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Name: David Michael Starsky
Occupation: police detective
Title/Rank: Detective Sergeant Third Class
Location: Bay City, California
Status: alive
Relationships: partnered with Kenneth Hutchinson
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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David Starsky is half of the crime-fighting duo Starsky & Hutch. He is played by Paul Michael Glaser[1].

Some Brief Canon Facts

  • Starsky went to the police academy with Kenneth Hutchinson, his partner.
  • Starsky is devoted to his car, The Torino.
  • Starsky was in the army.
  • Starsky has a brother named Nick.
  • Starsky calls his mother on Fridays.
  • Starsky is left-handed.
  • Starsky likes to eat junk food.
  • Starsky spoke of having kids with Helen, proposed marriage to Terry Roberts, and is pretty much married to Hutch.


  • Starsky's father was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty.
  • Starsky's father was some sort of minor organized crime figure.
  • Starsky was in the Vietnam War.
  • Starsky's mother sent him to live in California after his father died to keep him out of trouble.

His Devotion to Hutch

[oh, where to start]

Is Starsky Jewish?

While never specially stated in canon, Starsky's ethnicity and religion was assumed to be Jewish in fanon. It was, and is, a subject of fannish debate.

Some early discussion in 1979 [1]:

  • "Paul Michael is of the Jewish environment, so his coloring of Starsky is from his background."
  • "Perhaps most of us see him as Jewish because Paul Michael Glaser is Jewish. Or maybe because 'Starsky' sounds like a Jewish name. I don't think he's Polish. Remember the episode, "The Committee'? Ginger asks: 'Starsky, what is it, Polish?' and Starsky replies, 'Something like that (not yes). He's not Catholic because in 'Terror on the Docks' he tells Nancy's mother that he's not Catholic. As for being Italian, (the question makes 'Italian' sound like a religion) his grandmother lived over an Italian restaurant and Starsky loves Italian food, but that doesn't prove anything. He looks Italian to me (Dark hair, expressive face...)."
  • "There is plenty of mild justification for Starsky's being Jewish. I feel the series played it down to avoid specific arguments, but mention was made of chicken soup as a cure-all, Starsky did pick up the Mezuzah from Huggy's sidewalk stand while Hutch picked up a cross, and Starsky looked stunned when Nancy's mother asked him if he were Catholic in 'Terror on the Docks,' to which he replied he was not. Even 'Little Girl Lost' does not discredit the Jewish idea as he's like a little kid who loves presents, and all the Christmas songs he sang were non-religious festive ones. His Polish name agrees with the general bio suggested."
  • "We were never directly told that Starsky is Jewish. We never saw him at temple or wear a star of David, and so on. I'm told there was menorah on the bookcase in his apartment, but I've looked for it in every episode and never seen it. I think there are various little hints... in the series, though, that seem to indicate he was Jewish. In "Dandruff," Huggy greeted him with Shalom when he was working in the hotel beauty shop... In 'Vampire,' Huggy offered Starsky the anti-vampire kit 'for those of other persuasions' after showing him one with the cross. There are other sly references, but I can't think of them now.... I have always been of the impression that Starsky is Jewish, but he certainly isn't Orthodox... he whines about working on Sunday, not Saturday, and he sure doesn't eat kosher."
  • "All you have to do is take a look at that face." [2]


Examples of Starsky-Centric Fiction

Fan fic for Starsky focuses on his intense relationship with his partner. Other topics: a rough-and-tumble upbringing in New York City, time in the Vietnam War, the relationship with his brother, his recovery from being shot in the last episode, and how he copes after his devastating injury.

Examples of Starsky-Centric Vids

Examples of Starsky-Centric Art


  1. All comments are from S and H #4 and #5, responding to the the Discussion Topic "Is there any justification in aired S&H for Starsky being Jewish?"
  2. This same fan complained that the actor that portrayed Nicky "looked too Italian". She also speculated that Hutch was Episcopalian.
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