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Synonyms: Curtain!fic, Domestic fic
Related: Fluff, Schmoop, Wedding fic
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Curtainfic is a term used to describe fan fiction that focuses on ordinary domestic situations (such as the characters in a romantic pairing shopping for curtains).

Curtainfic is often fluff involving little or no drama, and is sometimes criticized as out of character when written about characters who seem to have little interest in domesticity in canon. It may be part of a larger romantic plot (for instance, showing that the characters are "acting like a couple" or denoting a happy ending), or may be a humorous way of exploring how characters from fantastic or action-packed settings would behave in ordinary circumstances.

There is some overlap with kidfic, which often spends considerable time describing the domestic details of preparing for a new baby or adjusting to life with children. Some but not all curtainfic will have the characters in an established relationship.

A growing subset in stories with a contemporary setting is Ikea fic, in which the characters go shopping for furniture then have trouble assembling it, regardless of their technical skills in other areas.

The first usage of curtainfic or "X and Y go shopping for curtains" is probably in a zine. It's clearly an established trope by the time of this online reference, the earliest found so far:

<_Te_> I think that a lot of violence can be excused by looking at canon. Rape, snuff, anything and everything is far more plausible than M&K going shopping for curtains.

<_Torch_> The Curtain Challenge. Write a curtain-shopping story that isn't schmoop. Can it be done?[1]

Gallery of Some Curtainart


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