La fanfiction: Etude sociologique

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Name: La fanfiction: Etude sociologique
Owner/Maintainer: Alixe Alixe on ffn, alixe75 on LiveJournal
Dates: approximately April, 2011 to present
Type: Meta, acafan
Fandom: Harry Potter, Star Trek, yaoi, many others
URL: [1]
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Fandom meta in French, with acafan articles and includes statistics.


  • Definitions and presentation of fanfiction by fans
  • A focus on Potterfictions
  • A bibliography of studies on fanfiction. It also provides french translations for many articles by Henry Jenkins
  • The opinions of pro writers whose works are used in fanfiction
  • Statistics on's fanfictions


Alixe maintains the website. Nine others contributors helped with the website for the following articles :

  • How to write a Potterfiction (Ecrire une Potterfiction), Alana Chantelune
  • Zakath Nath's Chronicles (Les chroniques de Zakath Nath), Zakath Nath
  • Fanfiction explained to my mother (La fanfiction racontée à ma mère), Zakath Nath
  • Dictionnaire francophone des expressions sorcières, Leïa Tortoise
  • About yaoi, Mimi Yuy
  • When the Myth meets Internet (Quand le mythe rencontre internet), Verowyn
  • Introduction to fanfiction and How not to get lost with the pairings (S'y retrouver dans les couples), Cocoli

As for Dauphin Noire et LadyGraySun, they translated english articles to french.

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