Fans add own scenes to fictional favorites

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Press Commentary
Title: Fans add own scenes to fictional favorites
Commentator: A.S Berman
Date(s): 22 February 2001
Venue: USA Today
Fandom: multimedia
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Fans add own scenes to fictional favorites is an article which tried to explain the popularity behind fan fiction. Published in 2001, it was a little behind the curve in the great rush of other journalists trying to do the same. This piece focused on and in typical fashion, cherry-picked some of the rarer examples of fiction, calling them "highlights."


The X-Files agents find themselves lost in the nightmare world of The Matrix, Ally McBeal loses her brother to a predatory secretary, and Hogan's Heroes' chief Nazi seeks deathbed absolution on a very special Touched By An Angel.

Sweeps week already?

If only. These are just some of the strange story lines found on, a site that whisks popular culture through the looking glass by allowing visitors to contribute original stories based on movies, TV shows, video games, even music groups.
"It's like the adult version of when kids play at being TV characters," explains Steven Savage, 32, of Columbus, Ohio, who writes a column for, in addition to doing programming for the site. The stories, he says, are an example of what can happen "when people really care about something."