Jack's Viking Sky

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Title: Jack's Viking Sky
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2005
Series?: yes
Medium: online, print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: publisher's page
online at Area 52: Jack's Viking Sky and Angst Archive
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Jack's Viking Sky is a slash 493,352-word series of eight novels by Mitch Hudson. In this story Jack and Daniel are stranded on another planet. The bad news is that Jack is sick. The good news is that Daniel's blue eyes and blond hair work like a charm and mark him as a gift of the gods. Not so good about that status is that the people aren't allowed to help them for free because offering one like Daniel charity would insult the gods. Luckily the gods don't have anything against prostitution. Daniel becomes a holy prostitute, has to wear a veil, and gets firsthand experience of how incredibly HUGE the Viking men all are. Earth men are small and delicate compared to them and Daniel has some trouble adjusting to his new role because the incredible size of these men makes sex a bit difficult.


Author's summary: "Stranded on an unknown world, Jack and Daniel struggle to survive the harsh environment and the crushing confines of a Viking society corrupted by the dead goa'uld, Nirrti. Jack has been poisoned and Daniel must find a way to exist and prosper within the remnants of Nirrti's destructive laws in order to preserve his lover's life, and to get them to a possible gate home."

The zine version includes art by Clarity, Montana, Gloria, Jenna, Mitch and Jayem.

Summary from the publisher: "This is a massive multi-volume slash story... of love and devotion, of survival and how far one will go to save someone they love. 'Jack's Viking Sky' is an epic journey beginning from the utter depths that somehow finds hope amidst despair, faith among illusion. Eight volumes reveal the steps of this journey as Daniel and Jack survive in a world that runs counter to all they know..." The zines "include manips, wallpapers, maps of key locations on Nortvegr, a character/place index, two missing/continuing scenes set in the same univers, and a Q&A with the author."

Book 1

Summaries taken from Area 52: The HKH Standard:


Jack's Viking Sky 1 is subtitled, Sand.
Author's summary: "Surviving a crash was the first step in Daniel's struggle to keep Jack alive on an unknown world. As venom slowly destroys Jack's body, Daniel struggles alone within the confines and terrible restrictions of a Viking culture. He must make the greatest sacrifice of his life simply to keep Jack alive."

Book 2


Jack's Viking Sky 2 is subtitled, Sun.
Author's summary: "In the relative safety of a Nortvegr southern village, Daniel finds peace and comfort, a small respite amid the sacrifice and isolation he's endured to keep his lover alive. Jack is finally starting to heal, to feel and respond to Daniel's limitless love for him. They learn of a possible way home."

Book 3


Jack's Viking Sky 3 is subtitled, Shadow.
Author's summary: "A terrible betrayal of Daniel's sanctuary brings prosperity, a conflict he can't cope with. Jack uses every scrap of his tattered strength to help him deal with the cost of being a Sky. A desert friend and a Champion pledge fealty to Jack. Amid anguish, the great Highborn House of Ondeil is born."

Book 4


Jack's Viking Sky 4 is subtitled, Summer.
Author's summary: Jack and Daniel have found a place of peace and time for Jack to heal. They plan and prepare for the journey north toward what they hope is a working stargate. Daniel has difficulty fitting into the confines of his role as a hosted Sky and begins, with Jack's support, to explore new friendships."

Book 5


Jack's Viking Sky 5 is subtitled, Snow.
Author's summary: "Leaving their friends and meadows home, House Ondeil travels north and encounters danger and excitement. Daniel learns more of how a hosted Sky should comport himself, and rebels. Jack struggles to keep him grounded while enduring the hardship of his own recent recovery."

Book 6


Jack's Viking Sky 6 is subtitled, Sea.
Author's summary: "The sailing heritage of the Viking culture is only briefly experienced by Daniel before his rebellious nature puts him in danger again. Jack flounders, trying to keep his lover safe. His failure and Daniel's brash actions spiral the two men into desperate times."

Book 7


Jack's Viking Sky 7 is subtitled, Spirit.
Author's summary: "Forging north despite Daniel's injury, House Ondeil reaches their long-sought destination. The City of the Highborn holds many shocking revelations. Gaining access to the stargate and facing the changes they'll bring to the Nortvegr society causes Jack and Daniel to bond closer than ever before."

Book 8


Jack's Viking Sky 8 is subtitled, Sky.
Author's summary: "Jack and Daniel have freed a world of the tyrannical grip of Nirrti's posthumous reign. Now the lovers must help each other face the changes in themselves. Sam and Teal'c finally reunite with their teammates and together the four deal with what lies ahead for SG-1, and help Nortvegr find a new path."

Reactions and Reviews

Why This Must Be Read: Every once in a while you read a story that really stays with you and grants you insight into parts of the world around you. For me, this is one of those stories. The premise is quite simple really: Jack and Daniel crash land on an unknown planet, Jack is gravely injured and neither one of them know where the Stargate is. Or if there even is one. From there Mitch H takes this story and does some absolutely amazing world-building. What Daniel finds as he makes contact is a viking culture soured and corrupted by Nirrti's meddling, with a very rigid social structure and hierarchy. If he's going to get Jack help, Daniel has no choice but to adapt to the local social norms, but his blond hair and blue eyes mark him as a Sky. And Skies... well, Skies have a very definite place in society. They are both revered and given the least amount of freedom. This story has eight parts and tells the story of Daniel as he gradually learns to adapt to the world he's found himself in and then, eventually, their journey through this world as he, Jack and their new-found companions travel to the city where they might just find a stargate. Be warned, for all that it an amazingly-written story with interesting characters and plot, it's not an easy read. But, it's worth it. [1]
This is an eight book series. It is long, very long, involved, detailed and not a light or easy read, but I found myself absorbed and intrigued. It's not really an AU in the sense that Jack and Daniel are our J/D, but the action and place is so out of the ordinary it might as well be! [2]
This is such a fantastic story, truly. I've spent the last four days reading it in my spare time, and I loved it! Thank you for writing it! [3]
LOVED it. I couldn't put this one down. Great story. [4]
Absolutely magical. The work that's gone into creating this world, it's people, in such detail, is wonderful, and each and every character draws breath, fully realised [5]
Amazing, I love it. I am in complete awe. So hot. Please keep up the wonderful writing! [6]
Wow. Literally couldn't stop reading. Well done. Love the concept, the world of Nortvegr seemed so real! This one thanks you for your story. [7]


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