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Title: Encore
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Press
Date(s): March 1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, K/S
Language: English
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Alison Fiddler

Encore is a K/S slash a 206-page anthology with seven stories. It also has poetry by Robin Hood. It has a color cover by Alison Fiddler and three pieces of interior art by G. Mills, Claudia, and clm.

The publisher describes this zine: "Authors who were once K/S-fans and who for one reason or another left the fandom, are in this zine given another chance to show what they know best; Getting Kirk and Spock together."


  • Night Lessons by Elizabeth Scott ("Although Kirk and Spock are lovers, Spock’s assignments as a teacher take him away from Earth for months at a time, and Kirk is growing increasingly frustrated with the relationship. Then Spock is called away during one of their few times together, and Kirk reaches the breaking point.") (p. 5-18)
  • Phoenix Rising by Tish ("As the Enterprise warps away from Vulcan, Spock uncovers secrets of the heart. He no longer belongs to his home planet, the bond with T’Pring is forever severed—and all he can think of is the man sleeping in the shadows before him.") (p. 19-28)
  • Save a Prayer by C. Liane de Maler (""Save a prayer for yourself," a young alien girl tells Kirk as he copes with rehabilitation from serious injuries, a separation from Spock that he had not known would be so painful—and news that the Enterprise is missing.") (p. 29-50)
  • Together in the Afternoon by Robin Hood ("Kirk has finally reached retirement age, and Spock cannot believe that his long-time friend will be leaving the service—without him.") (p. 51-63)
  • The Lost Decade by Audrey Baker (This story was originally a privately circulated story from the late 1960-1972. [1]. It was also later printed in a zine before "Encore." "A reprint of the K/S story originally printed in The Gropes of Roth in 1978. "Spock awakens on an unfamiliar ship. Ten years have apparently passed that he has no knowledge of, and Kirk was killed long ago. How can he live a life that must be a dream, but is not? How does he cope with loss and sorrow that sears him to his soul? There’s only one way out….") (p. 67-94)
  • Avalon by Fiona James ("The Enterprise crew thinks they’re staying over at Avalon for a ship refit and a nice long shore leave. The incompetent commodore heading the ‘base shouldn’t be a problem to weary officers. But there’s murder at the starbase, deception and lies, and classified information being sent to…someone by…someone, and the bondmates Jim Kirk and Spock of Vulcan are right in the middle of it.") (p. 95-165)
  • Transfer of Affection by Vivian Gates ("The misty forms of two men making love invade Spock’s sleep on a transport vessel. He awakens changed: his sexuality has been re-defined, and his thoughts turn to Jim Kirk. He implements a plan, a long-term experiment, and suddenly there is a homosexual couple on board, and Kirk is vastly disturbed….") (p. 166-206) (nominated for a 1999 STIFfie Award)
  • poetry by Robin Hood
    • Mothers Never Lie: on Vulcan (p. 64)
    • Mothers Never Lie: on Earth (p. 65)
    • Mount Spock (p. 66)

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  1. Beyond Dreams Press
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