Crab Sandwiches

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Title: Crab Sandwiches
Author(s): Dawnwind
Date(s): 12-2003, 9-2005
Length: 410K
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: part one online here/WebCite
part two online here/WebCite

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Crab Sandwiches is a slash Starsky and Hutch story by Dawnwind. It is a deathfic.

Summary: Starsky and Hutch deal with Starsky's devastating terminal cancer diagnosis.

This story won a 2006 SlaSHies.


"He still expected to see Starsky every moment, would turn his head to respond to something his lover said that was unheard by anyone else. When watching TV or reading the newspaper, he kept wanting to point out a beautiful actress or an interesting article to Starsky, and would be surprised not to find him sitting at the table eating a slice of disreputable day-old pizza. At night, he was afraid to move in the bed because then the true realization that Starsky wasn't there would sink in. He half wanted to sell the house to get away from the ghosts, and yet was afraid he'd forget some aspect of their lives if he did."

Reactions and Reviews

They are in a relationship and their love is going to be tested in the most drastic way. One wrong move opens up a year of pain and sorrow. It was just a lump, just a broken leg, just a minor problem. It wasn't supposed to be like this, but it is. Starsky has cancer and nothing will ever be the same again. This isn't some thug on the streets that they can track down and put away, this is an invisible enemy that's taking away everything they love. How can you fight what you can't see? [1]
Acceptional [sic] well written story!My compliments to this talented author!!!

It's indeed a story full of pain and sorrow and even days after reading it I felt strangely really touched my very soul.

It's a "death story",yes,but don't let that stop you from reading "Crab Sandwiches"cause it's also very much a story about LIFE and LOVE! [2]


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