Fandom is for the Young or One Convention Too Many

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Title: Fandom is for the Young or One Convention Too Many
Creator: Karen "K-nut" Flanery & Nana Grasmick & Vantage Publishing
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print, non-fiction, hardcover book
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Fandom is for the Young or One Convention Too Many is by Nana Grasmick and Karen Flanery.

front cover
table of contents

It is "a non-fiction account of experiences of the early days of Star Trek fandom, being a fan, doing fanzines, attending conventions, getting autographs... For fear of reprisals, this privately published hardcover book carefully omits mentioning by name Star Trek and the actors." [1]


  • Foreword (vii)
  • Prologue (ix)
  • Peeping Through the Knothole in Grampa's Wooden Let to See a Monkey Wrap His Tail Around a Flagpole (1)
  • Fandom is for the Young (16)
  • What is a Fan? (33)
  • The House is a Filing Cabinet! (41)
  • The Gathering of the Masses, or You Do What at a Convention? (47)
  • And Then There Were the Lines! (55)
  • Do You Allow Pets? (63)
  • The First Aid Kit (70)
  • Who's That Sleeping in My Bed? (76)
  • Strange Encounters of the Fourth Kind! (82)
  • Will You Sign My Jacket? (86)
  • Celebrities are People Too (91)
  • Only an Idiot Would Run Out of Gas in the Desert! (100)
  • Egg Salad in the Basement, or Dinner on the Town for $1.38 (118)
  • Crack-up on the Golden State (128)
  • Garbage Stew (143)
  • We Used to Be Normal People (155)



  1. Jim and Melody Rondeau's Used Zine Sale Site
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