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Doctor Who fanfic production has changed greatly over the years. Some notable fanworks are listed, by Doctor, on the page for The Doctor.


Classic Who

Doctor Who fanfiction has probably been around since the early 60s, especially given the popularity of Doctor Who from 1963 to 19. Before online fandom existed, fiction was primarily circulated through the Fanzine format, often made with a mimeograph machine. Zines first came into prominence in the late 1960s in Star Trek fandom, and quickly spread to other active fandoms, including Doctor Who [1].

Doctor Who and Zines

On May 24, 1993, [alt.drwho.creative] was spun off from the Usenet discussion group rec.arts.drwho [2] The creation of the group was suggested by Happy Halibut VI (Richard Salter) and set up by Dave Williams. The stated purpose of the group was "for stories and any other bits of creative stuff people may come up with in connection to the TV series 'Doctor Who.'"[3]

Possibly the first-ever Doctor Who fanfiction archive was created for alt.drwho.creative on January 19, 1998: Panatropic[4] It was created by Random Companion.

Mostly gen. Original Doctors, mirroring the same trend in fan-produced Doctor Who audio and video drama. PMEB as a source of adult stories.

Eighth Doctor

Small LiveJournal fandom. Eighth and Fifth Doctors. Doctor/Master. Eighth Doctor/companions (Fitz, Charley). Teaspoon creation. By 2003 Panatropic had closed down, no fandom archive, just a few scattered pages. Teaspoon created to provide a new central archive. Before the new series, the Eigth Doctor was not considered to be part of the Classic Who canon.

2005 Series

Massive increase in fic, het and slash. Jack slash. Conflict between old and new fans, huge Doctor/Rose fandom vs Classic/Gen fans.

Pairing conflicts

The Rose Wars.

Rose vs Martha Jones, resentment on both sides, race/class, issues with canon.

At the same time, Torchwood started, Jack/Ianto became the primary Jack pairing. Because of how Jack left, Ten/Jack fics rarer than Nine/Jack and tended to focus on their reunion.

The Master

In 2007, Derek Jacobi and John Simm appeared as the Master. Omphalos and dwseason4, other notable fics Doctor/Master archive Revived interest in Classic Who Masters D/s flavor to pairing (See Doctor/Master).

Doctor Who RPF

There was little RPF written in the fandom's early years -- or at least, if it was written, it was kept underground, as was common with RPF at that moment in fannish time. Since the 2005 launch of New Who, which happened at a moment in time when RPF had come out of the proverbial closet, there's been a fair amount of RPF in this fandom.

David/Billie RPF. Tennant/Simm (fed by many appearances together at the second half of 2007) and Tennant/Barrowman.

During the era of Matt Smith's Eleven, there's been a fair amount of RPF featuring Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Matt Smith (Eleven) in various permutations, including OT3.

Classic Who Revival

As new fans settled into the fandom, there was increased interest in Classic Who, resulting in a marked increase in older eras. The multi-companion story; Whatever Happened To; Companion-centric stories as a result of increased focus on companions in New Who.


Donna Noble, Blue!Doctor, Rose/Doctor, backlash against finale of S4, fix-it fics.


In the era of Eleven...

- OT3 stories

- fix-it stories

- alternate timeline stories

- what else?




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