Kathy Agel

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Name: Kathy Agel
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine Editor, Convention organizer
Fandoms: Star Wars, multimedia, Rat Patrol, Star Trek, Man From UNCLE, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, X-Files.
URL: Eclecticon Convention (Wayback archived link); fan fiction online
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Kathy Agel is a prolific fan writer and editor active in several fandoms, and was chairman of the convention EclectiCon. She is a Fan Quality Award winning editor for multiple zines. In Star Wars fandom, she edited the zines Alliance & Empire, Dark Jedi, and Who's Scruffy Looking?. She edited The Skeptic and the Believer in X-Files fandom, and the multimedia zines Remote Control (gen) and Diverse Doings (slash). She used the press names Criterion Press and Straight Up Press.

In 1995 she won the FanQ award for 'Best Star Wars (Gen) Poem/Filk': "Musings of a Princess/Musings of a Smuggler" by Kathy Agel (A Tremor in the Force #8). That year her zine Alliance & Empire #2 won the FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'