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Name: Eureka
Creator: Andrew Cosby, Jaime Paglia
Date(s): 2006-current
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: [ Official Site], [ Eureka Fan Site]
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Show Synopsis

A small, highly secretive, classified town is home to a horde of geniuses and scientists plus its street-smart sheriff, Jack Carter, who is entrusted with trying to maintain the peace.

Eureka Fandom

A fandom with an active Internet presence, it is one of the new breed of fandoms where participation in the fandom is spread across the Internet rather than a necessarily centralized listserve or singular forum.

On August 9, 2006, the first fanfic posted to The Eureka Public Library was Down the Road by Raine Wynd. The first slash to be posted in the fandom, All Bets Are Off by skypipe was posted on August 23, 2006 to Eureka Slash.

The fandom has a newsletter community called the Eureka Gazette.

The main slash pairing is Jack/Nathan, although Henry/Nathan is also popular as is Jack/Allison/Nathan.

The show also features canon AUs.


Spoiler Warning: This article may contain spoilers. If this bothers you, proceed with caution.

The removal of the character of Nathan Stark[1] in the third season caused alarm across the fandom, with many fans shocked by the way Nathan apparently died. Support for Nathan's reappearance quickly developed[2] with the Bring Stark Back Campaign, although the actor, Ed Quinn, was quoted by writer Eric Wallace [3] as saying that he wanted to leave.


  1. Eureka's Nathan Stark Disappears
  2. Bring Stark Back Campaign
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