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Name: Kwest*Con
Dates: November 1-3, 1974
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Type: fan-run fan con
Focus: general, Star Trek: TOS, Science Fiction
Founding Date: 1974
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the con program for 1974
two well-known fans attend Kwest*Con, art from Menagerie #5 by Joni Wagner
flyer from A Piece of the Action #17, click to read

Kwest*Con was a convention that took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan on November 1, 2, and 3 in 1974.

The program book contains work by Phil Foglio and Ruth Berman, and a short essay by Harlan Ellison, "Dreamsellers" and is 16 pages long.

This con is the forerunner and inspiration behind MediaWest*Con. [1]

Not Strictly a Trek Con

In 1981, Lori Chapek-Carleton wrote of this con: "The Kalamazoo con (starting with KWest*Con way back in 1974!) did not start out as strictly ST cons, and in fact, never were, though Trek gained in emphasis over the years. T'Con was mostly Trek, but 2'Con was a blend, and Mor' Eastlerly was even more so. [2]

In Boldly Writing, Joan Verba described the convention: "KWest*Con was diverse: it did not devote itself exclusively to either science fiction or Star Trek, and the much-rumored hostility between sf and ST fans was totally lacking." KWest*Con was the forerunner of a series of Star Trek conventions in the 1970s that would provide a yearly rendezvous for Star Trek editors, artists, writers, and readers. The tradition continued into the 1980s, in part, by the Media*West Cons."

Cons in the Series


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