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Title: BexarFax (also "Bexarfax," "The BexarFax," and "USS Bexar")
Publisher: USS Bexar, a fan club
Date(s): 1992-present
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print, online
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
External Links: The USS Bexar Official Website, Archived version
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BexarFax is a gen Star Trek: TNG monthly newsletter for a fan club in San Antonio called "USS Bexar.

"Bexar" is pronounced "Bear." [1]

See their website for some archived issues of this newsletter (2002-2006).


BexarFax v.2 n.1 was published in June 1992 and contains 10 pages.

BexarFax 17 was published in 1993.

BexarFax 18 was published in January 1994.

BexarFax 35 was published in September/October 1995.


  1. The USS Bexar Official Website, Archived version