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Name: Lubricus
Dates: June 16-19, 2011 & August 16-19, 2012
Frequency: annual
Location: Renton, WA
Type: fancon
Focus: Wizard slash, Harry Potter
Organization: By Fans 4 Fans LLC
Founding Date:
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Lubricus was a fan-run convention with a focus on wizarding (Harry Potter) slash. Also known as 'The Con That Shall Not Be Named'.[1]

The committee are akemi42, Emma Grant, Pennswoods, Sam, Tiffany Karp (aka springfrost), Treewishes and Vivid Honey.

From the FAQ:
Lubricus is a fan-inspired and fan-run convention focused on providing Harry Potter slash fans with a safe and fun slash-focused environment.

Lubricus is presented by By Fans 4 Fans LLC and the name of our organization indicates our mission: providing a unique convention experience organized by fans for fans. Lubricus will be a fun and slashy weekend…the best parts of a convention without all that other stuff! This event is fan-inspired and as such, fan input is taken very seriously. You get to decide what will be the focus of programming and other weekend activities!

The Lubricus ConCom is made up of real-life slash fans who have found themselves craving more slashy content at the mainstream HP conventions. Therefore, we decided to form By Fans 4 Fans and organize our own con to provide fellow slashers with a weekend chock-full of fun, and of course, slash!

By Fans 4 Fans understands that the Harry Potter fandom is a very large, diverse, and dedicated community. While we respect individual interests, this is a convention for slash fans, and the programming will be slash focused. So if you shudder at the thought of Remus and Sirius getting it on or if a Bellatrix/Tonks romance bothers you, then maybe this con isn’t for you."


June 16-19, 2011


August 16-19, 2012


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