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The Id Vortex is a term coined by Ellen Fremedon in a discussion about one fannish approach to writing.

"We all know right where the Id Vortex is, and we have this agreement to approach it with caution, but without any shame at all.[1]"

One of the discussions it sparked off was at Making Light, where TNH summarized the "vortex":

"What’s in the vortex? If I understand her correctly, it’s all the magic stuff: Sex, power issues, identity issues, physical or emotional violence, revelation, transformation, transcendence, violent catharsis, and whatever else is a high-tension power line for that writer." [2]

Ellen's argument is that unlike in profic, this fannish approach has developed as a way to not ignore, but to consciously and constructively plunge right into the Id Vortex.

"We have a toolbox for writing this sort of thing really, really well, for making these 3 A.M. fantasies work as story and work as literature without having to draw back from the Id Vortex to do it." [1].


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