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from Menagerie #2

Fannish knitting is sometimes considered a type of fanart; at other times it stands on its own as a separate fanac. Fans often knit their own merchandise, such as Harry Potter scarfs or Jayne Cobb's hat, and share patterns and tips online. Fans not only knit clothing but also dolls, for example these Merlin Mice by o_deanna.

Fannish knitting, like other forms of fanac, has been considered copyright infringement by TPTB. For example, in 2008, a fan received a cease and desist letter from the BBC for publishing knitting patterns of Doctor Who creatures.[1]

Some knitting directions:


Merlin and Arthur from Merlin as mice, knitted by o_deanna.
Temeraire sweater in progress, knitted by mabiana.[2]
Ray Vecchio from Due South[3]
some Trek "tapestry" patterns, created for sale for a club fundraiser in 1987


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