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Fan Club
Name: Enterprise Originals
Dates: mid 1980s to at least 1990
Leadership: Ruth Brown
Country based in: UK
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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Enterprise Originals was a UK based Star Trek fanclub.

From the introduction to one of their clubzines: "Enterprise Originals - A club for Star Trek fans who remember the time before Trek, before the first Sputnik ... the time when 'Journey into Space' really was fiction! We publish quarterly newsletters which are purely about Star Trek with no actor-related or other media connections. We have room parties at Star Trek Conventions and publish zines with reduced prices to Members. Dues are £,4.00 per year, Sterling only accepted. The Club is non-profit making: all surplus income over expenditure is immediately returned to Club funds for future projects."

The club, among other things, published at least three fanzines.

Zines Published

  • A Comedy of Errors
  • Many a Slip
  • A Proper Pantomime
  • a zine that includes two stories by Jacqueline Y. Comben: "The Original Enterprise" (about the early days of the Enterprise under Captain Pike) and "The Space Lark" (based on the radio programme, "The Navy Lark," which you "have to be over 35 to remember." It is a farce has has been previously serialized in the EASTA newsletter.)
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