Going Boldly with Kirk and Spock

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Press Commentary
Title: Going boldly with Kirk and Spock
Commentator: Chris DeVito
Date(s): April 2, 1994
Venue: newspaper
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Going Boldly with Kirk and Spock is an article that was published in The Vancouver Sun in 1994.[1] Subtitled "In the sci-fi world of limitless possiblities, Kirk and Spock are somehow meant for each other and homosexuality has nothing to do with it", it is a 2215-word piece by Chris DeVito. He quotes lines from the stories "Homecoming, published in a science fiction anthology called Alien Brothers", "The Ring of Soshern", and "The Matchmaker".

Although DeVito's article gives the impression that Alien Brothers is a pro publication, it is in fact a zine.[2]

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