Candace Pulleine’s Open Letter To All Revelcon Members

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Title: Letter to Candace Pulleine
Creator: Leah Rosenthal
Date(s): March 23, 1993
Fandom: Meta, Zine, Zine Pirating
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Candace Pulleine’s Open Letter To All Revelcon Members was sent in 1993.

The subject was zine piracy.

Some Background Information

Making copies of zines that were still in print could be financially damaging to many zine editors and publishers. It was an issue that was first publicly discussed in fandom in the eleventh issue of Probe in 1977.

In the early '90s, there were strong feelings in fandom about some fans who were making copies of zines still in print and were, from one point of view, "stealing" from zine publishers by copying in-print zines. There were also strong feelings about zine editors who kept zines in print forever, thus continuing to make sales while the story authors never received any additional compensation. This coincided with growing resentment among other groups of fans regarding rising zine prices, often for zines which they felt were not worth the higher prices.

Many of these tensions came to a head at, and after, RevelCon 1993.

Open Letters: by Zine Publishers/Con Organizers

In 1993 and 1994, a number of Open Letters circulated in fandom regarding the photocopying of in-print zines.

Note: Della Van Hise and Alexis Fegan Black are the same person.

Summary of the letter

In May 1993, Candace Pulleine mailed the series of letters to all Revelcon attendees and fanzine dealers, requesting their assistance in investigating the claims of piracy. She included Bill Hupe's March 19 and April 14, 1993 letters along with Leah Rosenthal's March 23, 1993 letter, along with the following cover sheet:

"Dear REVELcon 4 Members and Dealers: Please find enclosed letters from Bill Hupe and Leah Rosenthal concerning REVELcon 4. The allegations made in the letters require an investigation. If you have any evidence concerning these matters or possible explanations (based on your first hand knowledge), please contact me by phone or letter, number and address listed above. Also, if rumors have been heard and facts wanted, feel free to contact me. Signed: Candace Pulleine, cc: Leah Rosenthal."