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Denialfic is a genre of fanfiction in which a major event in canon is ignored or contradicted, such as the death of a character or a development that makes pairing two characters more difficult. Denialfic may explain why the canonical event in question didn't happen the way it appeared to, or may just ignore its existence.

Remus/Sirius shippers in Harry Potter fandom often wrote post-Order of the Phoenix denialfic. Another common genre of denialfic in HP fandom is Epilogue? What Epilogue? fanfic, which ignores the events of the much-deplored epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fandom, it was so common among Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan shippers to write as if Qui-Gon's death never happened, that people placed Warnings for fics that followed canon.

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles is another fandom where denialfic was common. As fans became more and more dissatisfied with later books in the series, many began writing fics that ignored everything after the third or fourth book.

Many fans of Beauty and the Beast (TV) ignore or retcon the third season and Catherine's death, this is sometimes called "She's Not Dead" or SND fic for short. In Blake's 7, the series-ending episode, "Gauda Prime", ends with one character shooting another; many Post-Gauda Prime stories ignore that inconvenient fact.

If there are enough fans who are in denial about a particular canon event, they may self-identify by giving their group a particular name, such as Clan Denial (Highlander fans who denied Richie's death [1]) or Tribe Denial (Sentinel fans who denied that the show could end with Blair's death. [2]) These groups may have their own archives or mailing lists strictly for denialfic.


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