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Name: Lost Girl
Creator: Michelle Lovretta
Date(s): Sept. 12, 2010 - present
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: Lost Girl official site, The Showcase Blog for Lost Girl
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Lost Girl is a Canadian urban fantasy series airing on Showcase. Michelle Lovretta, the creator, co-show runner, and a writer for the series describes Lost Girl as follows:

Lost Girl is the story of Bo, a young woman who realizes she’s a succubus (a woman who uses sex to feed, heal… and kill) when she hits maturity and drains her high school boyfriend to death during her first sexual encounter. Oops. She tries to run from her past and her nature, until encountering others like her and learning she’s part of the Fae, an ancient race living amongst humans and feeding off of them in different ways. They pressure her to join their ranks, but she distrusts their motives and chooses to go it alone, navigating the terrain between the humans and the Fae while trying to figure out her origins and gain control of her predatory sexual hungers. [1]

The show also utilizes the case of the week formula by having Bo and Kenzi solve Fae-related cases as private investigators.

The cast of "Lost Girl"


The relationship between Bo and Kenzi, whom Bo rescues in the first episode, is the central relationship in canon. Michelle Lovretta discussed the importance of female friendship in an interview:

The difference here, if there is any, is what stories I might be more drawn towards telling. One of the dynamics I enjoy exploring most in Lost Girl is just that of female friendship. I get a little tired of the portrayals of shallow, catty, competitive girlfriends, the type who ditch one another when anything with a functioning penis walks in the room. That just hasn’t been my experience. I’m not those girls, I don’t like those girls, and I’d sooner not spend an entire season writing them.
I have no doubt that Kenzi and Bo would kill or die for one another, although there’s nothing sexual between them to be gained. I love that about them, and that platonic loyalty was very important for me to protect throughout the development process: that Bo and Kenzi are sisters, not love interests. I didn’t want to feed into the stereotype that because someone is bisexual (as Bo is) that they’re sexually available to, or interested in, everyone. I love me my Bo — so, I don’t want to paint her as a Walking Hungry Crotch, or someone’s fantasy fulfillment. [1]

The competing canon ships of Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren are explored in the first season with the romances woven into the plot arc around Bo's origins and importance to the competing Light and Dark Fae.


The fandom is still relatively small, although Lost Girl quickly gathered a lot of buzz among Livejournal and Dreamwidth users, it remained small enough to be Yuletide fandom in 2010. The show is popular for its female lead, and the strong focus on female relationships. There are Gen, Het and femslash works, although m/m slash is very rare. There are a lot of fans focused on discussion or meta and squee about watching and may not be focused on writing or reading fanfic.

The canon romantic relationship between Bo and Lauren helped to ensure an active femslash presence in the fandom. While Michelle Lovretta's intent was for Bo and Kenzi to be friends, not lovers, the fandom doesn't agree, and Bo/Kenzi is one of the common pairings. Twitter fandom dubbed the pairing of Bo/Lauren "Doccubus" (doctor + succubus). Later in the show's run the pairing of Bo/Tamsin was named in the same vein "Valkubus" (valkyrie /succubus).

While Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren are both canon ships, many Lauren fans feel that her character is being neglected in favour of the Bo/Dyson relationship. (less screen time, less development, suspicion that Bo/Dyson is the endgame, etc.) [2] Fans who support one pairing over the other belong to "teams": Team Dyson and Team Lauren. The "team" idea comes from episode 5, Dead Lucky where Kenzi first declares herself off Team Dyson and then decides she's back on[3], a canon shoutout to Twilight fandom practice.

There are a few fans of the Dyson/Kenzi and Hale/Kenzi pairings.




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