Jelly Baby Chronicles

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Title: Jelly Baby Chronicles
Publisher: Otter Limits Press
Editor(s): Paulie Gilmore
Date(s): 1980-1985
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Jelly Baby Chronicles is a gen Doctor Who anthology.

All of the back covers are identical and done by Mary Bloemker.

Issue 1

Jelly Baby Chronicles 1 was published in October 1980 and contains 62 pages.

front cover of issue #1, Susan Perry-Lewis

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Paulie

Jelly Baby Chronicles 2 was published in 1983 and is 91 pages long.

  • Twaddle by The Editors 1
  • Cosmic Feedback by Various 3
  • The Chameleon Circuit by Kelly Hill 7
  • Wrong Way Round by Jody Nye 19
  • The Mephistopheles Gambit by L.S. Willard 35
  • Repertoire by Peter David 61
  • Leela of the Sevateem by Meg Garret 72
  • Doctor by Zoe Dyson 73
  • Inspiration Dear by Catherine Siema 74
  • He's a Time Lord After All by Jaime Yingling 76
  • The Epic of Doctor Who by Catherine Sieman 77
  • Savage by Teresa Sarick 86
  • For the Doctor by Phyllis Wilson 87
  • My Friend the Doctor Said, Pt. 2 by H.P. Benedict 89 (filk)
  • Artwork: Paulie (front cover), Stephanie Hawks, P.A.M., Lucy Synk, Mary Bloemker (back cover)

Issue 3

Jelly Baby Chronicles 3 was published in May 1984 and contains 58 pages. It premiered at Marcon. The editor notes that "This issue has returned to the smaller size we originally planned on. Much more affordable, eh?"

front cover of issue #3, Paulie
back cover of issue #3, Mary Bloemker
  • Twaddle by Editors 1
  • Children of Ramnoth by Jane Firmstone Rafferty 4
  • Threshold by CarolMel Ambassador 29
  • Portfolio: The Seasons by Cheryl Whitfield-Duval 30
  • The Missing Guardian by Erin Stewart 32
  • From the Observer's Seat by CarolMel Ambassador 52
  • He's Always Been the Doctor to Me by Jamie Yingling 53
  • Timelord's Farewell by Anne Wilson 55
  • artwork: Paulie (front cover), Rhonda Reece, Anne Davenport, Joy Riddle, Sheila Nasea, Cheryl Whitfield-Duval (portfolio), Mary Bloemker (back cover)
  • all poetry and filks by Jaime

Issue 4

Jelly Baby Chronicles 4 was published in 1985 and contains 82 pages. It is a cross-universe edition. The zine contains a flyer for the next issue, but despite this and the statements in the editorial that this zine would continue on, the fourth issue was the last issue.

front cover of issue #4, Zynaa
back cover of issue #4, Mary Bloemker
flyer for issue #4
flyer for a projected issue #5
From the editorial:
It has come to my attention that there are some folks out Colorado way who are reproducing and selling JBC and totally ignoring our copyright. Not only are they doing this without our sanction, they are charging twice the cover price! This was brought to our attention by one of our valid dealers at TARDIS 21. Now I have I also heard of the rumor that JBC has folded. This one has been trying to surface for about two years now and yet we have never missed in an issue in four years! So, here we are... we're not folding, we're not quitting. We will continue to do JBC as long as you folks send us submissions. We don't see any need to fold for at least the next two years! Anyway, so we are in the process of setting things to rights. In the meantime, don't pay more than you have to! You can get JBC from OTTER LIMITS.
  • Twaddle by The Editors 1
  • When Ruling Passion Conquers Reason Still by Paulie 3 (crossover with Time After Time (1979 film))
  • Chaos by CarolMel Ambassador 25
  • Take Off, Eh by Teresa Sarocl 27 (crossover with Bob and Doug McKenzie, the pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted " Great White North", a sketch which was introduced on SCTV)
  • Portfolio by Zynaa 38
  • Sword of Doom by Zynaa 41 (crossover with Elric of Melnibon√©, a character created by Michael Moorcock)
  • Chameleon Circuit by Teresa Sarick 76
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Melissa Gelhaus 79 (Star Wars, featuring Yoda, crossover)
  • Artwork: Zynaa (front cover and portfolio), Paulie, Teri Smith, Ted Delorme, Mary Bloemker (back cover)

Holiday Special

Jelly Baby Chronicles Holiday Special was published in December 1981 and contains 34 pages. The editor referred to it as the "Doc Holiday Special."

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