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Name: Glee
Creator: Ryan Murphy
Date(s): May 19, 2009 – ongoing
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: U.S.
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Glee is a musical comedy-drama that airs on the Fox network. The series focuses on the members of a high school glee club and their rivals. Glee was almost immediately a source of interest to fandom. Many fans enjoyed the musical numbers (sometimes more than the plot of any individual episode), and the inclusion of POC, disabled, and LGBT characters made Glee deeply appealing to viewers.

However, Glee often comes under fire for how it handles these characters, and some fans feel that there is too much focus on the white male characters.[1] Glee has also been critised for treating F/F like a fling[citation needed], and of biphobia.[2] However, this has not detracted from its popularity, as Glee remains one of the most prominent fandoms of the 2010s.

An example of many of the criticisms leveled against Glee.


Glee's diverse cast makes it easy for one to become a fan of the show, however certain characters are definitely more popular within the fandom than others.

Kurt Hummel is openly gay, and is one of the more popular characters. Some fans resent the weight his storyline is given in canon, in particular his Season 2 storyline with Dave Karofsky, who bullied Kurt for his sexuality. However, the popular opinion is one of compassion. Kurt "stans" are sympathetic to Kurt's storyline and writer/creator Ryan Murphy's decision to make Kurt's storyline a prominent one in Season 2.

Rachel Berry (despite being one of the main characters in the show) appears to be one of the least popular characters. The selfish and driven girl is often given the short end of the stick support-wise due to her obsessive narcissistic behaviour. Storylines of hers include episodes such as "Pretty/Unpretty" in which Rachel is nearly driven to plastic surgery to get a nose like Quinn Fabray's and is only stopped due to a reminder of her friends that beauty is not skin deep. This is one example of the shallow portrayal of Rachel Berry. However, Rachel's character is not without supporters, many from within the Faberry fandom.

Blaine Anderson is a recent addition to the show, and is currently Kurt's boyfriend. This shy and nerdy character has yet to have a major storyline and is best known for his relationship with Kurt. Blaine's character is quite popular due to the Klaine shippers as well as the popularity of actor Darren Criss (who first rose to fannish attention as the star of A Very Potter Musical). His popularity and similarity to Rachel Berry has led to the creation of "Anderberry" - an AU where Rachel and Blaine are siblings - often twins.[3] Other Blaine AUs include "Anderson Twins" in which fan manips are created of Darren Criss's character portraying Blaine and his AU twin brother, Everett (taken from Criss' own middle name). The Anderson twins were established during one of the 2011 haituses.

Finn Hudson is, along with Rachel, one of the most unpopular characters on Glee, due to storylines in which he acts homophobic, as well as his character's lack of continuity and tendency for double standards. Finn is also portrayed as an idiot.

Quinn Fabray as a character is both popular and well hated. Due to lack of continuity with the character's development, fans of the show are quite polar about Quinn. The consensus is that you either hate her or love her. Quinn is best known for her pregnancy in season 1, which was the major story arc of the season. [Quinn whilst pregnant.] Quinn's storyline during season three has also resulted in *SPOILER ALERT* her being in a wheelchair due to an accident on the way to Rachel's wedding.

Tina Cohen-Chang is a character oft forgot about in the show. Her main claim to fame is her faked stutter during Season 1 and her ties to Artie, and current relationship with Mike Chang. Tina is well known in the fandom as the person who has no lines nor songs, and so it is often met with surprise when she has either, and especially when she has both.

Mike Chang is the character best known for his dancing and his abs. He too is one of the minor characters in the show, and appears to have a lower popularity because of it.

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman is the self-proclaimed 'badass' of the show. Most famous for his role in Quinn's pregnancy, Puck is most popular in the fandom with the shippers of Puckleberry, Quick or Puck/Kurt. He is also well known for his skill with the guitar, and his current on-screen affair with *SPOILER ALERT* Shelby Corcoran.

Brittany S. Pierce is the cheerleader best known for her childish innocence. She is the idiot of the show, portrayed as particularly stupid. Her one-liners make her famous, as well as her relationship with Santana Lopez. Brittany has never had a prominent storyline. Brittany is well-loved in the fandom.

Santana Lopez derives from Lima Heights Adjacent, and is the sarcastic bitch everyone loves to hate. Like Quinn, fans of the show are polar in their opinion of her, some absolutely loving her character, others absolutely hating. In the fandom, supporters mainly derive from the Pezberry, Brittana and Pucktana shippers.

Artie Abrams appears to be a moderately popular character. Known due to his storylines involving his being in a wheelchair, Artie is one of the more "nerdy" characters.

Sam Evans is the Trouty-Mouthed boy who joined the show in the beginning of season 2. Known for his kindness and boy-next-door type personality, Sam is quite well liked within the fandom. He is known for his numerous ships as well - Samcedes, Kum (Kurt/Sam), Fabrevans, Samtana, etc.

Will Shuester is the leader of the Glee Club, and in the fandom, very few like him. Often referred to as "Paedo-Will", many question his role in the show and his relationship with the students, specifically when Shuester asks Finn to be his best man at the wedding. Will is widely disliked and this unites the often squabbling fandom.

Sue Sylvester is the cheerleading coach at William McKinley High. She is best known for her repetitive storyline - attempting to destroy the Glee Club. Again, this character is moderately popular due to her unusual yet funny lines and the rare moments in which she shows her humanity.


The most popular ship in the fandom is probably Kurt/Blaine, but there are supporters of any and all romantic character combinations. Like many fandoms popular on Tumblr, Glee ships almost invariably have portmanteau nicknames:

Characters Involved Smooshname
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel Klaine
Brittany S. Pierce/Santana Lopez Brittana
Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel Kurtofsky
Kurt Hummel/Noah Puckerman Puckurt
Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel/Noah Puckerman Fuckurt
Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray Faberry
Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe Kurtbastian
Rachel Berry/Finn Hudson Finchel
Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe Seblaine
Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman Puckleberry
Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans Blam
Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez Quinntana
Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang Tike
Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez Pezberry
Sam Evans/Kurt Hummel Hevans or Kum?
Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones Samcedes
Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel Furt or Kinn (Furt was coined in canon by Finn)
Quinn Fabray/Noah Puckerman Quick?
Quinn Fabray/Finn Hudson Fuinn
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman Pinn
Rachel Berry/Jesse St. James St. Berry
Hunter Clarington/Sebastian Smythe Huntbastian
Adam Crawford/Kurt Hummel Kadam
Jeff/Nick Niff?
Noah Puckerman/Lauren Zizes Pizes or Luck
David Karofsky/Sebastian Smythe Smythofsky or Sebofsky?
Carole Hudson-Hummel/Burt Hummel Barole
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe Sebklaine
Rachel Berry/Kurt Hummel Hummelberry
Blaine Anderson/Rachel Berry Blainchel (Anderberry used for gen?)
Sam Evans/Quinn Fabray Fabrevans
Emma Pillsbury/Will Schuester Wemma?
Sam Evans/Noah Puckerman Spuck?
Artie Abrams/Brittany S. Pierce Bartie
Quinn Fabray/Brittany S. Pierce Quitt
Sam Evans/Brittany S. Pierce Bram
Rachel Berry/Sam Evans Samchel or Evanberry
Rachel Berry/Brody Weston Westberry
Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce Quittana
Blaine Anderson/Mike Chang Bike Chanderson
Blaine Anderson/Noah Puckerman Plaine
Tina Cohen-Chang/Quinn Fabray Quinntina
Sam Evans/Santana Lopez Samtana
Rachel Berry/Kurt Hummel/Santana Lopez Hummelpezberry
Blaine Anderson/Finn Hudson Blinn
Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce Berrittana
Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce Faberrittana
Quinn Fabray/Mercedes Jones Quinncedes
Tina Cohen-Chang/Santana Lopez Santina
Dani/Santana Lopez Dantana
Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert/Kurt Hummel Kelliott or Starkurt
Quinn Fabray/Will Schuester Quill
Quinn Fabray/Kurt Hummel Qurt? or Kuinn?

Ship Wars

Numerous and often, ship wars are arguments between fans who support different ships, and are especially common when two pairings have a character in common. A recent example of this is the ship war between the "Klainers" (who support Kurt/Blaine) and the "Kum" shippers (who support Kurt/Sam). Ship wars are particularly vicious within the Glee fandom, and can last quite a long time. Many occur on Tumblr, and can quickly turn personal.

One reoccurring ship war topic involves the "Kurtofsky" (Kurt/Karofsky) ship, which has attracted negative attention due to some fans' perception that Dave Karofsky was a sexual predator. (See: Kurtofsky Wanks.)




As of 2012, Glee has the greatest number of fanfiction of any television fandom on[4]. Many very popular fanfiction authors have come to fame due to Glee fanfiction, including CP Coulter[5], author of the Klaine Fanfiction Dalton.[6] Others include Neaf and beautifulwhatsyourhurry.

Example Fanart

Example Fanvids



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