Harry Potter Gets Laid

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Press Commentary
Title: Harry Potter Gets Laid
Commentator: Annalee Newitz
Date(s): 03 December 2002
Venue: The San Francisco Bay Guardian
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Harry Potter Gets Laid (AlterNet, Wayback)
Harry Potter Gets Laid (sfgb.com)
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Harry Potter Gets Laid is an article about Harry Potter slash. It was published in Annalee Newitz's nationally-syndicated weekly column Techsploitation. The article introduces slash to a lay audience, explains the beginnings mentioning Kirk/Spock, cave stories and Pon Farr, and then returns to Harry Potter.

Once upon a time Harry Potter slash was kind of a weird novelty, the sort of thing bloggers found in less-traveled parts of the Web and linked to in "Isn't this bizarre?" moods. In the vast and satisfying world of slash, it was an upstart, a dangerous new node in an already perverse data structure. The problem was that Harry and his fetching little pals – despite their very adult problems and conflicts – were all underage. And yet they were so sexy! [...] And indeed, the Harry Potter slash regime is currently in full flower. You don't have to believe me: try Googling on "Harry Potter slash" and see what happens.

The author of the article Yaoi/slash approaches - A homoerotic subculture goes global says that he first learned of slash fiction from Harry Potter Gets Laid which he saw in the SF Bay Guardian.