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Name: Kingdom Hearts
Abbreviation(s): KH
Creator: Square Enix
Date(s): first released in 2002
Medium: Video Game
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External Links: Official Square Enix site/JP, Official Square Enix site/EN
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Kingdom Hearts is a video game series developed by Square Enix and Disney set in a giant crossover between various Disney movies and several Final Fantasy games. The first game follows Sora as he fights evil while travels among the worlds looking for his friends Riku and Kairi, accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy.


The Kingdom Hearts franchise consists of the following titles:


Many of Kingdom Hearts' characters come from Disney and Final Fantasy franchises. Characters that originate from Kingdom Hearts itself include:


The games have an extensive cast. A lot of the fanworks focus on the original characters, or the Final Fantasy crossover characters that had large pre-existing fanbases. Due to Kingdom Hearts story taking place over multiple games, many of which were on different hand-held consoles, theory and timeline explanation videos have become common on youtube.


As of January 2017, Kingdom Hearts is the second-largest game fandom on, with more than 71,000 stories.[1] Common pairings include Sora, Riku, and Kairi in various combinations or as a threesome, and Axel/Roxas.


See List of Kingdom Hearts Fan Holidays for full list

Since Organization XIII members have assigned numbers, holidays are usually decided with these numbers taken into consideration. A list of holidays (mainly shipping dates) was compiled by raberbagirl on deviantart. Other holidays have included Kingdom Hearts' 10th year anniversary and the years 2014 and 2015 being considered the years of Xion and Sora respectively.







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