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Name: Hercules
Occupation: hero
Title/Rank: Son of Zeus, Prince of the Gods and Goddesses
Location: Athens, Greece/Mount Olympus
Status: Alive
Relationships: Zeus and Hera (biological parents), various other Greek Gods & Goddesses are his family members, Amphytryon and Alcmene (adopted parents)
Megara (wife)
Pegasus (friend/pet), Philoctetes (mentor/friend), Icarus (friend), Cassandra (friend), Aladdin (ally/friend), Snow White (OUAT ally/friend/love interest),
Hades (enemy, uncle), Pain and Panic (enemies),
Fandom: Disney's Hercules
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Hercules is the titular character of the Disney's Hercules series. He is also a supporting character in the video game, Kingdom Hearts and appeared in Season 5 of Once Upon a Time.


Unlike the Greek Myth of the story of Hercules, the Disney version has Hera as his birth mother with Zeus as his father - this made him a full god. Although due to the meddling of Hades, Pain and Panic, Hercules becomes half-mortal and thus can not live on Mount Olympus with his family. He's given to Amphytryon and Alcmene. Also unlike the Greek Myth, Hercules name should be: Heracles, however Disney used the Roman version of the name instead.





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