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Fan Club
Name: Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Fan Club of Concerned Fans
Dates: late 1960s
Founder(s): Michael Sobota
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Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Fan Club of Concerned Fans was a fan club. Its president was Michael Sobota.

Among other things, it published LNSTFCCF Bulletin which was compiled by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and published by Michael Sobota.


Are you interested in a club that wants to preserve STAR TREK? To honor LEONARD NIMOY? To show LEONARD NIMOY and STAR TREK they're the best? If you do then the LEONARD NIMOY and STAR TREK FAN CLUB of CONCERNED FANS is for you. Dues are $2.42 (or $2.00 plus seven 6¢ stamps). It includes copies of newsletters, bulletins, plus an intro-booklet -- a newly designed conglomerate of STAR TREK, LEONARD NIMOY, UNICEF & CLUB information, biographies, and photos. Every publication contains many different types of articles. If you are creative, talented, or just enjoy interesting clubs, please five us a try. The club is affiliated with: the LEONARD NIMOY NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of FANS, the SPOCK'S SCRIBES, the NIMOY SCRIBES, and is registered with the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL of FAN CLUBS and the CLUB INFORMATION SERVICE. If you'd like to receive a LNSTFCCF membership form, please send a sase to the club's president, Michael Sobota. [1]
Their motto is "ST Forever & Ever," and this is one club that holds up to its motto. Established in the latter part of the 60's this club is now one of the most prominent ST clubs around. The major reason for this clubs [sic] success is due to their ambition president, Mike Sobota. And and all ST fans should take heed to Mike's plea. "Are you interested in a club that wants to preserve STAR TREK? To honor LEONARD NIMOY?? To show Leonard and ST they're the best?? If you do, then the LNSTFCCT's for you... [some info snipped that comes directly from the flyer]... Its offset cover by Miss Tim Courtney more than enhances its beauty. Every publication features Spoctacular contests and/or offers. If you are creative, talented, or just enjoy joining good clubs, please give us a try. [2]

Boldly Writing outlines the club's role in Star Trek fandom: "The LNSTFCCF had a short but influential history, especially because it published one of the first fanzine listings later in [1971]... compiled by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, [it] contained fanzine data and statistics only. Of the 57 fanzines listed, 30 were identified as discontinued or suspected of having been discontinued, and 25 did not respond to the LNSTFCCF survey. Those who responded gave statistics on the circulation, dates published, contents, etc. Spockanalia showed the highest circulation (500), Captain's Log the lowest (20)." [3]

Strekfan Roster Questionnaire

The club also sponsored the 'Strekfan Roster Questionnaire' which was included in a number of zines. "This was the first announcement of a survey of Star Trek fans. Although LNSTFCCF folded before completing the survey, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, who originated the questionnaire and analyzed the data, sent the results to other fanzines and included them in Star Trek Lives!" [4]

Complete list of zines that the Roster Questionnaire was in: Pastaklan Vesla #3, T-Negative #9/10, The Voyages #1, Impulse #3, Galileo II, and the LNSTFCCF Yearbook.

Ads and Flyers


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