Big Bang, Baby Challenge

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Name: Big Bang, Baby
Date(s): 2005, 2007, 2008
Founder: shaggirl, Reena, Aja
Type: Big Bang challenge
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: big_bang_hd on LiveJournal, Archived version big_bang_hd on Dreamwidth (imported)
URL: Big Bang, Baby Challenge Archive
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The Big Bang, Baby Challenge was an invitation-only Harry/Draco challenge created in 2005 by shaggirl, Reena, and Aja to remedy "a perceived lack of canon-based novel-length H/D fics in the wake of The Order of the Phoenix."[1] The stated goal of the first challenge was

"To write the definitive post-OoTP Harry/Draco fic, where the boys remain boys; and keep their wands, their fists, and of course their cocks, in evidence. No sudden shifts of character, no selective back-story editing, no excuses! Just raw, real, and uncut-- the ultimate Harry vs. Draco showdown."[2]

Big Bang, Baby is the origin of the name and style of the big bang type of fic/art exchanges. However, its format is somewhat different from later big bangs.

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