Fanfic: The Naked Truth

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Press Commentary
Title: Fanfic: The Naked Truth
Commentator: Joe Crowe
Date(s): 03 September 2000 or before
External Links: Fanfic: The Naked Truth (Wayback)
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Fanfic: The Naked Truth is an article about fanfiction. The article explains fanfic to a lay audience and gives a good impression of what's out there.
It’s a big world out there, people. And by “big,” I mean full of fanfic. Every genre has fanfic, whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or superheroes, or any other one I just missed. You will, inevitably, run across fanfic as you as you surf the web typing in search words for shows and characters you like. It’s out there, and it’s all over the place. With this feature, I aim to help you understand that it’s nothing to be afraid of.
The article used an Angel/Doyle manip that may or may not be fannish in origin.

Melissa Good is mentioned and the article includes a definition of glossary terms such as slash, PWP, Mary Sue and Uber.