Fan Fiction: Bane or Boone?

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News Media Commentary
Title: Fan Fiction: Bane or Boone?
Commentator: Noelle Hay
Date(s): 2002
External Links: Fan Fiction: Bane or Boone? by Noelle Hay, Archived version
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Fan Fiction: Bane or Boone? is an article about fanfiction and the advantages and disadvantages for TPTB.

The article quotes the webmaster of Godawful Fan Fiction on the enjoyment fans get out of writing fanfiction and it says the copyright holders of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess understood that the spreading of fan narratives added to the bottom line of the profit margin. Lord of the Rings is mentioned as another example that had a solid core of fans on the internet which helped the movies. Anne McCaffrey and Anne Rice, on the other hand, are mentioned for pursuing fansites hosting fanfiction.
Every author faces a loss of intentions and integrity of their original story. That is a part of the business. Once a novel is published, as the word publication indicates; it belongs to the public. How consumers relate to it in the realm of fandom is a reflection on the author's ability to connect with their audience. In the short term you can measure success of a story by sales, but in the long term it must be measured by how long and brightly it burns in the fan community.