Love and Justice

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Title: Love and Justice
Publisher: Young Rhinoskins Publications
Editor(s): Christine Zdroj-Bichler
Date(s): 1996-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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Love and Justice is a het Kira Nerys/Odo anthology.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Christine Zdroj-Bichler
back cover of issue #1, Christine Zdroj-Bichler

Love and Justice 1 was published in 1996.

  • Security Concern by Richard Novak (4)
  • Dreams into Waking by Carolyn R. Fulton (5)
  • Unspoken Dialogue by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (42)
  • Double Jeopardy by E.C. Ruteshouser (44)
  • Odo's Id by Debbie Peak (65)
  • Erosion by Dianne C. Wickes (66)
  • Cowards in Keiko's Garden by Paula Morris (67)
  • Misery Loves Company by Odo V'lonn (68)
  • Soul Keeper by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (76)
  • Basilisk by Carolyn R. Fulton (78)
  • Amber by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (121)


  • Christine Zdroj-Bichler (front cover, back cover)
  • Richard Novak (inside back cover)

Issue 2

Love and Justice 2 was published in 1997 and contains 209 pages.

front cover of issue #2, Christine Zdroj-Bichler
back cover of issue #2, Kevin Thomas
  • poetry by Jannafer Franklin (inside front cover)
  • Founder's Day by Ina Hark (4)
  • Stream of Consciousness by Tracy Hemenover (7)
  • Broken Fire by Elisabeth Pinto (21)
  • Opposite Directions by Elisabeth Pinto (43)
  • Necessary Beginnings by Tracy Hemenover (69)
  • Catalysts and Crucibles by Carolyn Fulton (76)
  • The Fire and the Rose by Carolyn Fulton (110)
  • A New Light by Tracy Hemenover (148)
  • Metamorphosis by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (165)
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (205)
  • "Home" by Jannafer Franklin (inside back cover)
  • "Fire and Ice" by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (front cover)
  • scene from "The Darkness and the Light" by Kevin Thomas (back cover)

Issue 3

Love and Justice 3 was published in 1998 and contains 144 pages.

front cover of issue #3, Tracy Hemenover
back cover of issue #3, Christine Zdroj-Bichler
title page of issue #3
  • Third Moon Rising by Carolyn R. Fulton (5)
  • Unique Perspectives, An Odo/Kira chain novel edited by Gary E. Himes and Chrisinte Zdroj-Bichler (26)
  • As the Prophets Have Willed It by Carolyn R. Fulton (76)
  • I'd Like to Kill Lwaxana Troi by Jannafer Franklin (82)
  • cartoons by Tracy Hemenover (83)
  • Top Things Odo and Kira Might Do on a Date by Gary E. Himes (85)
  • Reconsider Me by Dianne C. Wickes (87)
  • Shapes in the Dark by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (95)
  • Links Broken and Forged by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (98)
  • The Enemies Within by Cecy A. Pelz (101)
  • As I Am by Tracy Hemenover (134)
  • Incommunicado by Dianne C. Wickes (137)
  • The Escape by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (141)
  • Holding You Captive by Jannafer Franklin (inside front cover)
  • Into the Fire by Christine M. Bichler (back cover)
  • Tracy Hemenover (front cover)
  • Alone for Lunch by Jannafer Franklin (inside back cover)
  • other art by Tracy Hemenover, Kevin Thomas and Dianne C. Wickes

Issue 4

Love and Justice 4 was published in 1999 and contains 140 pages. Art is by Christine M. Bichler (front cover), Tracy Hermenover (back cover), Keven Thomas.

back cover of issue #4
front cover of issue #4
  • Introduction by Gary E. Himes (2)
  • Mutineer (PG-13, season 5-6) by Dianne Wickes (5)
  • Late Night Cravings (NC-17, season 5) by Judith Medina (21)
  • Her Way (PG, season 6) by F. Carthew (31)
  • Kiss the Rain (PG, season 6) by Dianne Wickes (39)
  • The Will of the Prohes (NC-17, season 7) by Catherine Allan (42)
  • Liquid Assets (NC-17, season 6) by Carolyn R. Fulton (47)
  • Contemporary Benefits (NC-17, season 6) by Carolyn R. Fulton (57)
  • Rivals of the Heart by Adina Reeve (PG, season 6) (65)
  • Touch by Christine Zdroj-Bichler (NC-17, season 7) (75)
  • Ever But Slenderly (R, season 7) by Ina Rae Hark (82)
  • Involv(e)ment (PG, post-season 7) by Ina Rae Hark (100)
  • Somewhere, Somehow (R, post-season 7) by F. Carthew (119)
  • Holding and Letting Go Christine Zdroj-Bichler (R, season 7) (128)
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (NC-17, season 6) by F. Carthew, Carolyn Fulton, Ina Rae Hark, Cristal Martinez, Judith Medina, Cecy Pelz, Dianne Wickes, and Christine Zdroj-Bichler (133)

Issue 5

Love and Justice 5

Issue 6

Love and Justice 6

  • Stowaway by Pamela Lynn Palmer
  • Unrequited by Seema
  • Take This Longing by Michaela Schlocker
  • Waltz II by C. Zdroj
  • Kiss and Tell by C. Zdroj
  • Divided Loyalties by Mike Gardiner
  • Destined to Relive It by Connie Bernard
  • Flying and Falling by C. Zdroj
  • Comfort Food by Cecy A. Pelz
  • Gadgetry by Cecy A. Pelz
  • Yum by C. Zdroj
  • Disappear by August
  • Eternal by C. Zdroj
  • In Sunshine or in Shadow by Creek Johnson and Nance Hurt
  • Counterpoint by Judith Medina
  • Save the Stranger by C. Zdroj


  • Christine M. Bichler (front cover)
  • Kevin Thomas 4, 105

Issue 7

Love and Justice 7

  • Bodies of Knowledge by C. Zdroj
  • Other unknown content

Issue 8

Love and Justice 8

  • Key to Your Heart by C. Zdroj (3)
  • Uniform Activity by Mike Gardiner (12)
  • Consequences by Marguerite Krause (15)
  • Well-Suited by Mike Gardiner (76)
  • Reflections on Mortality by Mike Gardiner (82)
  • Colloidal by J. Juls (85)
  • Five Things That Never Happened to Odo by C. Zdroj (87)
  • In the Line of Duty by Mike Gardiner (99)
  • Sometimes a Good Intention by Creek Johnson and Nance Hurt (103)
  • Closets and Close Secrets by C. Zdroj (133)
  • L'hal Bitora (Answered Prayers) by Donna Munro (141)


  • Christine M. Bichler (front cover)
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