Chosen Haunts

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Title: Chosen Haunts
Publisher: Pandora Publications
Editor(s): William J. Hunt
Date(s): early to mid-1980s
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Dark Shadows, with some "gothic horror, mystery, and fantasy" [1]
Language: English
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Chosen Haunts is a gen Dark Shadows, and other ghostly original fiction, digest-sized anthology edited by William J. Hunt.

Issue 1

Chosen Haunts 1 was published in 1982 and contains 22 pages. It has the prize-winning stories from the ShadowCon #5 literary contest by Virginia Waldron, Powell-Nivling and Robin. Other stories by McKenzie, Bishop, Fortune, and Reeves.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

CHOSEN HAUNTS Volume 1. First in an intended series of anthologies featuring good DS and general horror fiction . This volume features the winners of the first annual Literary Contest. Virginia Waldron's "Thy True Home" was First Prize Winner, and is a beautifully poignant evocation of a special place outside time, of alternatives, parallels and underlying truths, set in a timeless Collinsport. "Shadowed Soul" by Marcy Robin took second prize, and deals with the ending of one life and the beginning of another...and of the very special woman, called Miranda, and Angelique. "Dark Intentions" by Meghan Powell-Nivling introduces some new characters to Collinsport and chooses a formidable foe for Barnabas, Angelique and Julia . .. the historical witch, Marie Laveau. The other DS entry is "The Vow", a controversial vignette set in the 1790's. The non DS offerings include poetry by Jon McKenzie, a tale called "A Cup of Death" which has an ending which will leave you groaning, and a nasty little tale of witchcraft in sunny California called "Web" by 'Peter Reeves'. [2]

Issue 2

Chosen Haunts 2 was published in 1982 and contains 24 pages.

  • The Outcasts by Virginia Waldron (Dark Shadows)
  • Merry Christmas to You, Willie Loomis by Virginia Waldron (Dark Shadows)
  • Night of Darkness by Virginia Waldron (Dark Shadows)
  • Interlude by Jean Graham (Dark Shadows)
  • The House on Old Post Road (SF/fantasy) by Cathi Brown
  • Murder by Imagination by Bruce Melton (original fiction)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

This volume contains the winners of the ShadowCon VI Literary Contest. Virginia Waldron's "The Outcasts" is a haunting and moody piece detailing the chance meeting between two melancholy loners—Edgar Allen Poe and Barnabas Collins--told in the fevered, hag-ridden style of Poe himself, capturing all the nightmarish melancholy of the Master of macabe fiction. Virginia's 'Merry Christmas To You, Willie Loomis" features a melancholy of a different sort--a prison of poverty and ignorance, exchanaed for the prison of a vampire's thrall--and the very real anguish of the man caught between who, still, somehow, manages to survive and struggle. One of the best character stories done in DS fiction. Virginia's third piece, "Night of Darkness" is a modern day vampire tale, calling on both traditional elements and the author's imagination to create a new and compelling work. Other works in the book include Jean Graham's "Interlude", which illuminates another aspect of the complex relationship between Barnabas and Angelique, with the perfect characterization she is known for. The remaining pieces in the volume are non-DS, and include Cathi Brown's "The House on Old Post Road", a short piece melding fantasy and SF; Bruce Melton's "Murder By Imagination" (what happens when written characters fight back?) and John Markham's pseudonymous exercise in necrophilia, "Threnody", where a man's sexual obsession for his dead love reaches its, urn, logical conclusion. [3]

Issue 3

Chosen Haunts 3 features Powell-Nivling, Waldron, Truscott, Prokop, Terwilliger, and Beese


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