: Final Conflict [SI]
  • Comic Book Hero -- Star Trek Voyager [SI]
  • When I See Your Smile -- The X-Files Movie [SI]

CALIFORNIA CREW (Cal Crew didn't offer categories for their vids, so the vid coordinator assigned SI or H classifications after the first viewing)

  • Abdul's Cool Opening Credits [Cred]
  • I'll Make a Man Out of You -- Buffy [SI]
  • Suspension -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • From This Moment On -- Titanic (Cameron film) [SI]
  • Little Red Riding Hood -- Buffy [H]
  • Yesterday -- Silk Stalkings [SI]
  • The Bald Guy Song -- X-Files/JAG/ST:Voyager [H]
  • When Seconds Count -- ST: Voyager [SI]
  • I Can't Fight This Feeling -- Scarecrow & Mrs. King [SI]
  • I Think I Love You -- multi [H]
  • Come Spy With Me -- MUNCLE [SI]
  • Baby Mine -- multi [SI]
  • I'll Think of a Reason Later -- ST: Voyager [SI]
  • What is This Thing Called Love? -- multi [SI]
  • Come On Get Happy -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • Frozen -- multi [SI]
  • This Kiss -- multi [SI]
  • You Needed Me -- S&MK [SI]
  • Oh, Canada -- multi (set in or filmed in Canada) [SI]
  • Rebel Son -- ST:Voyager [SI]
  • God Bless The Child -- multi [SI]
  • What's New Pussycat? -- multi [H]
  • Go the Distance -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Ever Since the World Began -- Buffy [SI]
  • When I'm With You -- multi [SI]
  • It That's What it Takes -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This -- Buffy [SI]
  • Heroes -- multi [SI]
  • That Don't Impress Me Much -- multi [H]
  • Abdul's Cool Closing Credits [Cred]


  • My Heart Will Go On -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Missing -- Babylon 5 [SI]


  • Don't Put It In Your Mouth -- Due South [H]
  • Fear -- La Femme Nikita [SI]
  • Close to You -- The X-Files [H]


  • intro/TV MA [H/Cred/O]
  • Nadine -- Remington Steele [SI]
  • Lean Bean Fighting Machine -- fight ad [H]
  • We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This -- The X-Files [SI]
  • One Thing Leads to Another -- Earth:Final Conflict [SI]
  • What's On Your Mind -- VR.5 [SI]
  • Space Hero -- Starship Troopers [SI]
  • Viva Las Vegas -- multi [H]
  • You Might Think -- multi [SI]
  • End Credits [Cred]


  • The Six-Minute Doctor Files [original X-Files/DW crossover]


  • Intro -- multi/KFLC [Cred]
  • Stone's Rag -- Kung Fu: The Legend Continues [CR]
  • Lift the Wings -- KFLC [SI]
  • Prospero's Speech -- KFLC [SI]
  • L.A. Theme Music -- KFLC [H]
  • I Got You, Babe -- KFLC [H]
  • Please Write -- KFLC [Cred]


  • I Hate Soup -- multi [H]
  • Pistol Packing Mama -- ST:Voyager [H]
  • Streets of Laredo -- multi/westerns [H]


  • This Kiss -- multi [SI]
  • What Makes You Stay -- The X-Files [SI]
  • Once in a Blue Moon -- Buffy [SI]
  • Little King -- Cupid [SI]


  • Intro -- multi [Cred]
  • Where the Truth Lies -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • Jailhouse Rock -- multi [H]
  • I Will Be There -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • I'm the One -- Hercules/Xena (Ares) [SI]
  • I Volunteer -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • Locomotion -- Stargate SG-1 [SI] w/Space Monekey Junkie


  • Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall -- X-Files Movie [SI]
  • She's Always a Woman to Me -- Xena [SI]
  • Call Me Al (If You'll Be My Bodyguard) -- Xena [SI]


  • I Wanna Run to You -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Uninvited Guest -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Goodnight, My Angel -- Babylon 5 [SI]


  • Intro -- Original [Cred]
  • One Sweet Day -- multi [Annual Memorial Vid] [SI]
  • The Man I Love -- Heat of the Sun/PBS Mystery [SI]
  • Slime Creatures From Outer Space -- multi [H]


  • Intro -- multi [Cred]
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight -- Stargate SG-1 [SI]
  • Why Me? -- multi [SI]
  • I Think I'm a Clone Now -- Stargate SG-1 [CR/H]
  • The Riddle -- Highlander (Methos) [SI]


  • No Place That Far -- Remington Steele [SI]
  • What If I Said? -- Remington Steele [SI]
  • Anyone Else -- Remington Steele [SI]
  • I'll Be There For You/Theme From Friends -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Forgiven -- Forever Knight [SI]
  • Land of Confusion -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Who Wants to Live Forever -- multi (Characters who died) [SI]
  • Dark Time -- Babylon 5 [SI]
  • Posession -- Forever Knight [SI]
  • Fire Escape -- multi [H]


  • This producer had three Sentinel vids

Convention Reports


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