Everything Left Unsaid

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Journal Community
Name: Everything Left Unsaid
Date(s): 29 February 2008 - present
Moderator: teyke, runningondreams, navaan
Founder: megalotro
Type: slash
Fandom: Captain America, Iron Man
URL: cap_ironman (LiveJournal) and cap_ironman (Tumblr)
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Cap-Ironman is a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (aka Captain America/Iron Man) slash community and a good place to find fic, art and discussion. It was originally founded on Livejournal and has since developed a presence on tumblr as well as an active IRC chat and twitter feed.

As of January 2016, there are circa 3400 members of the LJ community and 7000 followers of the tumblr.

The community continuously runs Steve/Tony themed events throughout the year. It also compiles the Cap/Iron Man slashy moments list, a list of comic scans of subtexty Steve/Tony scenes.


Retired Events