Blake's Barf Bag

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Title: Blake's Barf Bag
Publisher: Map Press
Editor(s): P.N. Elrod
Date(s): May 1989
Series?: no
Medium: print
Size: letter-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Blake barf.JPG

Blake's Barf Bag is a gen humor Blake's 7 anthology. It is letter size, ii + 80 pp. (incl. inside covers), yellow card covers, black comb binding, and originally came with a small paper bag labelled "Blake's Barf Bag."

From Zine Scene: "Chock full of Vogon poetry, filks, ultra shorts, cartoons, and other forms of fan madness. We poke fun at everything from Star Trek & the Pepsi Generation to DW & B&TB, but it's mostly B7 and ALL enjoyable."


B7 fiction:

  • Saith O'r Gloch, "Elvis Spotted on Gauda Prime"
  • Map, "The Vogon Sequel to 'Blake'"
  • Corpusal Melanoma, "What If... I Were a Rich Man (Woman) Man (Woman), or, Who Is This Blake Person, Anyway?"
  • Renae' Ransdorf, "Mike's 5" (graphic story; B7 enacted by The Monkees; reprinted from Standard by Seven #1)
  • Map, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gauda Prime" (script with filks)

B7 nonfiction:

  • "Dowit's Profile: Kerr Avon"


  • "Blake's Bear the Bundt of Command Cake," "Avon's Terrible Aspic," "Jenna's JellO," "Servalan's Sultry Eggs," "Krantor's Kinky Potatke Cakes," "Vila's Locks and Bagels, " "Cally's Contemplative Tea," "Gan's Giant Cookie," "A Recipe, Source Unknown (Found in the Remains of Control on Earth)"
  • "Dowit's Profile: Vila Restal"
  • "Green Sectors"
  • "Dowit's Profile: Roj Blake"

B7 poetry:

  • "Blake's Ballad" (f, The Lumberjack Song)
  • Webee Toize, "Rhymes," "Blake's Bitch," "Mutoid's Lament"
  • Soolin Stravinsky, "The Blake's 7 Suite: A Musical Tribute to the Series"


  • "Vila's Drinking Song"
  • "Soolin's Soliloguy" (Can't Help Lovin' That Man 'o Mine)
  • "Blake Substitute" (My Name Is Yohn Yohnson)
  • "Dangerous Dayna" (a rap song)
  • "Somebody's Tapping Me" (Somebody's Watching Me)
  • "Interference on All Channels" (My Favorite Things)
  • "Jenna, Jenna (Zen Can Run the Ship)" (Jenny, Jenny)
  • "Let's Hear It for My Gan" (Let's Hear It for the Boy)
  • "How Do You Solve a Riddle Like Servalan?" (How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?)
  • "It's Not Easy Being Blake" (It's Not Easy Being Green)
  • "Blake's 7 Finale" (Try to Remember)
  • Map, "A-Va-Va-Voom"
  • Webee Toize, "With Grovelling Apologies to Mom Goose"

Reactions and Reviews

These I'm not so fond of. I love P.N. Elrod's serious fiction, both fannish (her Avon On-Line zines are excellent) and pro (her assorted vampire novels), but her Vogon humor doesn't do a lot for me. IMO the best thing is Renae Ransdorf's wacky Monkees-style AU, reprinted from Standard by Several. [1]


  1. by Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site
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