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Title: The Clipper Trade Ship
Editor(s): Jim Rondeau & Melody Rondeau
Date(s): 1974-?
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & multimedia
Language: English
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The Clipper Trade Ship is a gen multimedia digest-sized anthology. It is described in Boldly Writing: The "Clipper Trade Ship was one of the longest-running fanzines in Star Trek fandom, though after 1977 it diversified and included stories and articles from fandoms other than Star Trek." (pg. 31). Each issue was 36 pages offset digest sized and it was published quarterly.

From Jim Rondeau in The Halkan Council #9 (August 1975): "Collect film clips? A Star Trek fan? Have you tried The Clipper Trade Ship lately? Stories, art, articles and ads, all for 50 cents or five issues for $2 on a quarterly basis... The whole idea for TCTS is to provide a place for clip collectors to get together."

General Reactions and Reviews

As I believe I have said before in a review of this zine, TCTS is a bit unusual since it is directed toward people who are at least interested in film and film clip collecting. I say unusual only because TCTS caters to a splinter group of film and ST fans, and ST itself is a splinter from SF, which in turn is a splinter off of fantasy which is a cousin to mythology, and so on, and so on. One might think that a magazine going out to such an audience would have an extremely limited appeal. Probably so, as I don’t doubt TCTS prints more than a 1000 copies, but uniqueness can also draw in an readers, too. I have some film clips of my own and like movies, but I am not an avid collector or true movie buff, yet this zine is still interesting to because the editor has access to interesting and out of the way information and his zine offers things that no other zine in fandom offers. [1]
In his fanzine, The Clipper Trade Ship, James Rondeau has discussed some of the various "unshot" Star Trek scripts from time to time. One was Paul Schneider’s "Tomorrow the Universe," involving an Adolph HitIer character which was reworked into "Patterns of Force." Another was "He Walked Among Us," by Norman Spinrad and Gene L. Coon, which was unused because of its controversial religious theme. It was, however, "cobbled up" and portions of it crept into other second season episodes. Another unshot story was "Sargasso of Space," but Rondeau reported once that this outline is not in standard format and was uncredited. Some have speculated that Dorothy Fontana wrote it, while others theorize that it may well be a fan effort. Orion Press, in fact, published a novelization of this script which substantiated this theory. [2]
This is a nice little digest zine from the Rondeaus, whose services as zine dealers I would recommend based on my happy experiences with them. It's mostly ST and STTNG, with just a smattering of miscellaneous other things. The B7 content is neglible, but the zine is attractively produced and very inexpensive ($2 or less per issue), so you might consider getting it if you're a Trek fan as well. [3]
TCTS is a highly specialized zine of great use and enjoyment to clip and slide collectors. Articles and fiction are sometimes carried, plus reviews and a nice want ad section, but its greatest value lies in what no other zine provides -- clip identification. Two staff specialists classify backgrounds, and this has resulted in excellent pieces complete with detailed drawings... This zine is highly recommended, filling in a profession gap for any clip collector, edited and published in a professional manner. [4]
One of the best fan stories I ever read appeared in Clipper Trade Ship, an old print zine back in the days when that was how you got your fanfic. It was a Prisoner story from the POV of Rover. It was a page, maybe a page and a half long -- and this was in a digest-size zine. If it had been twenty pages, and described Rover's typical day in detail, and where it came from, and its hopes and aspirations for the future, I doubt I would have even finished the thing. I certainly wouldn't recall it to this day as one of the most chilling things I've ever read in fandom. [5]
One of the best regularly published fanzines around, TCTS's distribution is, like so many of the finer things in SF fandom, inversely proportional to its quality. In what other fanzine can you find a regular column on building model miniatures ("In Miniature" by Paul Czaplicki), articles examining early versions/unshot scripts from SF TV series ("Unshot"), fanzine reviews, SF news, fine quality fiction, an interesting let-ler column and many other fascinating contents all given a generous helping of fine artwork? Nowhere but in The Clipper Trade Ship. The Clipper Trade Ship derives its name from the fact that portions of the 'zine deal with the hobby of filmclip and slide collecting. There are tips on care of film-clips, a column on identification of Star Trek filmclips, and in each and every issue there's a free ad section for subscribers ("The Cargo Hold") where one can find ads for all sorts of goodies—-filmclips, slides, books, fanzines, photos, clubs, bubble-gum cards—--almost any SF collectibles. [6]
You never really know what you're going to get from one issue to the next (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Star Trek, ST:TNG, Dr. Who, Blake's 7, original universe), but for a paltry $2 for 32 pages of reduced text, it is easily the best zine bargain around. And some of the ST-TNG he's been running lately is superb. If I find a Lorie Johnson piece in the table of contents, it's the first I flip to; and Linda Slusher's Klingon stories have been getting a bit of space lately. Okay, so Riker's not the most popular character, but a story in a recent issue found his mind being invaded by an alien—and I couldn't put the zine down. [7]
click to read flyer from the mid-1990s

Issue 1

The Clipper Trade Ship 1

Issue 2

The Clipper Trade Ship 2 was published in March 1974 and contains 20 pages. The front cover is by Alan Andres, the back cover is by F. Wong, illos by T.O. Knova.

  • Care for Film Clips (article) Jim Rondeau
  • "The Overlord", satirical ST radio play by T. Knova, featuring murderous mutants, telekinetic twins, a built-in bar disguised as a computer bank, and one very bad cold.

Issue 3

The Clipper Trade Ship 3 was published in July 1974. The front cover is by Signe Landon, the back cover by D. Collin, and it has illos by D. Herring and J.A. Tyler.

  • EquiCon Reports (article) Signe Landon
  • Star Trek Animation (article) V. LIM
  • The Rock Candy Incident Barbi Marczak

Issue 4

The Clipper Trade Ship 4 was published in September 1974. The front cover is by T.O. Knova, the back cover by D. Collin, and it has illos by J.A. Tyler.

  • Black Castle of Chrome D. Webster
  • Thought for the Day: The Rock (article) D.L. Wyckoff
  • The Ribbles Revolt F. Wong
  • On Identifying Star Trek Film Clips (article) J. Rondeau
  • Diana's Revenge T. Knova
  • The Anniversary D. Collin [Also in One Trek Mind #4]

Issue 5

The Clipper Trade Ship 5 was published in December 1974. The front cover is by L. Cranston, the back cover by D. Collin.

  • The Consolation Barbi Marczak
  • Star Trek on Radio (article) D. Clark
  • Witching Hour D. CoIlin [Also in One Trek Mind #5]

Issue 6

The Clipper Trade Ship 6 was published in April 1975. The front and back covers are by D. Collin. The illos are by Signe Landon.

  • The Complete Star Trek Fan T. Knova
  • Gene Roddenberry Speaks at Stanford (article) [Part 1?]
  • Primer on Film Clip Collecting (article) Jim Rondeau
  • By Destiny We Abide D.L. Wyckoff
  • Pity About This Place

Issue 7

The Clipper Trade Ship 7 was published July 1975 and contains 40 pages. The front cover is by S. Dixon, the back cover by D. Collin, the illos are by Signe Landon, L. Leveille, M. Lynch, and J.A. Tyler.

  • Gene Roddenberry Speaks at Stanford (article) [Part 2?]
  • Whatever Happened to EquiCon? (article) Debbie CoIlin
  • "Barbarella" (review) Jim Rondeau
  • Pet by Barbi Marczak (part one)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

There were two pieces of fiction in this issue of TCTS. One is the first part of a story called 'Pet' by Barbara Marczak, which I found rather hard to follow. Also a short poem by Randy Carlson, interesting. The real outstanding feature of this zine is an article on Gene Roddenberry's speech at Stanford University; I thought it was very enjoyable. A review of Equcon by Debbie Collin was also interesting and humorous. Debbie called this year's con 'a dismal, disappointing failure,' The editorial dragged at times; 'Films We'd Like to Have Film Clips From,' had some nice screened photos (too bad they weren't ST), but I didn't care for the corresponding text on Barbaella. The ad section kind of shocked me though, since everything I had read so far in the zine indicated it was a Strekzine; it advertised every kind of clip from Jaws to Kahn. I would much prefer ads form people who wanted ST clips (and there were some) exclusively. In spite of the non-ST overtones, I would recommend this fanzine to anyone who is seriously interesting in collecting ST filmclips. [8]

Issue 8

The Clipper Trade Ship 8 was published in October 1975. The front cover is by S. Dixon, the back cover is by D. Collin, the interior illos are by Melody Frame, D. Herring, T.O. Knova, Signe Landon, J.A. Tyler, and C.L. Healy.

  • The Trespassers Barbi Marczak
  • The Reluctant Fan (article) T.O. Knova

Issue 9

The Clipper Trade Ship 9 was published in January 1976. The front cover is by J.P. Alexander, the back cover by D. Collin. The illos are by Doug Herring, Gennie Summers, J.A. Tyler, and Signe Landon.

  • Star Trek vs. Space:1999: When Worlds Collide (article) D. Collin
  • Star Trek II (article) S. Dixon
  • "The Tempest" as a Classic of Science Fiction (article) Jim Rondeau
  • Patience B. Rosenborough
  • "Rollerbore" (review) "Eel Strebor"
  • The Wind's Will D. Collin (Also in One Trek Mind #5, Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 14/15, and The Best of Amanda and Sarek)

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

The Clipper Trade Ship 10 was published in April 1976 and contains 34 pages. The front cover is by D. Schow, the back cover is by D. Collin, the illos are by J.P. Alexander, L. Heiler, and J.A. Tyler.

  • Strange Signal J. Bennett
  • Night With Young Frankenstein (article) F. Wong
  • The Outer Limits": Ahead of its Time" D. Schow

Issue 11

The Clipper Trade Ship 11 was published in July 1976 and contains 48 pages. The front cover is by J.A. Tyler, the back cover is by D. Collin, the illos are by Doug Herring, Gennie Summers, Signe Landon, and L. Leveille.

  • EquiCon '76 P.L. Harris
  • Letters to Earth (article) S. Neville
  • "The Outer Limits": Follow Up (article) D. Schow
  • The Cold Beyond Space D. Clark
  • Identiclip (article) L. Leveille

Issue 12

The Clipper Trade Ship 12 was published in September 1976. The front cover is by J.P. Alexander, the back cover is by D. Collin, the illos are by Signe Landon, L. Leveille, D.J. Schow, Gennie Summers, and J.A. Tyler.

  • The Last Word / Randall Landers [McCoy - Trex]
  • Return of the Night Before Christmas by Debbie Collin (also in The Best of...)
  • other unknown content

Issue 13

cover of issue #13

The Clipper Trade Ship 13 was published in January 1977 and contains 50 pages.

Issue 14

The Clipper Trade Ship 14 was published in April 1977 and contains 32 pages.

Issue 15

The Clipper Trade Ship 15 contains 46 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

As the colophon of this issue states, The Clipper Trade Ship is a fanzine/adzine with ST, SF related fields, and an emphasis on the hobby of film clip and slide collection. How else can I describe it? There are some very unique things in this fanzine because of the format, some of which you may not, like or may find almost, essentially depending upon what you buy zines for. Just inside this issue is an episode parody called (inhale) "For the World is a Big Round Hollow Round Ball Which I Am Living Inside of and if You're not Careful You Can Hit Your Head on the Sky." If you can't figure out what episode it parodies you'll just have to ask someone else. It's okay as a parody goes, a few good lines inside and a few gags that have become by now stock material in parodies. (How many times can you do a take off on 79 episodes?) There is an Identiclip section listing production dates for all of the 79 episodes which is useful for the collectors in the audience. Following this is a gorgeous portfolio of fantasy illos by Lela Dowling. I had never heard of Lela Dowling before seeing this portfolio, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing more of her work in the future. It's a pity the zine is a digest-sized type of format. I'm sure an 8"by 11" would give much more room for such beautiful artwork to breathe. "Mission: Unprintable: it should have been left ... unprinted. It is kinda like a jumbled mixture of Buck Rogers, Star Trek, and half of the space games ever marketed. Keeping track of things for making sense out of this story is beyond hope... This story starts. with... episode #5 and ends with #9. It would've helped to have a synopsis to clue us in on #1-4. No? There is a section of zine reviews, structured something like Menagerie's and a very interesting account of an unshot episode of Questor that was written but never filmed. The only other zine to print accounts of unfilmed episodes was Babel which has long since gone the way of the dinosaurs. Finally there is an extensive classified ad section, which are free to TCTS subbers. A unique fanzine in toto; try a single ish to see if you like it. [9]

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, Signe Landon

The Clipper Trade Ship 16 was published in July 1977 and contains 36 pages. The front cover is by Signe Landon.

  • Star Trek/Lost in Space and Star Trek

Issue 17

The Clipper Trade Ship 17 was published in October 1977 and contains 40 pages.

Issue 18

The Clipper Trade Ship 18 was published in November 1977 and contains 36 pages.

Issue 19

Issue 20

The Clipper Trade Ship 20 was published in April 1978 and contains 36 pages.

Issue 21

Issue 22

cover of issue #22

The Clipper Trade Ship 22 contains 32 pages and was published in October 1978.

Issue 23

The Clipper Trade Ship 23 was published in January 1979 and contains 33 pages. It is reduced offset and contains many illustrations.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 23

This will be the sixth year in print for this nice little zine featuring ST, SF, fantasy, and clip collecting and identifying. This issue was dedicated mostly to Gene Roddenberry's 1974 pilot for a series called The Questor Tapes. There were possibly 16 scripts written for it, and the pilot received good ratings, but it was pushed out by The Bionic Man. Jim gives a very good story outline and background of the pilot and series, plus an unshot episode script. Do Star Trek fans know that Majel Barrrett was in the Questor pilot? There is an excellent Questor story by Eileen Roy, titled 'When You Care.' TCTS also has other short stories and poems, plus the editorial page, 'Captain's Cabin' and 'The Cargo Hold' (a six-page section of ads)... a good zine. [10]

Issue 24

The Clipper Trade Ship 24 contains 36 pages.

cover of issue #24

Issue 25

The Clipper Trade Ship 25 contains 24 pages.

  • Star Trek/Star Wars and original fantasy

Issue 26

Issue 27

back cover of issue #27
front cover of issue #27

The Clipper Trade Ship 27 was published in January 1980 and contains 36 pages.

Issue 28

The Clipper Trade Ship 28 was published in April 1980 and contains 36 pages.

Issue 29

The Clipper Trade Ship 29 was published in July 1980 and contains 32 pages.

  • a not-so-typical ST movie satire by Terrence O. Knova
  • Quark material

Issue 30

Issue 31

inside page from issue #31
front cover of issue #31

The Clipper Trade Ship 31 was published in January 1981 and contains 36 pages.

  • Star Trek and Science Fiction (fantasy), Man From Atlantis and elves
  • Deneva Darkness by Beth Carlson (Star Trek; TOS)
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 31

This is a small, quarterly fanzine devoted to Star Trek, science fiction, fantasy,and film. This particular issue contains Star Trek, Society for Creative Anachronism, Man from Atlantis, and Christmas material. The non-ST material was neither lengthy nor distinguished, so I will skip over it and go straight to the ST material. TCTS No. 31 contains three ST stories and two ST articles, all short. The best story is "Deneva Darkness" by Beth Carlson. It is an excellent post OPERATION ANIHILATE story emphasizing the Chapel/Spock relationship. It's nice to see Chapel as a competent professional instead of a love-sick twit. "A Peter Potter People Interview" by Sandy Hall is also an interesting piece in its own right. This interview parody investigates why a perfectly normal and intelligent young woman can watch Star Trek without becoming a rabid Trekkie. The third piece, "A Day is a Day is a Day" by Richard G. Pollet is a typical Christmas on the Enterprise story. For me, the highlights of the 'zine were the fact articles. Part one of Tim Farley's "Star Trek's Broadcast History" will fascinate the historians and trivia buffs. However, "Unshot" alone is worth the price of the zine. This article presents the first drafts of the scripts for two episodes, OBSESSION and SPOCK'S BRAIN. You think those episodes were bad — you should see the first drafts. The zine also has an ad section called The Cargo Hold, which contains ads for all kinds of strange stuff. For example, it contains 'wanted'/and 'for sale' 'ads for film clips from STAR TREK and many other sf/fantasy/horror films and TV series. There are also ads for DARK SHADOWS fanzines and fan clubs for Ann-Margret and David Hedison (VOYAGE TO TIE BOTTOM OF THE SEA). [11]

Issue 32

The Clipper Trade Ship 32 was published in 1981 and contains 32 pages.

  • original science fiction and Kolchak

Issue 33/34

The Clipper Trade Ship 33/34 was published in October 1981 and contains 73 pages.

  • Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Science Fiction (fantasy)

Issue 35/36

The Clipper Trade Ship 35/36 was published in 1982 and contains 60 pages.

cover of issue #35/36
  • Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, Science Fiction (fantasy) and elves.

Issue 37/38

The Clipper Trade Ship 37/38 contains 64 pages.

Issue 39/40

The Clipper Trade Ship 39/40 was published in 1983 and contains 76 pages.

  • Book of Camrack, conclusion, original fantasy by James Ellison
  • other fiction by Moff, Pollet, Knova
  • an original M'Ress story by Toni Cardinal-Price
  • poetry, filksongs
  • artists: Summers, Price, Collins, Landon (the Authurian fantasy cover)

Issue 41/42

The Clipper Trade Ship 41/42 was published in April 1983 and contains 60 pages.

front cover of issue #41/42
back cover of issue #41/42
  • Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Trek/Doctor Who, Science Fiction, Star Wars/Hill Street Blues

Issue 43

The Clipper Trade Ship 43 was published in October 1983 and contains 36 pages.

cover of #43
  • a Doctor Who/Voyagers story by Theresa Sarick
  • Star Wars by Roberta Rogow
  • filksongs, art, more

Issue 44/45

The Clipper Trade Ship 44/45 was published in July 1984 and contains 72 pages.

From an ad in Universal Translator: "Features ST fiction by Richard Heim, Jr. as well as Gennie Summers -- Spider-man on the Big E; fantasy by Andrew Nelson; filksongs; art; more."

Issue 46

cover of issue #46

The Clipper Trade Ship 46 was published in 1985 and is 41 pages long.

  • When Friends Are Enemies by D.W. Crawford (DR WHO) (2 pages)
  • A Protest To The Empire (STAR TREK TOS) (15 pages)
  • the sixth Elfi Tale
  • zine reviews, poetry, and art
  • After the Mind Sifter by Jemison

Issue 47

cover of issue #47

The Clipper Trade Ship 47 contains 40 pages.

  • The Lotus Eaters by Chong (Quark)
  • Han Solo: Imperial Agent by Harrison (Star Wars)
  • Eye See You by Crawford (Prisoner)
  • letters, art, Cargo Hold

Issue 48

cover of issue #48

The Clipper Trade Ship 48 was published in 1985 and contains 36 pages.

  • Star Trek/Kung Fu fiction by Carter
  • Star Trek fiction by Chong
  • Doctor Who fiction by Crawford
  • sf fiction by Hardison
  • something about The Prisoner

Issue 49

The Clipper Trade Ship 49 was published in October 1985 and contains 36 pages.

  • Doctor Who fiction by Crawford
  • sf fiction by Hardison
  • Star Trek material by Summers
  • some Time Lord biology
  • poetry and art
  • a long what if story by Carol MelAmbassador set in the Star Wars universe
  • something about The Prisoner

Issue 50

The Clipper Trade Ship 50 was published in January 1986 contains 60 pages. It was the "gala golden double issue."

  • Star Trek, Prisoner, Wizard & Warrriors, Doctor Who, elves
front cover of issue #50
back cover of issue #50
inside page from issue #50

Issue 51

cover of #51

The Clipper Trade Ship 51 was published in April 1986 and contains 36 pages.

  • original sf by Arnold
  • a long Star Wars/Star Trek story by Fine
  • poetry, filks, art and LoCs

Issue 52

back cover issue #52,Shona Jackson
front cover issue #52, Carrie Daugherty

The Clipper Trade Ship 52 was published in July 1986 and contains 36 pages. Front cover by Carrie Daugherty, back cover by Shona Jackson. Interior art by Leah Rosenthal, Richard Arnold, Susan Landerman, Cheryl Duval, Gennie Summers, G. Hof, Shona Jackson, Melody Rondeau, and Gloria-Ann Rovelstad

  • Star Trek, Doctor Who, Science Fiction, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • In The Captain's Cabin (editorial)
  • Letters
  • Filksongs - Marilyn Maffia, D.W. Chang, Susan Landerman
  • The Last Regeneration by Amy Falkowitz
  • Key To Guilt by Linda Adams
  • A Day in the Life by Diane Farnsworth
  • A-Yuk Time by Lorie Johnson
  • The Olfactor (part one) by Jim Stetson
  • Verse - Amy L. Whiteneck, Wendy Atkinson

Issue 53

The Clipper Trade Ship 53 was published in October 1986 and contains 36 pages

  • Star Wars, Prisoner, Star Trek/Doctor Who, Star Trek, Science Fiction

Issue 54

back cover of issue #54
front cover of issue #54

The Clipper Trade Ship 54 was published in 1987 and is 37 pages long. Cover by Tim Truman. Back cover by Gennie Summers. Doctor Who, Wizard, Star Trek, Science Fiction, Man From Atlantis/Dallas, elves

  • In the Captain's Cabin (editorial) / Jim & Melody Rondeau, p 1
  • Just Another Day at the Office / David Marks, p 4-5
  • The K-9 Connection / Rachel Kadushin, p. 6 (non-Trek)
  • Other Zines, Other Views - Zine reviews, p. 7-8
  • Phoenix / April Schowyers, p10-11
  • Ultimate Mary Sue / Pat Hamilton, p12
  • The Photograph / Lorie Deapre, p13
  • Convention / Carol Mel Ambassador, p14-15
  • One Thing in Common / Dian L. Hardison, p16
  • 1812 / Su M. Fine, p17-28
  • The 8th ELFL Tale / Jim and Melody Rondeau, 29-34
  • Cargo Hold (zine ads).

Issue 55

cover of issue #55, Melody Rondeau

The Clipper Trade Ship 55 was published in April 1987 and contains 36 pages.

  • CarolMel Ambassador, "For a Rainy Day" (Blake's 7)
  • Ron Murillo, "Quarry" (Blake's 7)
  • Michelle L. Carter's Infirmity - Star Trek ("A story taking place during ST:IV that follows the cut lines regarding why Saavik stayed on Vulcan")
  • Dr. Who/Conan crossover story by Gennie Summers called "Castle of Sorcery"
  • other fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Prisoner

Issue 56

inside issue #56
front cover of issue #56

The Clipper Trade Ship 56 was published in July 1987 and contains 36 pages

Issue 57

The Clipper Trade Ship 57 was published in 1987 and contains 36 pages

Issue 58

The Clipper Trade Ship 58 was published in January 1988 and contains 60 pages.

cover of issue #58

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 58

This has a great comedy about Captain Picard getting a toupee for this birthday. It's a shame this story wasn't filmed. It's that funny. [12]

Issue 59

The Clipper Trade Ship 59 contains 36 pages

Issue 60

The Clipper Trade Ship 60 contains 36 pages

Issue 61

The Clipper Trade Ship 61 was published in October 1988 and contains 36 pages. Guest editor: Shirley S. Maiewski.

  • Diane Rabuano, "Avon" (Blake's 7)
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Another Chance" (Blake's 7) poem
  • Trillian, "Orbit" (Blake's 7) poem
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "The Joke on the Federation" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Blake's 7 art by Cynthia Case
  • other fandoms: Voyager, Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, Max Headroom, Quark

Issue 62

The Clipper Trade Ship 62 contains 36 pages

Issue 63

cover of issue #63

The Clipper Trade Ship 63 was published in 1989 and is 37 pages long.

  • The Life Of A Warrior by Linda Slusher (STAR TREK TOS—Klingon story) (24 pages) (reprinted in Kalin Kollected)
  • The End Of The Battle (KLINGON filksong) (1/2 page)
  • Book and Cover (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (1 page)
  • The Last Unofficial Act (STAR TREK TOS) (2 pages)

Issue 64

The Clipper Trade Ship 64 was published in July 1989 and contains 36 pages. Star Trek cover by Melody Rondeau.

Issue 65

The Clipper Trade Ship 65 was published in October 1989 and contains 36 pages.

  • Star Trek: TNG,, Beauty & The Beast

Issue 66

The Clipper Trade Ship 66 was published in January 1990 and contains 36 pages.

cover of issue #66
  • Star Trek: TNG
  • elves

Issue 67

The Clipper Trade Ship 67 was published in April 1990 and contains 36 pages. Guest editor: Shirley S. Maiewski

  • Blake's 7 poetry
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Another Chance" (S4, Blake; A-B)
  • Trillian, "Orbit" (S4, Orbit; A-V)
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "The Joke on the Federation" (f, John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith)
  • Other fandoms: Voyager, Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast

Issue 68

cover of issue #68

The Clipper Trade Ship 68 was published in July 1990 and contains 36 pages.

  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Liberator" (Blake's 7) filk (4 pages)
  • Filksongs (4 pages)
  • Funhouse (Star Trek: TNG) (2 pages)
  • Lonely Is The Shadow (Star Trek: TNG) (22 pages)
  • Real Ghostbusters art by Joy Riddle
  • other fandoms: Prisoner, V, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Real Ghostbusters

Issue 69

cover of issue #69

The Clipper Trade Ship 69 was published in October 1990 and contains 36 pages.

  • Filksongs (2 pages)
  • The Logic Of Love by Ann Miller (STAR TREK TOS, a Spock romance) (32 pages)
  • Amy Whiteneck, "Serving Under Servalan" (Blake's 7)
  • Doctor Who

Issue 70

fan-altered cover issue #70, Richard Parks
fan-altered back cover of issue #64, Richard Parks

The Clipper Trade Ship 70 contains 36 pages.

  • Star Trek: TNG
  • Star Trek: TOS

Issue 71

cover of issue #71

The Clipper Trade Ship 71 was published in April 1991 and is 36 pages long.

  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Look Out for Avon" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Reflections On A Matter Of Honor (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) 3 pages)
  • Search For The Stars (STAR TREK TOS) (9 pages)
  • Elegy (ALIEN NATION) (3 pages)
  • Filksongs (3 pages)
  • What A Card (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (6 pages)
  • Avalon (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (3 pages)
  • other fandoms: Starlost, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars

Issue 72

The Clipper Trade Ship 72 was published in July 1991 and is 36 pages long. Front cover by Zaquia Tarhuntassa, back cover by Gayle Schultz.

back cover of issue #72, Gayle Schultz
front cover of issue #72, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
  • In the Captains Cabin - editorial
  • Letters of comment
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Avon's Answer" (Blake's 7) filk
  • We Loved Revisited by Michelle L. Carter (BEAUTY & THE BEAST) (2 pages)
  • Still Lost by William Albert (DR WHO) (2 pages)
  • Filksongs by Susan Landerman, Wendy D. Atkinson, and DW Cong (1 page)
  • Command Decision by Lori Johnson (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (18 pages)
  • The Tour by Karen Emerson (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (5 pages)
  • The Cargo Hold (ads)

Interior art:

  • J. Alan Tyler
  • Karen Kling
  • Diana Ablard
  • Clayton George
  • Jack Kusler
  • Pegasus Hogan
  • Richard Parks
  • Gennie Summers
  • Lyne Masamitsu
  • Nola Frame-Gray
  • Lorie A. Johnson

Issue 73

cover issue #73, Richard Parks

The Clipper Trade Ship 73 was published in December 1991 and is 36 pages long.

  • CarolMel Ambassador, "A Little Christmas Cheer" (Blake's 7)
  • Star Trek: TOS

Issue 74

The Clipper Trade Ship 74 was published in January 1992 and is 36 pages long.

cover of issue #74
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Suffered for Your Sanity" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Don't Put Me On" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Romana A. Solo, "Vila's Lament" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Future Tense (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (7 pages)
  • Replication (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (2 pages)
  • Pioneer (Science Fiction) (9 pages)
  • Filksongs (2 pages)
  • Eye Of The Sulator (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (11 pages)
  • other fandoms: Star Wars, Doctor Who, V

Issue 75

cover of issue #75

The Clipper Trade Ship 75 was published in January 1994 and is 37 pages long.

Issue 76

cover of issue #76, Sue Frank

The Clipper Trade Ship 76 was published in October 1994 and is 36 pages long. It has a a Kor (Klingon) cover by Sue Frank.

  • Mansion In The Sky (Doctor Who) (2 pages)
  • Rank Hath Its… (Star Trek: TNG) (8 pages)
  • Bird Of Prey (Buck Rogers) (10 pages)
  • Little Sister by Christina Mavroudis (Blake's 7) (3 pages)
  • Filksongs (3 pages)
  • Operation Stellar Storm (Star Trek: TOS) (6 pages)

Issue 77

The Clipper Trade Ship 77 was published in January 1995 and is 36 pages long.

  • Just Another Day at the Rebellion by Wendy D. Atkinson (Blake's 7, multiple crossover incl. Bill & Ted)
  • Tear, Rant, and Rave by Christina Mavroudis (Blake's 7) (1 page)
  • Happy Birthday, Dr. McCoy (Star Trek: TOS) (4 pages)
  • Just Another Day At The Rebellion (Blake's 7) (2 pages)
  • The Fiendish Plot (Doctor Who) (1 page)
  • Souswap (Red Dwarf) (7 pages)
  • The 12th Elfl Tale (6 pages)
  • Down In Forward (Star Trek: TNG) (1 page)
  • Numbers (The Prisoner) (1 page)
  • Never and Always, Touching and Touched (Star Trek: TOS) (7 pages)
  • Filksongs (2 pages)
  • perhaps something from Battlestar Galactica

Issue 78

cover of issue #79/79, Anja Gruber

The Clipper Trade Ship 78/79 was published in December 1997 and is 69 pages long. Art by Anja Gruber.

  • Ron Murillo, "The Mines of Zor" (Blake's 7) (17 pages)
  • The 13th Elfl Tale (9 pages)
  • Wendy D. Atkinson, "Lost Cause" (Blake's 7) poem
  • Filksongs (10 pages)
  • The Other Obsession (STAR TREK TOS) (7 pages)
  • Second Thoughts (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (7 pages)
  • Someday My Transmute Will Come (QUARK) (8 pages)
  • A Christmas Carol: The Next Generation (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (5 pages)
  • other fandoms: V, Batman, War of the Worlds, Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast


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