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For other zines with this title, see Beyond Antares.

Title: Beyond Antares
Publisher: Beyond Antares
Editor(s): Fran Ball and Sue Toher
Type: newsletter
Frequency: every two months
Medium: print
Size: digest
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Beyond Antares was a Star Trek: TOS newsletter zine from the UK that had at least 54 issues of between 16 to 20 pages each. It was issued by Beyond Antares, a fan club.

It was the second Star Trek newsletter published in the UK. Star Trek Action Group was the first.

Issue 41

Beyond Antares 41 was published in November 1990 and contains 30 pages. Contributors are Christine Hornby, An Unknown Person, Cliff Pooley, Joan Henderson, Tina Bate, Frances Munns, Steve Scanlan, Liz Bennett, Marion Smart, Phyllis Gregory, Cliff Pooley, Terry Griffiths, Richard Kopocinski, Julie Maggs, and Barrie Wright.

This issue was "designed and typeset by Fran Ball and Sue Toher on a Compaq 286e and a Macintosh llcx."

This issue includes a review of Bloodstone, see that page

Issue 45

Beyond Antares 45 was published in July 1991 and contains 35 pages. It has contributions by Lynne Collinson, Steve Scanlan, Paul Kirk, Mark Jenkins, Terry Griffiths, Barrie Wright, Gary Robinson, Neil Shukla, Keith Morton, Helen White, Phyllis Benham, Michael Simpson, Liz Bennett, Anne Beck and Howard Jones.

Issue 46

Beyond Antares 46 was published in July 1991 and contains 35 pages. It has contributions by Tracy Beadle, Barrie Wright, Paul Kirk, Mark Jenkins, Beryl Fournier, Helen White, Lynda Morrison, Darren Burgess, Christine Carr, Sue Parker, Tina Bate, Liz Bennett, Karen Small, Neil Shukla, Anne Beck, Christine Horby, Arif Ansari, Teresa Sheppard, Marlies Kuratli, Melanie Siddle, and Heidi Shenker.

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