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letter announcing cancelation of publications, dated June 16, 1983, click to enlarge

Friends of Darkover was a fan group dedicated to all Darkover fandom and Marion Zimmer Bradley. This group published The Darkover Newsletter beginning in 1975, as well as the zine Starstone in 1977. They also sponsored at least one con, Fantasy Worlds Festival.

"So popular have been the novels of the planet Darkover that an organization of readers and fans has come into being, virtually spontaneously. Several meetings have been held at major science fiction conventions, and more recently specially organized around the various "councils" of the Friends of Darkover, as the organization is now known. The Friends of Darkover is purely an amateur and voluntary group. It has no paid officers and has not established any formal membership dues. Although the members of the Thendara Council of the Friends no longer publish a newsletter or any other publications themselves, they serve as a central point for information on Darkover-oriented newsletters, fanzines, and councils and maintain a chronological list of Marion Zimmer Bradley's books." [1]


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