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Pairing: Benton Fraser/Raymond Vecchio
Alternative name(s): Fraser/RayV, F/V
Gender category:
Fandom: due South
Archives: due Slash
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F/V Fandom

F/V was the original slash pairing in the fandom, but it went through a period of decline with the introduction of Ray K, eventually leading to the Ray Wars, as the F/V and F/K fans battled it out for which Ray was the 'real' Ray, and which one was worthy of being the OTP.

During the post-war cooling off period, the F/V pairing increased in popularity, and is once again a popular pairing.


Link Sites

Aingeal's site Armani and Serge featured a list of F/V fic sites, including:

F/V Mailing Lists

F/V Fanfiction

Here are some lovely stories to start with:

  • The Vigil Series by Elaine Walker and Mitch Hudson (kidfic where Ray and Fraser raise Fraser's child by Victoria)

F/V Art

F/V Vids

F/V Zines